Been in a LTR with a woman [40] for 7+ years and married for 2+. At the beginning we both sort of agreed to not discuss our respective body counts but it was assumed (silly me) that we each had our fair share of partners/mistakes over the years but on the whole it was some what normal for the both of us.

My wife's father passed away a year prior to our meeting and any/every memory of him is pretty precious to her. With that said I was going through some old junk phones of hers to recycle and wanted to insure that none has any media of any kind that contained her later father before discarding them.

What I discovered pretty much turned my world upside down.

Not only did the phone contain hundred of her nudes sent to other randoms, but the dick picks she's received, as well as extensive conversations about her antics. Next old phone... the same deal. Checked a couple of her older email accounts....same deal. HD to old laptop....same. Story of random dude after random dude expressed with levels of lust and pride that sickened me. Places that I thought we special and unique to us turned out to be her old stomping grounds. BFFs of hers turned out to be her partners in crime at the time.

This was not the women I knew, or had thought I knew and my search to make sense of it all over the past few months brought me here.

I must admit that she's been good to me and tried to create some what of a "family" for me and my two sons from a previous marriage, but the more I find the more apparent it is that I was the first guy she found once she finished her ride on the Cock Carousel ~32 and the feeling that I was chosen for my stability (primary custody of my 2 sons for the last 11 years), loyalty, and ability to be a good provider. Total beta material... I'm learning all too late.

So my question is, what next? Stay and live with the humiliation that I was the last in a long line of cocks and I'll never be the thrill that was her late 20's/early 30's while she lets herself go? Leave with my self-respect but also the knowledge that I'll probably live out the rest of my life in solitude now that my sons are leaving the nest.

Hope this word-vomit is coherent enough to make sense. Any advice would be appreciated.