Today we are going to discuss why relationships fail. So that main reason relationships fail is that men do not understand women. And men don't understand themselves.

Aristotle said it best the beginning of all wisdom is to know yourself that means knowing your mind your body and your soul knowing your thoughts knowing your strengths and knowing your weaknesses.

Men have been brainwashed through movies to think women want to sit by the couch eat popcorn and cuddle. Many do not understand that woman are ruled by emotion men are ruled by logic. Men need to understand the life is a game and if life is a game love is a game. Woman they want to play. Many take things too seriously the reason woman she is because they crave thrill. And they crave emotional stimulation. She wants a man who can stimulate all of her emotions the reason nice guys fail this because they do not stimulate her emotions her emotions need to be in constant circulation for her to feel good for you she likes you for the way you make her feel she doesn't like you for you if she is happy all the time.

That causes stagnation if she's sad all the time that stagnation as well stagnation is death if your blood stops circulating you die that's stagnation it's the same with the woman she needs her emotions to be in constant circulation the recent relationships fail because men don't understand that they have to stimulate her emotions the man who stimulates all her emotions the best is the man who wins because that man makes sure that she's healthy he gives her what she wants. Men should not fall in love they should be detached because a woman can over love you for who you are she can only love you for what you can do. Show the main reason relationships fail is because men do not understand I thought women are ruled by emotion and that they need constant. Emotional stimulation in order to keep them engaged within the relationship.

There is a reason movies like 50 shades of grey, twilight and all these other tv shows get women going because they dream of that. 50 shades of gray specially portray domination and submission and it goes back to nature. Masculine and feminine. Yin and yang. just like nature has cycles. A women has cycles and her emotions need to be cycled its just the way it is. There is a reason they call it mother nature.