Growing up I struggled a lot with obesity, didn't have a masculine father figure in my life, and had low self esteem. This carried on throughout high school I didn't have much success with women. I rarely had the courage to ask chicks out and when I did I got rejected.

When I got to college freshman year I had a big crush on this girl who really just used me for attention. I didn't know much about relationships, expectations, nor did I have a strong sense of self respect. This girl told me about her boyfriend a month after leading me on but I would try to lurk around with the idea of "if I hang around and she breaks up with him, I'll be next in line!" Stupid I know, but at the time I didn't know better. Eventually she just started ignoring me and leaving me on read so I stopped talking to her.

Shortly after that I got some mentorship and discovered myself as a person after damn near going broke and my life changed. (This was around 3 years ago). I joined the Army National Guard, got a good job in IT, I'm working on my degree and I also have a YouTube channel that's doing very well. I also joined Crossfit and I'm really happy with my body for the first time in my life.

Now a few weeks ago, that girl I mentioned earlier broke up with her boyfriend and she started DMing me on Snapchat again out of the blue. When I make some posts about my channel or me hiking she'll swipe up and she's been trying to get me to come to her place for some wine or go to the park.

Now I wouldn't take her serious in terms of a relationship, but can I still fuck her? Or, would that be a lack of self respect if I entertain her whatsoever? I've gotten with other women that are more attractive in the past year but not gonna lie I'd still be down to smash her lol. Basically are chicks that curved you in the past NEVER on the list?