So I met this girl for the third time, for the first time I was at work in a museum and she was other students, I did do a tour guide for them, They all liked it and there was one Mexican chick who came and asked me for my Instagram, she was new in my country.

We chatted for like a day and then the day after, I straight up asked her if she know how to squat ( so she was fit ), she was kind of surprised by the question, but I explained to her that I can get her to the gym with me and have a session together, she accepted, we spent the whole day together, we ate and finally I asked her to smoke a J in my place.

She came to my place we smoked, we chilled and I was touching her and everything, she was very into me, I was super dominant and I was like teaching her stuff.

Though I was kinda confused about her vibe, is she friend-zoning me, or is she into me. But, she was touching me, she had very open body language, anyway, we got super high and before she came I mentioned to her I have a very strict sleep schedule and I will kick her at 10 pm.

That is what happened, I honestly was super high to make a move for a kiss and when 10 pm came, she left.

We kept texting for a while and we agreed to meet the next weekend, to go for a hike together, during the week, which is yesterday I got injured in my BJJ practice ( my rib almost got broken), she texted me how I'm doing and I was like this and that happened, she ran to my place and she brought food and brought me some painkillers pills.

We ate dinner together, and then I followed by inviting her to smoke a joint together and watch something, while I was preparing my room for that, she asked if she can go home quickly and come back, she came back after like 10 min, in her PJ's and reach to chill.

We chilled and we started watching some videos, I was touching her and kind of cuddling, I was feeling a lot of pain in my back and I asked her to message that part, she was super bad at massaging, so I turned to her and showed her how to message a person, she enjoyed it and she gave up her body to me.

All of this to explain that, she give me all perfect IOI's to go for a kiss, I turned back to her and I went to kiss her, surprisingly she gave me her cheek and it was quite awkward... I did not wire reaction, and I kept having a conversation. we agreed before she came that I sleep at 11, 11 was close and she said she wanna leave, but then she stayed for a bit more.

But honestly, it would have been impossible for me to go for another kiss and get rejected again, I have kept my face close to her, and I said to myself if this girl really wanna a kiss she would go for it and I won't be putting myself in that position again.

She kept giving me IOI's after the failed kiss, but nothing big deal, till she left.

I'm super confused about what happened, I'm not interested anymore in seeing her the weekend for the hike and honestly, I don't feel physically good at all anyway, I'm looking forward to she is going to text me if she ever does.

She really really liked me, she was planning to go raves with me and was like, next time you should come to my place, etc... but she kisses blocked me, I don't know if maybe that it was my fault, maybe she didn't expect the kiss and she didn't know how to react and I should have given it another chance, but meh that was wired as fuck