I setup a double date for me and my homie 2nd day of college with 2 girls, the date was a success but that wasn’t the problem, When I was walking to girls college hall my ex and her friends saw us, my homie had failed talking stage with her friend and then there’s my ex with another random friend. My ex and I ended our relationship because she’s muslim and i’m christian she said if I moved on quick she would be mad, 2 months ahead now from breakup, when they saw us walking to the hall where the girls dorms are they stayed out area acting like they were doing sum, when the uber came for us the leave to the date, they stood 10-15 steps away from the uber near a campus building all 3 watching hs enter the vehicle, one of the dates were like “why are those girls looking at us” Bro I don’t even know how to feel or think when this happened, i acted like they didn’t existed but I have real good game and shit but I wonder if my ex will try to get back at me, what’s hall thoughts on the whole situation ? She knew I get women but on the third day of college might hit home for her