I had invited this girl I had a ONS with to a show my band was playing. Chemistry was good to start, (we went cold for like 10 days prior) She then texts me "wow whipping out a motorcycle at 4am and now you're in a band...who are you???" (I had given her a motorcycle ride after ONS before she went home" I said, "Lol. The International Man of Mystery" and sent a cheeky Austin Powers gif. She then said "Lol definitely interesting to figure out"

Next evening I text her "So I guess I'll see you at the show then?" with a wink emoji. She then texts me "Maybeee" with a smirk emoji.

I assumed it was a no, so I didn't text her. I played the show next day, got 2 numbers from chicks that attended and had a good evening. I posted stories on insta of us playing obviously on our band page, and there was about 100 people in there. So great social proof. She had gotten ahold of our band page from the link I sent her earlier with the details of the show. She watched all the stories of us playing and having a good time. She doesn't even follow our page. She texts me the evening after the show day asking how it was. What do I text her?

I would like to smash again, she was a top 3 chick for me. Since she dusted me, I don't want to take her out this weekend on prime nights, I have other dates set anyway. What are my next steps to see her again, with keeping her in my frame?