Gonna be very concise and not type out each literal word said. I went with my Uncle, his family and a friend. He was off listening to music while my cousins were riding the rides so that left me by myself. Somewhere between 60%-70% of the girls there were underaged, and it was difficult to tell sometimes. I wasn't approaching and just walking around by myself when I overhead this group of kids (high school, 15-16) talking about the numbers they're getting. AMOG looking kid (taller than me, and skinny but nice face) said he got 4 and I told him to grab a 5th in front of me. He just turned around and approached a group of girls his age. I was watching them and they were genuinely enjoying his interaction, smiling in the face and the eyes. He just said to one her that she was cute and he wanted her number, got it. (It's so fucked whenever I approach, I never get that kind of positive response. I know the problem lies with me and my approach, but I'm starting to think my facial bone structure is a big variable. It can be really fucking discouraging sometimes.) Well that gave me the motivation to start approaching, I figured things were going to be rough but I wasn't going to run away from a challenge. There were so many HB 7s, 8s with some 9s that I was looking forward to game. 1st encounter: Girl 1: approached (HB 7) in line with her fat friend. She thought she was too old for me, but I had her guess my age instead of me guessing hers. She's 28, got her number in the end and there was some awkward mumbling in the end on my part. As I suspected, she didn't text back.

Girl 2: (HB 8) walking same direction with me as her friends, I stopped her to introduce myself. After asking for her name, she said "Sorry I'm good." I just continued walking, she was not interested. Maybe could've used the opportunity to agree & amplify cause why not. "Sorry I'm good, that's a very unique name, how did your parents come up with that?" I'm gonna use that line in the future.

Faggot (will be in italics) + SJWs: Not an approach but I see a girl with cast on her leg. She's with a gay best friend and 2 other girls just leaning on the side of a stand. Walking by I ask "what happened?" her: "rock (or some other 1 liner). I ask her friend the same question and she said hit a rock cliff jumping. I'm like "oh damn" when the skinny faggot (4 inches shorter than me) starts acting up and talking shit. "You're girlfriends not here man, keep walking." I stand my ground and respond, we get into it a little. Fag: Look at him I'm bullying him. Me: You're gonna get bullied oh is it because I'm wearing makeup? (Then he kisses the girl with the cast leg.) Me: No, bullies just get bullied a lot. At some point he said something to which I should've responded "What are you gonna do about it little man." I'm thinking about disengaging when his friend asks him something and he responds with "we're just playing" and he holds out his fist to fist bump me. I responded with "it's just banter." Following the bump he said "you're crazy man." I didn't wanna be overt and violent despite him escalating cause it's obvious I'd easily snap him. I was walking away when he said "I hope you find your girlfriend." While I was walking away I was questioning myself why I fist bumped him back and played along. Was his fist bump a form of conceding? My instinctual response was to bump back and deescalate, but I think that may have lost me my frame. I wasn't gaming the bitch with the cast leg, instead just being sociable and friendly. Fucking pricks.

Girl 3: HB 7, she seems more younger looking. We made eye contact before when I was walking around earlier and this time she's walking by. Stop her with me asking her name, she briefly stops and tells me. I extend my hand for a shake and declines. Also declines a fist bump, she says something like why am I stopping her, and I respond with "Just trying to get to know you." Looking back she was definitely under aged, but I wanted to say hello or something. She's turn away and so am I when the SJWs attack me. These femtards don't have the blue and pink hair but they're loud as fuck. SJWs: "She doesn't want your hand bro!" Since I turned away I was now facing them and I nonchalantly said "What's your problem?" then just walked away. Then she yells with her one hand in the air "I got you baby!" to the girl I stopped. The story doesn't end here, 2 minutes later I run into my little cousin (who looks like an SJW, but isn't) and her younger half sister. And they step in the same line for a ride that that the SWJs (2 of em) are in. We're also just 2 people behind them so close. Now as I'm talking with my cousins I see the same cunt giving me the stink eye and like looking at my cousins who are minding their own business talking with me. As I'm telling my cousin about what happened the SJWs friends join them in line (another faggot and a girl). Again, these chicks don't look like one, but they sure as well are acting like one. Now the new friend is turning herself, making a complete 180 to glare at me. Then turns back around and clearly continues to vent her frustration. I was living inside their head rent free lol. They almost said something, I can tell they really wanted to but didn't since the girls I was with clearly knew me. They were still occasionally checking us out, probably just to make sure I wasn't gonna assault or rape my cousins.

Girl 4: HB 7, last one of the night. She's my height and she's walking between the stands too. I stop her with like a hello and she has the most non-bitchy resting bitch face. More like a poker face with dead eyes. She gives a slow hi, then when I ask her how her nights going she says not good in the same slow monotone voice. Should I have walked away there? Not sure why I lost frame and asked her if she's okay. I meant to ask it more in a way of wtf is up kind of way. As I was turning around barely caught eye of presumably her black bf who was trailing far behind her. He walked right beside me, I gotta watch my back in these darker spots of the venue.

Thoughts: Everyone here seemed to be with somebody else, and it was all groups or lines. Advanced level game and a high SMV would do much better than what I've currently got. This shit can really disheartening, but I'm still pulling through and approaching. I'm starting to notice myself laughing off the interactions and moving to the next as opposed to sulking or being reclusive. It's almost like I'm playing a game of how well I manage my frame and myself after these rejections. I hope that that makes sense with the laughing and all, I'm trying to stay positive here. Like I said earlier, I know the only common variable is me. I lift for myself, but it seems nothing has changed since I got more muscle. I'm not huge, but I'm not small either. I still think my facial bone structure may have a lot to do with it, it's like women are just repulsed by my look. What are your thoughts?

Please help me out guys. Any criticism and all advice is welcome, thanks in advanced.