Looking for opinions here. Asked girl who lives in different city (that I've dated and been intimate with in the past) if she wanted to go on a road trip to a nice area that's kind of far from her. She took a fair while to respond and said something along the lines of: "That's real far away blah blah blah. I am tempted though b/c there's some shit I'd like to check out in that area. Let me know if you're ever in my area for an adventure."

First of all, I'm relatively indifferent about this situation, but for science reasons, I thought I'd see what TRP has to offer in terms of advice. I suspect she is interested, (though is actively dating so may have a boyfriend) and is afraid of looking like a hoe and therefor is somewhat on the fence. Any thoughts on how to tip her over to being interested. I'm happy to cough up for a flight if that get's it done, but it doesn't really address the hoe concern.

Bless me with your wisdom.