I don't have a long exquisite analysis since I still am learning trp. I am more interested if anyone else has insight into the whole Tiger extramarital affairs situations, the media and public's response to it, and his apparent weak submission in having a press conference giving in apology.

Pete McDaniel, the Woods' family friend, seemed be the one with a real man's view on the situation. He disapproved of the press conference in 2010. He said that Tiger should've said that what's between me and my wife is my private information instead of kneeling down like that.

Pete also had a good take on Tiger coming back and winning the Masters in 2019. The media was awarding Tiger with the hero's redemption story (with them demanding he should retire just years before in 2017 from his drunk/drugged driving incident) but Pete said that was bullshit - that Tiger is just a human with fragility like everyone else.