Seriously, I've seen like 5 dick-size anxiety posts in the last couple of hours

Learn to enjoy what you guys have unless you have a straight up medically diagnosed micropenis or can't even reach her G-spot.

Sure, at first glance might a girl wish your 5" was 7"? Possibly. That's a first glance perception and doesn't mean shit about how well (or how poorly) you'll rail her brains out during sex.

Subsequently, whatever her first reaction is to your size, doesn't mean shit to how much she'll want your dick again if you fuck well and prove yourself to be a Chad.

The G-spot is roughly 3-4 inches into a woman's vagina. That's 90% of the dick length that matters to a woman during sex. The rest of your dick length is mostly gratuitous at best once it's inside her.

On top of that, three things:

1) if your dick is closer to average, you'll have far more control of going over her G-spot, because you have less length to control and keeping balanced in a single localized area of her vagina.

For you average guys imagine having to purposefully keep half of your dick's length outside of her pussy most of the time just to stay focused on her G-spot. If you're average you can be 70-90% inside of her at the same time you're hitting her G-spot.

It's a win-win for both of you.

2) I've heard so many women complain of painful sex with big guys. Hitting the cervix isn't enjoyable for women. If you're a big guy you can't just fully balls-deep ram her carefree for your own enjoyment without hurting her and killing the mood.

If you're average you'll never hit her cervix and she'll never complain about being in pain with you. Why the fuck are you guys upset and anxious about this?

Would you rather be Chadius 8inch the third hurting her all the time or Average Chad making her cum again and again without pain?

Which situation do you think women enjoy more?

3) girth often matters more than length, so stop freaking out about length.

Stop freaking out about dick size and learn how to fuck properly. You'd still need skill even if you had a 10-inch dick.