~ A shit test is when someone gives you a less than favorable opinion or option. To fully grasp why a seemingly regular conversation can be so full of shit is as easy as understanding that the other party's intent could not be just to listen or learn from what you're telling them, but to simply just see what you're about. Recognize it for what it is. One reason why many people fail shit tests is because they think too logically about the situation. Remember that girl who told you she only dates people over 6'? You didn't actually believe that and politely walked away did you? Well if you did, GG. This is a classic shit test

The shit test is called a shit test for a reason. it's because they're throwing^saying bullshit to you. But when someone throws shit at you, do you just stand there, wash your face, then continue to talk to the person like nothing happened? Or do you dodge that motherfucker and throw a heaping log right back at them?

Now given, most people won't necessarily throw bullshit your way, but they will most definitely politely ask you if you want it. It's up to you to decline or eat shit. For example, these are 2 shit tests, one demonstrating when someone throws shit at you and how to respond appropriately, and another demonstrating when someone is handing you shit and asking you if you want it.

For Ease sake in going to categorize them as negative shit tests, and positive shit tests. I personally always go the opposite route when responding. Don't fight fire with fire.

An example of negative shit testing

*"Let's say you walked in a waffle house or a restaurant, and you decide to take a seat early. The waitress comes and tells you that you cannot sit there yet, as she has not finished wiping down the table. Now you obviously did choose to sit down by yourself, but lets say for the example's sake that it was no prior indication that you had to wait to be seated. And lets say she knew this and proceeded to persist.. Shit, maybe your tired, or you have a spinal problem. Your a man anyways right!? Do what the f*** you want to do anyways, plus you could be paying her extra.etc…. Obviously you cant just tell her to fuck off, so what do you do?"*

I would call this negative shit testing because she threw the shit right at you. Didn't give you an option and is basically telling you to fuck off without actually telling you that, here's a appropriate response to this shit test based on the 4 ways to respond to them. (Redirect, Ignore, Agree and Amplify, Disagree and Amplify).

  1. Her: Sorry sir you cannot sit down here, i have not cleaned the table fully.
  2. Him: "Ignores"
  3. Her: Hello sir? Did you hear me...I said you cannot sit here right now until i am done
  4. Him: (Redirects) Wait what did you say i couldn't hear you properly
  5. Her: "Repeats what she said"
  6. Him: (Agrees+Exaggerates) “Urgently and promptly stands up in an exaggerated manner brushing his arm” Oh snap! I wouldn't want to catch Covid now would i. You saved my life! Close call!

The logical thing to do would be to just do as she says, but you're a man. You obviously were not given a choice and what's the difference between now and 2 minutes later? You're the one who chose to sit down there. Recognize the shit thrown at you. But don't fight fire with fire. Now, it may seem dickhead-ish at first, but this can establish a "connection" when you actually get seated. You can say something along the lines of "Hey my bad, i couldn't hear you at first, its nice seeing someone actually working hard around here."

Here's a positive shit test

“Let's say you're at the gas station getting a protein or health bar, and a lady eyeing you comes to you and asks what that is. Most logical men will actually answer and over explain what the item is but this is a shittest, she doesn't really care about the fucking kind bar. What do i do?”

  1. Her: Hey! What's that? I heard they are pretty healthy. Do they taste good?
  2. Him: (Disagree+Exaggerate) What?! The last time i ate one of these things i had food poisoning for 2 days! ""Grabs 3 more""
  3. Her: So why are you buying them then
  4. Him: I like the way they smell
  5. Her: Haha, your weird man!
  6. Him: You must really like weird people then.
  7. Her: How do you know that xD.
  8. Him: You wouldn't be here talking to me then^Cringe^iknow

She was asking you if you wanted shit when she asked about your health bar. It was shit because her intentions was not for you to give her what she asked for, but since she didn't force a reaction out of you, and you have the chance to just ignore her. This is a positive shit test, as she's most likely already interested in you. Your sarcastic response let her know that you know that shes fucking with you. Obstacles are broken now.

One more thing before I close it off. Obviously shit tests are just part of the game, and none of these responses really determine whether or not you succeed in the mission or not. Your overall game determines what comes to follow. Also, there's a fine line between being humorous and a dickhead, don't take the examples to seriously. For example, responding to a negative shit test in the manner stated above should only be used when someone is actually trying to mess with you in the bad type of way. Like a crush telling you she cant date short guys knowing your 5'5 or something.