Do You Tremble Carcass?

In response to my comment on "Quality Women and Alpha Males: Two Examples from my Family" by u/Psychological_Radish and requested that I include which passages from Nietzsche I was talking about in my original comment by u/barnowl5 and u/edge_lord_super_17

Do You Tremble Carcass?

"Carcasse, tu trembles? Tu tremblerais bien davantage, si tu savais, où te mène." -Turenne

It translates, "You tremble carcass? You would tremble a lot more if you knew where I am taking you." spoken by Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne while addressing his soldiers before battle.

Nietzsche chose to include it as an aphorism at the beginning of his fifth book in the Gay Science titled, "We fearless ones" as if to make allusions to his philosophy, that these ideas are dangerous and these Truths, difficult to accept. Similar to red pill theory, his writings can be seen to have many congruencies but are much broader than just social and sexual dynamics.

Start by reading Nietzsche's book, Beyond Good and Evil. Make sure you get the Walter Kaufmann translation for Everything Nietzsche. I've drawn on The Gay Science and his essay on the Genealogy of Morals regarding slave morality and master morality

Pertaining to this comment and post- The Gay Science:


Book one-21- "to the teachers of selfishness"

Book four-290- "One thing is needful"

Book five-345- "Morality as a problem"

Beyond Good and Evil and Genealogy of Morals:

Essay two is where Master and slave morality are discussed. I've also wrote this comment with the sections above from the Gay Science in mind. I might make a post on this but wanted to start here to allow for discussion.

My original comment: "Alpha act based on what they want. Betas react to what women think they want a man to be and try to mirror that. Fundamentally, it’s a matter of identity; the alpha knows who/what he is and builds upon that. He’s taken time to figure that out for himself. The beta has not. The beta lacks internal identity and so reacts to other people’s responses and and shapes his false self image based around the validation from others. Nietzsche talks about this along similar lines in more depth in the Genealogy of Morals , being the difference between Master morality and Slave Morality. Slave morality is always reactionary and in the case here, OP shows how women are not attracted to this way of thinking with two good examples and actually resent it in men. So how do you become more Alpha? Refrain from beta-making-behavior i.e pmo negative self talk etc and then 1. Reflect, 2. Become more disciplined, and 3. Implement new, more self-serving behaviors that may not be easy but allow you to grow. Nietzsche also talks about his distain for “self-sacrificial virtues,” virtues that put the good of the whole over and above the good of the individual. In OPs terms, these virtues make betas and naturally lack boundaries. I’ll stop here; might deserve a post on its own."