I looked at my life and realised that I wasted so fucking much time that I will not have chance to repair much of it. Now I try to cope. Trying to build work ethics [regularity and beating procrastination, other areas are not bad], educate and change work field, build capital, learn to play instrument, ride moto, find friend[s], think about becoming entrepreneur [always had ideas and quite good, never done], planning another career change after the one I'm changing into now, as another one has more prospects long-term but will take more time to finish and get more money [eventually], with better status.

I'm looking at my stuff and life and fuck me, I'm really late to the party. It really depresses me at times to read Cooper book and see how far I am in my own ass.

I had that thought today. Roosh had to loose belief and purpose in life doing and knowing all what he know. Then he passed all his knowledge and there was nothing else he wanted or maybe capable of doing.