I frequently see dudes bitching about how "women only want the top 20% of guys!" or numbers even lower.

While 80/20 is true at the aggregate level, on an individual level, a woman just has to see to you as her best hypergamous option at the time. If you're spinning plates and going for short-term lays, then this isn't that difficult. If your goal is LTR management or worse, regaining control in a marriage after finding the Red Pill after she starts losing attraction to you, I'll write more on that some other time.

1) Most important: do not be soft. Most men are either giant fat pigs, or skinny-fat little wimps. Women are not attracted to soft, effeminate men. This is why so many Red Pill spaces harp on "hit the gym and fucking lift!" Lifting is the fastest, easiest, most-effective way to stop being soft. You don't have to be late-1970s Arnold; you just need to look a though you can handle yourself. A V-shaped torso does wonders for how women look at you. You can be as bulky or as lean as you like, as long as you're not soft. I'm in my 40s with a beer gut, but I still get a shit ton of IOIs because my chest, shoulders, and upper back are awesome. There are dudes I know who aren't nearly as large and strong, but still do very well because they are not soft. Lift, take a martial art, play a sport (preferably not pussy-ass basketball), or any combination; just don't be a soft, effeminate pussy.

This alone puts you well into top 50%, if not higher.

2) Secondly: grooming. I can't believe there are grown-ass adult men who need to be told this. Many parents have failed their sons (and daughters) about this. Fucking shower, every day. Wash every square inch of your skin's surface, including your ass crack you disgusting troll. Keep your fingernails neatly trimmed. Toenails too. Shave, or if you prefer a beard, keep it neatly trimmed. Get a haircut every 4-8 weeks. Trim your nostril hairs. Anyone shorter than you sees up your nose, so trim accordingly.

This on top of "don't be soft" puts you easily (and sadly) above 60-70% of what else is out there.

3) How to be charming and talk to these women is all that's left, and volumes upon volumes have been written about that already. I'll sum up with learn and be aware of body language and IOIs, and exude ZFG and outcome independence.

At this point, you're easily top 20% for most areas now, and if you're an individual woman's hypergamous best option in the moment, she'll be sending IOIs your way. Start spinning plates.

Yes, I'm simplifying, mainly because so many dudes make this out to be so much more complex than it is.