It has become the norm for some within western culture to disassemble, destroy, revoke, cancel or tear down. Disassemble tried and true formats of education. Destroy symbols from the past. Revoke status. Cancel careers. Tear down efforts of progression. Your culture is being assaulted, paper cut by paper cut.

We bear witness to a political and cultural shift to the far reaches of authoritarianism, without even the slightest hint at the want for an economical shift. This alone informs the onlookers of the navel gazing behind these movements. The words carried on their growing voices carry no meaning, depth or suggestion of something else, it is purely to discredit what is.

We've seen the playbook with feminism. We're witnessing the same playbook with BLM. Destroy, by any means, what exists today and replace it like-for-like with their version. There are no new ideas to be sold by these grifters, they want their statues and faces writ large, and they want their boots on us.

But I don't want to focus on them, all of the above should be evident to anyone who has watched their amorphous messaging manifest into whatever is popular at that time. No, instead, I want to focus on navigating through the destructive and nihilistic mindset that pervades a growing number, and what awaits on the other side.


An idea sparked in me a couple of days ago, on which I thought for some time. The idea being that western culture no longer creates on the scale of grandeur that it used to. The answer is a deflating confrontation with modernity. What do most wonders of the world have in common? They were built under some form of monarchism or absolutism. Within this structure, the construction of these great wonders was mandated. It would be a testament to the divine, and a show of unfathomable dedication from the rulers and their people to their faith, and in turn their place in history was made. Simply put, a president or prime minister simply doesn't have the ability to mandate such a feat among their people. You couldn't collectivise enough tax payers to convince them of the importance of making their mark in time.

This isn't a diatribe about being defeated by modernity however, this is facing in the direction of the problem and walking forwards.

When the concepts of monarchies and empires were abandoned, we also threw away something much more valuable with that bath water. The concept of divinity. Without an absolute monarch ordained by God, we slowly moved away from looking for the divine in anything, most of all ourselves. Without this contact to a higher order the world became an exploitative industry and the perpetuation of this distancing from the divine was complete.

In order to begin creating as our great ancestors did before us, we must first reestablish ourselves with the concept of divinity. We needn't even have to look too far, as divinity is manifested by humanity.

How do we begin to manifest this divinity?

This question bears a lifetime of dedication to answering, and I fear this post will do itself no favours in answering, but I will answer it with one sentence and hope that the meaning is clear.

We walk before God as he intended us to, with our heads held high, unafraid of what lies ahead of us.


We bear a responsibility to ourselves and our community to begin creating as soon as we can. Our energy to build and create has been coopted since the industrial revolution to mass produce. If we were to focus on what we would want to build for ourselves and our community, what might we imagine?

Great olympic theatres where men can compete amongst themselves, honing their devotion to divinity through physical performance?

Pyramids of mathematical perfection that devote their existence to the centre of the solar system?

Statues of great men who accomplished feats of absolute wonder?

Books of guidance that will last thousands of years and languages?

There are steps beyond spinning plates and dissecting hypergamy for the thousandth time. Create deeper relationships, create better opportunities for yourself, create memories, create sentences and paragraphs and then books. This might sound overly simplistic, but if you read the opening paragraph of this post again, you'll find that by simply creating something you are moving in the complete opposite direction, you are being defiant and replacing what is being lost.

Create your family, your community, and finally your culture. Bring it all back to life and revel in the idea of everything you do bringing you closer and closer to the divine. If you continue to create, you'll find yourself within a covenant. Your community and culture is worthy of history, the mandate to construct an ark against the ones who would tear everything down is unquestionable.

But you must create, build, celebrate and enjoy the purpose and the responsibility. That is your masculine role. The moment you despise it or want for something easier, you break the connection to divinity and you begin to disassemble everything that came before.