Hello and welcome. Three weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend, one beer counted, two days before the breakup she said not to drink anything on Friday, because on Saturday we are going to a game, I was on a beer on Friday, I tried to cover it up (mint candies, soda) to she didn't sense, but she sensed, took offense, she gave me back all my things from the room and crashed (we live in one dorm, so I just went to myself), yesterday I talked to her, in general I wrote down all her red flags she had and what problems were with me (her argument for breaking up), I hope it will be a nice read, in short, a girl has daddy issues (dad at the age of 12 went to the UK, he divorced his mother, he did nothing, his mother did everything for him, grandma she poured water over him, because he slept for a long time) Enjoy reading and I'm waiting for a comment: a) the situation with the hospital when I was going to the hospital for an hour and she lied that she had already left the hospital and was still sitting there (no respect that someone quits studies because they are worried about her health, and that she and her mother lack respect , because of this situation, I will probably not pass the subject at university)

a) refusing contact several times a day ("I feel bad, I have a period, I got tired today, I am stressed before class"), my needs are not important, the fact that I am on tablets for 5 days and have blue balls does not matter, it is important that she would be happy ą) trading in sex, setting conditions ("if you pass the test, I'll do you good, if you drank a beer, I will never do it to you")

b) saying "if you don't get more romantic, I'll find another one" after 6 months of relationship (showing lack of attachment, respect),

c) thinking only about yourself "for me, my development is in the first place and that's all in the subject", when I want to do something, it becomes of little key importance,

d) constant insults, disrespect (scum, moron, sissy, loser)

e) ideas like: "let's get five hamsters, a mouse, I'll get a tattoo, a septum",

f) lying on a blanket at 8:00 p.m. when I come back tired and hungry from classes (no interest or the other person doesn't need something, food was always provided on my part when she returned from classes)

g) plucking my phone and checking messages while under the influence of alcohol

h) raising your hand to me and saying "I'm a girl, I'm petite, what are you girl afraid of?"

i) swearing and aggression when refusing to go out or do something, cut off in case of insufficiency

j) doing shit tests in the most important moment of my life (a week before submitting my diploma thesis) to check how I will behave when we do not see ourselves in the dorm

k) feminist views ("for me it would not be a problem to meet a woman" "if a woman doesn't want a child, she can kill them")

l) when we didn't do anything for a few days and I was slowly getting blue balls, and we were going to go the next day, she said "We don't do anything in bed, because you will come and you will not want to write to me, I will hold you so that you do not lose interest",

m) saying that I am too short, of course denying that there was nothing like that, not remembering many things, saying that "when she drinks, another girl enters me and not to listen to her" (alcohol amnesia)

n) nervous about the fact that "I use too much cream" "I use too much water" "how much water do I waste washing dishes" (greed)

o) I do not want to have children (no long-term future)

p) Dad lives in Great Britain, they divorced her mother when she was 12 years old, dad drank, made debts, he has not sent alimony for several months, dad does not accept what field of study she is studying (no father support)

q) When I asked her how it was with my friends at the party, I heard from her "Go to instastory"

r) he sees no problem with the fact that "her mother did not take over her father's surname at the wedding",

s) Believes that a woman can be the dominant person in a relationship and everything will be fine then

t) put in a text that says that an intelligent woman can have a "stupider boyfriend" (saying she took a test and it turned out that she has a high IQ level)

u) she said she was a princess (she once said that "nothing can be expected of her"

v) it is harder to build trust, most of the things we ask mum

w) tearing out a bottle of alcohol in front of friends (making me an idiot)

x) during a trip to Warsaw (Łazienki Królewskie), where we were for the first time in our lives, she was able to put on headphones and listen to a lecture (another disrespect)

y) constant comparison to her father (the father left her mother, caused an accident under the influence of alcohol, made debts) (disrespect)

z) does not appreciate any gestures (moving to the dormitory, I sat in the dormitory from October to February despite remote classes to have better contact with her, departure to Warsaw)

ź) Inserting everything on instastors all the time (low level of privacy) f) only child (no siblings and no empathy, willingness to share, when we found PLN 100, she could not share this money, she took all the money for herself)

And here are the problems that were with me:

a) I can't make a pancake

b) I sleep longer (1-2 hours longer), which makes us incompatible

c) I create an unpleasant atmosphere (it's hard not to be frustrated, irritated when you don't feel appreciated, empathetic, you have been hearing a constant refusal for five days)

d) she drinks every week with friends (she drank with us, she said that when she learns it is no problem that I go out with my friends)

e) I drank a beer at the moment when I heard her say not to drink, because you have to embrace the next day in Poznań (beer drunk at 3:00 p.m., departure to Poznań the next day at 8:00 a.m.)

I am waiting, what do you think, go to a psychologist / psychotherapist after such a relationship? How could it be cured of this daddy issues?