Alright I've been on various dating sites for a while now and there's good news and bad news. Good news first since the bad news will be the heart of the post. Thing is, provided you set your sights sufficiently low, it is not that hard to find a girl to have something casual with. How low will depend on how good looking you are, what your job is, and so on. If you're having a better orgasm fucking the girl in question than you would jerking off alone, consider it a win. If not, not worth it. Keep in mind girls who might only cross off 2 or 3 checkmarks out of 25 on the desirability scale get a lot of messages so adjust expectations here.

Here's the bad news. Finding a suitable LTR candidate or friend with benefit is very hard indeed. I've broken down every girl into the following category and it's generally not so good. Did it by race to piss everybody off lol and this is based on a big city, not suburbs or rural area.

White Girls Category One: These girls aren't stupid per se but they are vacant. Their lives revolve around who liked their Instagram post, cute animal videos (which they never tire of discussing), and going to trendy bars, clubs, and restaurants to be seen. They tend to be extremely physically attractive but, as you might expect, dull! White Girls Category Two: SJWs types who tell you they are feminists right off the bat. They can be refreshing on account of having more substance and you can sometimes have interesting discussions but their brain tends to be to be polluted by SJW-ism to make them LTRs. Some are surprisingly very attractive.

Black Girls I personally am not physically attracted to black girls but they are, on the whole, way less likely to be boring basic bitches or SJWs. If you like black girls physically, there is good news for you here.

Asians More intellectually serious than the white girls in category one, rarely SJWS, and I find them attractive. So what's the problem? Though there are exceptions, I find them to be very, very traditional. Hooking up with an SJW might be easier. They expect serious commitment.

Hispanics I've found Hispanic girls to be pretty cool. More substance and few SJW tendencies. Many are very sweet and caring. More commitment based.


Not enough where I live but I would say the ones I've encountered prize wealth and want commitment but some return this with all the good stuff you want. Haven't had sex with any myself.