Ah yes, welcome to another one of my epiphanies I had, brought to you by an anonymous account I meant to throw away but Reddit won’t let me on TRP from my actual account. :’) Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

When a woman is with the right man; an alpha she is comfortable with, she feels free to express herself. After all, you have to build this level of trust and sense of safety with a girl for her to be comfortable enough to express her body and her sexuality with you, Captain Protector.

And the same goes for you, mister man. Tit for tat; you are an alpha because you know you are the shit and you are comfortable with yourself and your own skin, and you feel safe enough to do this. (Protip: Lifting is great if you have anxiety.) And thus comfortable with your own sexuality and vulnerability. Hence the quid pro quo.

See where I’m going with this? You and her are just people that are having a fun time, shamelessly enjoying each other’s company, different forms of expressions, bodies and sexuality. Vulnerable together yet stronger feeding off one another, the union is made. A bond no different than horny children having fun together.

My days browsing asktrp, I saw many posters asking if they fucked up or whether their frame is wrong, blah blah blah.

Look man; if you have to ask, then yes, you subconsciously already know that you fucked up. Let my post be here to save you the time of seeking validation. You were backed into a position where you lost that sense of comfort to express your inner child, and are now stuck in a corner of repression and/or anxiety that has killed the spark that only once was there. Acknowledge it, own it, learn from it and move on; I.e fix it.

That said, let me serve you some fresh hot science, brothers. For starters, if you’re being confident and truly expressing a DGAF attitude, you are expressing your inner child, I.e. being authentic, congruent with your personality, true confidence, etc. After breaking down any shit test/ego defense/resistance walls from the girl, if any, then you should reach this core of her personality as well. Behold, the centerpiece of one another’s angels and demons. That may, perhaps be another post. But this core is the Inner Child; it is the true you, the true her, the oblivious innocence of one’s personality that was imprinted from and expressed since one’s innocent youth and will be carried on for the rest of their lives. Many young men and women alike fall to the tragedy of the repression/death of this Inner Child. Be it one’s work life, a crappy LTR, loss of or abuse from family, incompatible safe spaces, (que “tribalism explained) etc. One’s “innocence dies” and many never recover this inner child. That’s not to say it’s hopeless. If you are stuck in a pit of negative emotion, you can redeem it. There are many resources online that you may look into; both on The Red Pill and perhaps even some writings from students of Carl Jung or the man himself. But connecting with one’s own soul is generally a journey that is unique to each individual; I can’t personally tell you how to do this. I digress.

Wanna know why good ole Mother Nature and papa God designed it that way? Think about it. Sex is a natural function of reproduction, therefor produces children. If you feel safe; she feels safe enough to express that inner child, sexuality and all, then behold, the cosmos say you two are compatible to have children. And if it’s safe enough for your soul, then it’s safe enough for kids. That is the natural purpose of the Inner Child, and will be the source of social imprinting of your own biological legacy as well. And so the cycle of human evolution goes on to evolve another generation of children growing into adult children. Rinse and repeat.

So along your journey of self-improvement, between working hard and lifting, make sure you spend time getting in touch with yourself, and have some fun. But not too much fun. Unless you have lotion; keeps the friction burns away.