Bretherens - I've got live one here

I'm up and coming in an industry and things have been changing fast. I go on podcasts a lot and recently went on the biggest one in the industry that lead to some next level sheet. I was speaking at a conference last weekend and the keynote speaker is this chick whose physically an 8 but famous and sheet. She's interviewed people you know and goes on major national news outlets (ie, FOX and CNN).

The night before there was a cocktail party and we knew each other from online. She approached me - I was confident in all interactions and mildly flirty but wasn't getting crazy with anything and aloof/indifferent bc (1) I thought she had a BF, (2) we're in a close network together and it's not worth playing a risky game and (3) I assumed she fucks famous dudes and wouldn't be interested in young blood (I'm 29 and she's 31). To my surprise, caught her looking at me multiple times, she went out of her way to get my attention multiple times, and she invited me to come on her podcast.

Next day at the conference she sits front row at my talk and pegs me with questions afterword where I was casually flirting with in her in front of the crowd. Conference ended with a happy hour and I was just busy talking with my followers etc.. I left to hit this other event and get a DM from her asking if I was going to the dinner that night for all the speakers - told her I would see her there.

Get to dinner and the signs continue. She's looking at me like the whole time, calling me out w/ jokes and sending me shots across dinner table, and I'm teasing her in front of everyone. At one point on her way back from the bathroom she comes up behind he and rubs my shoulders before going back to her chair - I throw her a wink. After dinner I'm chatting it up with her and a few other girls that were there and then get caught up in a convo with another group. Mid-conversation she approaches me and tells me she's leaving. I say nonono we've got a night ahead of us. She starts rubbing my arms and squeezed the biceps then says she has an 8am flight but will be back in Denver. Told her that's no fun. She says she knows but we'll see each other again soon.

Overall I played it off as aloof but interested.

Here's where I need thoughts:

  • In hindsight I think I should have pushed her to grab one more drink at a spot I know by her hotel (It was still only 10:30) but I'm not sure she caught me off guard a bit. This chick is actually busy and needs to be on point most days so maybe not pushing was the right call.
  • Haven't contacted her since. Assuming she's going to hmu about coming on her podcast but given all the signs I think I could low risk pipe this and I would be lying if I didn't want to pipe just because so many other dudes want to pipe her. She's a shitty person and social climber and I'm only interested in the pipe. Posting about it bc this one would be fun and want to make sure I'm reading it right.

Gimme the RP perspective brethrens