Hey guys so, I was seeing this girl about a year ago and it didn’t work out because I didn’t have my shit together ie no money to literally eat for me and her(we used to lie on my bed with my stomach rumbling I was so hungry), not much friends ethier. Well I have drastically increased my disposable income (about 5 TIMES literally) and in general really sorted myself out the past year and live a really good life now.

she created a scene after we stopped seeing each other involving her and another guy. And as a result I blocked her on everything ie facebook, Snapchat etc.

I have had 2 girlfriends after her and been banging loads of new girls. But this girl I still think about her every now and again, we’ll more than the other exes I’ve had after her anyway.

I just want to get the point across that I’ve sorted my **** out now and I was only like that temporarily as I wasn’t working. I also want to show her that I’ve evolved as a individual.

should I unblockher to contact her again?