Young man in London looking to link up with someone in the UK. Don't really care where I've got a free train pass for the whole of the UK and the travelling would be fun.

I'm a relatively high value male 7/10, (tall, not ugly, decent game, lifts, educated, and soon to be well salaried) and new to online dating. In the half a year that I've been online dating I've already matched my IRL dating bodycount. This is through a kind of half-assed profile. If I put genuine effort into it this could be a very nice income stream ygm. So looking to find a like minded individual and getting some motion.

Basically I have some amateur photography experience. I've got a Nikon Z50 and a 1.8g 35mm (behaves like 50mm) lens. If you have some gear or know how to shoot, let's bring a couple outfits walk about a couple locations and get a measly couple hundred shots. Together we can thrive :)

And PS to all the online dating bashers on here ya'll are boomers who get no puss. Literally gotten laid of 5 back and forth exchange messages.