So we live in an age where the term 'incel' is used to insult men that 'can't get any'. It's the feminists version of 'slut shaming'. They use it to sneer at 'losers' who 'live in their moms basement' and 'can't get any action'. Ha ha. How funny it is to laugh at men who are such losers!

What these people fail to realise is that they have not really thought this through. If you follow this line of reasoning, what they are saying is that a high body count in a male makes that male NOT a loser, more of winner really. It's reinforcing the narrative that "conquests are currency" - it reduces women, in particular the conquest of a woman to a commodity. The more women men have slept with, the more of a winner they are. Why I bet they don't live in basements, they probably have fancy properties and fast cars!

The stupid feminists are confirming that women are just commodities, the more of it you consume, the better person you are.