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- Hide Preview | 139 Comments | submitted about a year ago by [deleted] [Post Locked]

Hey everyone. I have lurked for years but now I feel it's time I post. The reason why I am is a good friend of mine growing up got caught up in the metoo bs. I am not going to give too much details out of respect to his family but I personally feel things have gone too far.

This friend was always respectful and never would do anything with an unwilling female. He was very left wing and honestly kinda pissed me off at times with his sjw bs. The irony is, his mental group of people he associated with would set their targets on him next. The industry he was in allowed him a lot of social encounters and parties. There were some females also in his industry who decided to target the men for their own advancement within said industry. A list of cooked up BS accusations where made and posted online within the community accusing these men of using their status to "take advantage" of these women(even though they had concented) and their employers were contacted. My friend was let go from his job as a result and his reputation ruined in the industry. The next day he went missing. He was found days later. He had jumped and killed himself.

My message to guys is be careful who you associate with and what you do with women. If you have something they want, they will ruin your life to get it. Even if you don't have anything valuable and they decide to change their mind about your encounter after the fact to save face, they will. If your life is ruined as a result, they could give two shits. Also stay away from leftists, too many are loyal to their ideology that they will alienate friends if the group decides to make that friend an outcast. They are not to be trusted male or female.

Final point... if your life gets into a position like my friends did, always remember that it will pass and your life is not over no matter how bad it seems at the time. Suicide is not the answer. The sad thing is back in April, I talked a guy out of jumping off the same bridge my friend did 6 months later. I only wish I had been able to do the same with my friend.