I was smashing this chick over the summer I met at her work who is a cashier at this local grocery store. Long story short, shit fizzled out and she friend zoned me so I told her last time we should go our separate ways cause I didn't want to just be her platonic friend.

I went to do some groceries last night and she was working. The store was pretty much empty and I'm sure she saw me. I purchased my stuff at a register next to hers where we were facing each other.

I didn't even acknowledge her or look her way and just bought my shit and left without saying hi. This situation also happened a month ago as well where I saw her, but I didn't even look at her or say hi and just kept it moving. This was about a month after we broke it up. Been no contact since we last saw each other and broke it off.

Did I play this right?

My boy who got mad game told me a real g would have have said what up or a head nod and then keep it moving. Gotta act like the shit don't phase me. Other friend said I did the right thing.

Miss this bitch not gonna lie cause the sex was bomb, but I ain't gonna chase her for self-respect.

Just want to know cause I'm sure I'm going to bump into her again and want to know the right play

Appreciate y'all fam!