Some days I can't fight these demons in my head regarding my body, and I want honest feedback as 1) how to think differently about it 2) how to improve it.

TRP has got me into lifting and I had a massive weight loss years ago. I have an overhanging belly as a result of the weight loss.

I've never had a problem getting a girl. Especially hot girls. But on new dates I struggle with my mindset toward my body, especially after telling them I train MMA (I lift/MMA/run/cycle).

Specifically, my mindset struggles on a new date before sex. In my head I always think "damn this girl's gonna be disappointed that I don't have the six pack as I told her I train MMA", even though she can tell I'm in shape, and with clothes on it does look like I am quite muscular.

Last year after banging, one girl asked me what happened with my stomach? And I told her the truth, that I had a massive weight loss over 1 year. Then she kissed my belly and said "man you're fit". But I still can't get out of my head these demons telling me that I am disappointing girls by not having a full six pack. I feel like an insecure bitch about it and I suffer from perfectionism.

Also, I would love to train outdoors topless in the summer. I have these base layer shorts which tuck in my lower belly on runs. Would covering my belly past the bellybutton look too weird? It's comfortable. I came here for your straight up advice.