Here's the story. Back when Covid wasn't a thing there was this girl I liked in school. I was blue pilled back then, I thought I was being "smooth" with my indirect approach to picking her up but not only did it not work, also she had a boyfriend in the meantime so I was clearly wasting my time. I was a beta-orbiter. The one thing I did well was that I didn't have onenities so it never bothered me. Still, I spent days with her trying to be smooth while she was clearly ucking another guy.

A couple of weeks ago she texts me out of nowehere, she is very receptive and kept expanding on the conversation even if I was colder, blunter, and took longer to respond, (things that I might attribute to becoming redpilled, being busy, and doing what I want to do).

Yesterday she asked me through text 'Are you in town?"

"Yes" I answered.

"Nice! Let's do something!"

"Hmm... It depends." I said.

"Depends on what? Hahaha"

"Are you still dating that guy?"

"Yes, but I don't see why that should matter."

"Well, I quite like you (we talked in Spanish so this means that I find it nice to spend time with her), but I don't want female friends."

"Wow. I thought I was your friend but if you think like this then we might as well stop talking."

I told her that I "care" for her but that I wouldn't be satisfied if we remain just friends.

Then she said "That's sad, I didn't think you were like this (Extra points for me I guess? Hahaha) But if you really think like that then fine, we won't be friends."

Was I in the right for doing this? On the one hand I feel proud for stating my intentions and saying what I want. I'm also proud that I will not just hang out with her when I know I will just get blue balled. On the other hand I wonder if there was a perhaps smoother way to say things that would have worked better?

Either way, I know I didn't "Lose" anything since we probably wouldn't have fucked or anything had I hanged out with her as "friends". Still, I'm curious to know if I did something wrong, or rather what could I have done better. And I want to hear your opinions.