(Compact Philosophy)

In the 21st century, ownership has taken a decline.

We rent movies, stream music, and have are money digitally imprinted in banks.

Physical mediums are dying. Digitalization is prevalent.

We are starting to really own less & less.

As mediums become more digitized, the meaning of reality lessens to the psyche.

The digital realm is a massed causation of hyper-reality.

Hyperreality is the inability to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality....

Often times in media, a story can be presented that does not entirely reflect actual reality.

Own the things you own:

  • Buy your movies, shows, and video games in physical format.
  • Buy your music in CD's
  • Have a savings of ACTUAL. REAL. PHYSICAL. CASH

The things we'd own, now become the things we rent.

like a child given a toy and then it taken away on the weekends.

The system has everyone on a treadmill of subscriptions. Taking things away from you

We live in a subscription economy.

Be a man. Own your shit.