I have a girl that is completely submissive to me. I found out her body count is 11 (all of which were in two years). When i found this out a threw her out of my apartment and called her disgusting. She stopped eating and lost 10 pounds. She was depressed for two months, cried a shit ton, and begged for forgiveness. She said that she was lost and confused during those years.

I told her I could never date her because that would be humiliating but I did tell her she could be my main mistress indefinitely if she submitted to me absolutely and followed everyone of my actions and beliefs (I have other women). After a bit of silence she agreed. You can tell from my username what my beliefs entail (note the year 1933 in Germany). She's never actually dated before. I am still disgusted by her but I dont think I would ever find a woman willing to become completely red pilled and submit to me wholly. She does whatever I tell her to do and even apologizes for the smallest mistakes. What should I do?

I try to be a dominant alpha when it comes to women but I feel like a beta for buying her drinks and dinners after so many guys have used her. Am I cuck for taking her on as my main concubine?