So I met this chick on hinge, she didn’t look that bad in her pics. When I met her in person tho, she was very overweight. I travelled a bit for the date so I just went with it, I kept it cheap, didn’t ack like an asshole paid for her shit too and ended on a good note. Even tho this girl is like a 2/10 she had all the confidence in the world. Anyways I noticed recently she unmatched me on hinge. I am pretty good with rejection but for some reason this one is fucking with me. Mainly because I forced my self to continue with the date even after I saw she looks like a land whale. Overall I only spent 20$ on her just FYI.

In the future how should I deal with these types of situation, is it better to just not go for below average women, since they all have that I’m the hottest girl in the world entitlement? Should I have just walked out the moment I saw her being overweight ?