I think about how these bitches in the gym, club and everywhere are just hoes. When I get rejected by one of these hoes I commonly think how she's going to fuck 2 new guys within the next 10 days or so. I'll get some soon enough, but I'm starting to respect younger women who've been with the same man for years. Typically the girls are younger, under 19 and are usually with their high school sweet heart. This is rare but usually occurs before their hypergamy takes complete control of them. Of course I don't know if they've cheated or not, most of them seem to be single as they find the average man an abomination. But eventually they'll perniciously devalue themselves as they ride the cock carousal and go for one alpha Chad to another. Sprinkle in the occasional high value man who alpha widows them. They're on a ladder, but it's going down and they're descending into filth and losing their shine along the way. What a shame honestly.