(I live in Brooklyn)

I have recently started talking to the gang members in my neighborhood. Besides the occasional dap, I have always avoided then mostly, but in an effort to open my mind to new perspectives, I wanted to see if I could get to know some of them. It has been a couple weeks and What I have noticed is that gang members either see thru most if not all of the bullshit, or are buried sooooo deep under it. Very few in between. However, even those buried in ignorance, lean towards the red pill.

For example while sharing a joint with one of them. We were talking about girls and he broke down a lot of game to me which basically boiled down too “if you treat her too nice/act too nice, she’ll think your a bitch”. This was co-signed by the entire gang. This was information that I thought only a chosen few had internalized.

I would’ve assumed that these guys were just unconsciously moving in an alpha manner and were generally unaware of exactly why they were found so attractive by other females. Meanwhile here there are completely aware of why and how their behavior attracts girls.

I would even argue to say a huge motivating factor TO their lifestyle is the girls..but that’s a whole other sub.

But this isn’t the only time I’ve over heard them discuss things with a red pill perspective. Over the past couple weeks I’ve learned that, they view the world very similarly to us, just add an irrational lust for wanting to break the law.

Gang culture on a whole is extremely fascinating to me but that is also a different post.