Their mind is a bowl filled with soup.

It spins with noodles shaped as Letters, that form words, that form sentences, that form ideas, and patterns.

Their mind idols.

However, Chad Boyardee appears.

As the master chef, he cooks well......

The soup is hot and ready to be eaten.

Chad Boyardee Eating these alphabet letters

Now, the woman is just soup.

She can not form sentences, she can not form words.

Now she is just liquids.

Chad Boyardee knows how to devour his alphabet soup.

He cooks it to the right temperature then when the alphabet noodles soften he digest them.

Leaving no room for conversation in his meal.

Only soup.

Women are like Alphabet soup.

You heat up her emotions, disarm logic (aka the letters), then she'll be just wet and "Soupy".

That's how you prep a girl for sex.

Cook well boys......