I know I talked a lot today. but fuck, guys I really love you all. RedPill Black Pill, MGTOW. I don't give a fuck. if you are a red pill it means you had trouble with womans. and if you had trouble with women and tried to fix it. instead of avoiding it. or hide from it. you guys are the men, you guys are great. I really like to have a friend like you in IRL. I don't give a fuck if you getting laid or not. but I know if you try. you can do anything. if you are here. you already proved it. you will do the fucking job. and if you bad at it you get better. that's enough for me to know. you can teach me, you can really be my friend. and I also love to have you in my circle because it's a lot of Social proof because I know you did what you wanted. and succeed (this is for me. I can't help it. but I wanna push my game :) ). ty for it all. it was a hell of a 2-year-old ride. #to_save_positive_masculinity