I'm by no means an alpha or a Chad or whatever as of right now, but I'm trying my best. Met this girl at work and we've been good friends for a while now, but I'm trying to turn it into a FWB sort of relationship. We have a business in the works together (I know, stupid trusting a woman with such responsibility), it's all in paper so if she ever tries to pull some stupid shit I can take care of it. Anyway, I've been trying to flirt with her on the low, though my advances seem to be mostly ineffective. This being said, there was a period in time in which she was saying all this lovey-dovey type shit to me, and I don't know what caused that to happen. My major question is, should I simply pull the plug on all flirting and see where that takes me, or should I be more direct through means of some physical contact and amping up my game? As of right now, I make sexual jokes from time to time, I'm not afraid to look at her tits or ass when the opportunity arises, I tease her on occasion, whatever, but I feel this is leading to nowhere.

I am going on a "date" you could say with her in a few days, though the connotation is business talk. Most of what's needed discussion has already been discussed anyway, so that should open the door for casual chat and obviously more ideally. How can I ensure this whole debacle turns into my favor and I'm fucking her before the night is over? Or how can I at least plant the seed to make it happen? As I said, no expert newfag here, and I'm trying to take the right steps to turn this into both a successful business and sexual venture for me.