First time poster... I have never been in this situation.

I (22m) was in the EU and I had a ONS with a girl (22) from tinder at her apartment. We only had sex once.

I asked if she was on birth control and she showed me her pack as proof. This is not really "proof", but I took her word for it. I do not want to assume that she took them consistently every day at the same exact time.

The condom broke and I fully came in her :(

I got her a morning after pill that I pack in my suitcase just in case I run into this situation. I gave it to her 28 hours later. I watched her take it and hung out with her for the whole day even though I had no interest in hanging out... I just wanted to make sure she did not throw it up. She was pretty hesitant about taking the morning after pill at first because she claimed it would mess up her cycle and that it was unnecessary due to her being on birth control. I persuaded her to take it anyways. In my head I feel bad if she was consistent with her birth control, because then this was unnecessary, but I did not want to take any chances.

She tried texting me days later, but I did not reply... maybe this is asshole-ish, but I wanted nothing to do with her anymore and I was leaving back to the US anyways. I told her I was leaving back home and I wanted nothing to do with her since it was pointless. She started cursing me out over text and said I was bailing and "what are you going to do if both contraceptives fail and I get pregnant?" then more texts later she said "nevermind i don't even care anymore... fuck off bye". I assume she blocked me because I saw that on her profile pic there was nothing and no status - maybe because I ghosted her. I ended up blocking her on WhatsApp after this.

2 months later I get a text on WhatsApp from a different number - same region. The number texts "Hi this is Jessica" (fake name - the girl i had a ONS with). "I am pregnant and i am positive the baby is yours."

I did not respond. My WhatsApp profile picture is set so that only contacts that I save can view it. This girl "might" know my last name because I had it on my WhatsApp, but I removed it before blocking her. I have never told her my last name in person. She only knows the state I live in and my number. I still have not responded to the text.

Assuming she did take her birth control daily, typical use so not perfect at the same time every day, and that she did not ninja her way out of the morning after pill some how, spit it out super quickly when I was not looking, what are the chances that she is actually pregnant?

I figure that this is just some bitter girl trying to piss me off, because I would think for the most part that she has no incentive to be pregnant at 22... she seemed pretty career focused and mentioned to me about not being interested in kids. I also am more inclined to believe that she actually took her birth control because she did say that it helps with her period symptoms and that without them, she feels more unstable due to her hormones being f*cked up without them... but who knows, of course I do not fully assume she tells the truth.

I am inclined to just continue ignoring and not even respond. BUT, on the what I think are very unlikely chances that she is pregnant, at least with my child, what can happen if she is pregnant and tries to come after me with child support? She is in a country that has an agreement with the US in terms of child support laws and assistance.

Do I continue to ignore? Of course i do not want some child being born in a shitty situation because of me, and i most likely think she is just trying to get a reaction out of me, but I have never came inside a ONS girl raw (condom breaking) before.

FYI - i have no social media and i tried opting out of a lot of these data retrieval sites so hopefully she cannot track me if worse comes to worst. At the very most she just knows my first and last name and number.