Hello everyone. I do not know how many of you attempt to practice stoicism, but it is something I have been working on for the past couple of years, and there is a fundamental principle in almost all writings of the greats. Everything is impermanent.

Today I would like to look at TRP from that perspective. It is something we should come to terms with, but if we aren't quitters we probably won't, and that is normal.

Lets start with something simple. Pussy isn't permanent. If you are in an LTR or a marriage, eventually time takes its toll and she won't be anywhere near attractive enough to entice you to fuck, that is, if she still wants it by then. If you are spinning plates, the same is true. Eventually, you all get old and die. As much as we try to mitigate aging, eventually we will no longer be able to prevent its effects.

Something more complicated is respect and appreciation. Unless you died fighting in world war two using only a single hand grenade to take out a german platoon on the orders of the NKVD, you don't deserve neither respect nor appreciation. Heck, compared to what people went through just under a century ago, we aren't even trying. And even if you were to receive some kind of respect and appreciation from anyone, it won't ever last for ever unless it is written into the history text books of today (since we will soon begin burning the textbooks of yesterday, those no longer count, see what I mean?) I don't even want to touch "appreciation" from women, if that is even a thing (I do not thing so).

And finally, the TRP movement/community/mantra/ what ever you want to call it, will eventually end. Internet censorship will eventually wipe out as much records of any manosphere ideology as it possibly can. Asking for a girls number will land you in jail for harassment, and simply being a hard working male will be peak crime. We can stall as much as we can to keep spreading the word, fighting onward to not give in, avoid the insanity at all cost. Eventually, the next generation won't even have a clue what a "gender" is, let alone what it means. Imagine how much history will be rewritten to remove all possible records of heroism of men standing up for earths freedoms and rights.

You will not be remembered, we will not be remembered. You are going against the grain.

An example my grandfather passed down to me when he lived in the soviet union and was repeatedly arrested and beaten by the KGB. This was in the 50's and 60's. They knew EVERYTHING he said. They had it all written down. Denying anything was pointless due to the accuracy of the records. Imagine today, with smartphones, computers, the internet. They know. They know your real name, age, address, everything. Hiding behind reddit usernames is not going to save you.

Being here you have signed your confession and the firing squad is ready.

So knowing all of this (if you didn't know, or don't want to know, close your ears and shout as loud as you can, see if it saves you) Why?

Why? That is all I ask. The how no longer matters. Only the why, and that is the answer we all need to answer to ourselves. No one can answer it for you. Not me, not the mods, not some "endorsed" user, not any god.