The Importance Of Killer Instinct

Chances are, if you've run any kind of game, you've come across times where women give excuses for why they can't go home with you or why they won't have sex once they are at home with you.

"I can't leave my friends"

"I can't have sex, I have to get up early tomorrow"

"I'm tired"

If you are inexperienced, you'll take whatever she says at face value and "respect her boundaries". And then you'll wonder the next day why she's only giving one word answers in texts and "went cold".

If you are really beta, you'll continue to text her, chasing her harder and harder, thinking "persistence" will win her over eventually. After all, you felt a real connection with her, right? Didn't she come home with you just last night?


The Bottom Line is Persistence Only Pays Off In The Moments Leading To Sex, Not After:

Many many inexperienced men, myself made this exact same mistake while starting out. They would listen to the girl's objections leading up to sex, and then when sex failed to develop, they would try being more persistent and aggressive to try to bring her out again, since they were "SOOO CLOSE" last time.

From my experience, this never works. Most Western women are blessed to live in a country where there are still enough aggressive men who will take any steps necessary to close when the opportunity presents itself. Look at the average girl living in an American city. She really doesn't have to take much action to get laid. Chances are your competition will be aggressive enough to close when the times comes.

Part of the problem is that inexperienced men think they are special, unique snowflakes and that the girl will love them for their "deep connection". The truth is, any woman living in the West has a lot of options and if you fail to close in the brief timing window that presents itself, that window closes forever and you lose the girl.

The key is to stop being aggressive and chasing the girl after you already failed to have sex with her by "respecting her boundaries" when you had the opportunity.

Do everything possible to secure sex on the same day you bring the girl home. Assume that there are no second chances. It's either you have sex or you never see the girl again. Are there exceptions? Yes, but for the most part, this is the aggressive mentality you should be operating from. Killer instinct. This is a key ingredient a lot of guys are missing and they wonder why they had such a great connection but the girl won't go out with them again.

Don't ever settle for a weak No! Either get a Yes or a firm No. Weak Nos are just maybes that could have been a Yes if the guy was aggressive enough.


Dealing With Her Objections In A Socially Intelligent Way:

Now that we established the need to persist aggressively when the opportunity for sex presents itself, here is how you overcome all her objections:

1) Acknowledge the objection - Don't ignore her objection. Make her feel understood and listened to. This will establish that you're a good guy and not trying to take advantage of her.

A simple phrase like "I acknowledge" or "I understand" works wonders. "I understand you're feeling tired right now..." "I acknowledge that you have to get up early tomorrow..."

2) Use a Joke to diffuse the Tension - I've been using this to great success. The thing is, when you try to overcome an objection, girls can sense this and their defenses will be up. Nobody likes being manipulated or having their mind changed about something. Using humor will diffuse the tension, allowing you to really play aggressively when dealing with the actual objection in the next step:

"Yeah, you're right, I have to get up early too. Make sure you set an alarm to wake us both up tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Honestly, when's the last time you met someone has handsome as me?"

"You're probably not used to being around people as charming as me. That's why you're tired"


3) Use one of the Objections Dealing Formats below - If the girl still won't have sex, pull back, relax, and use another format. The human brain is like a lock. Every person has different ways that they can be persuaded to do something. You just have to find the right format for the right person:

CLOSE, CLOSE CLOSE. If the girl doesn't respond to one of these objections dealing formats, pull back and use another one. LOOP, LOOP, LOOP, and never give up until you either get a Yes or a firm No. Do not ever settle for a weak No!

"What's the worst thing that can possibly happen? All I'm asking for is 30 more minutes. Worst thing that can happen, you made a new friend, right? But I want you to imagine how awesome it would feel if you finally met that person you can laugh with and go on crazy adventures with. That'd be a life changing experience, right?"

"Look, we're not going to do anything you don't want to do tonight, okay? I promise, you're free to leave any time you want. But I know we're both gonna have so much fun tonight, and it's these crazy experiences and memories... that's that life is all about. If we have even HALF as much fun as I know you're going to have, believe me, you're going to remember tonight for the rest of your life. Sound fair enough?"

"Look, I really don't say this very often but I really like your vibe, <girl's name>. Do you like my vibe? Let's just spend 30 more minutes together, then you can go. I promise"

"I get the feeling you're not really interested in having a real connection and that you're more interested in playing games. If that's the case, I'm not sure if I really want to continue either. So why don't you tell me. Why should I continue hanging out with you right now?"


How To Avoid False Rape Accusations:

Some guys think that doing this aggressive style of closing will lead to false rape accusations. This is not true.

False rape accusations arise when women feel like shit after sex happens. Typically, in order for false rape accusations to happen, both of these 2 things need to occur:

1) Lousy sex - If you suck at sex or blow your load in 3 strokes, the girl will be like "what the fuck did I just do?" Luckily, very few girls will give you a false rape accusation just from lousy sex, but it is something you should be aware of.

Use the sex god method as a basic guide to improve: https://www.masculinedevelopment.com/give-amazing-sex-using-devi-sex-god-method/

2) You made her feel worthless and devalued after sex - This is where the vast majority of false rape accusations will arise. The guy is not only bad in bed, but also completely ignores her after sex, falling straight asleep.

Women are at their most emotionally vulnerable immediately after sex. Cuddle with her, stroke her hair, do all that lovey dovey stuff to make her feel comfortable. Go out to breakfast the next day. DO NOT FUCKING FALL ASLEEP and for the love of God, NEVER EVER KICK HER OUT AFTER SEX.

Women use their emotions to make decisions. If you sleep with her, give her shitty sex, and make her feel worthless, who do you think she will blame it on? You!