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- Hide Preview | 155 Comments | submitted 2 years ago by trpjack [Post Locked]


  • FWB for two years goes crazy after "cheating" on her boyfriend rather than face consequences

  • FWB accused me of stalking/assault to the police -- I get a restraining order against me; unable to commute to work/school; also lost part-time job at local hospital

  • FWB accused me of sexual assault through the college -- I risk academic suspension / destroyed future career prospects

  • College sides with her as expected, threatening me and actively trying to frame me

  • I manage to stand my ground by recording interrogations, demanding parents to be present, saving and providing records of communication, getting a lawyer


Here’s a bit of background about me. I am now in my last year at college and one of the best students. The admissions committee often requests to have me speak at recruitment events; I’m considered a posterchild of my college. My parents are now selling our house to pay for legal fees related to this upsetting situation; we’re all moving away this next year.

A year ago, I was falsely accused of stalking and sexual assault by a Tinder girl (AKA Jizz Guzzling Jezebel). Jezebel is a student at my college. We had been in a casual sex relationship (FWB) the past two years, and we’ve both seen other people during that time as well. I was always told that she was in open relationships with other guys. Toward the end of our FWB relationship she often told me that her more serious “boyfriend” was unhappy with her hanging out with me. At the same time, Jezebel started asking if I would consider dating her; I had never given a satisfactory answer and she would react in frustration. Despite that, Jezebel continued to ask me to visit her at her work, hang out with her, and also if I wanted her to provide blowjobs and the like. Note, she works at a convenience store a couple blocks away from my residence.

Jezebel and I had a very normal, consensual relationship. In retrospect, it seems that Jezebel was having significant emotional struggles with her open relationship and sought comfort from me. I did not become her emotional blanket and shoulders, since I was honest about only wanting a sexual relationship. Jezebel and her boyfriend abruptly broke up, and she filed reports to both our college and city police. Jezebel obtained a restraining order against me on the basis of stalking and one incident of sexual assault. However, to the college she reported no stalking and two incidences of sexual assault. Clearly from the start, her fabrications were painfully inconsistent.

I immediately told my parents about my situation, and they were absolutely appalled by Jezebel’s accusations. Of course, I showed evidence of communication (text and social media messages) which contradicted Jezebel’s fabricated stories. My parents were incredibly upset and worried for my future. We worked together to find a local lawyer. I am so pained for having my parents suffer like so, but I am grateful they were here to support me.

Now, the restraining order prevented me from being within a range of her workplace - this consisted the majority of campus. My residence was at the very edge of this perimeter. For months, I could barely step outside my residence and I had to navigate a much longer route to work. In fact, I was unable to continue working at a part-time job I had at a hospital which was on the same block (had to quit without explaining why). This restraining order was an “ex parte”, a legal term meaning it was granted without the otherside (me) being heard. To appeal, I had to attend a court hearing and pay a $400 fee (which I had been able to waive due to my low income status). This hearing was set weeks later, and of course until then the order remained effective. My new route home after work (~midnight) was through a dimly lit street known for frequent muggings and robberies. I had some close encounters, but I walk at a very quick pace.

With the college, investigators were demanding to meet ASAP during finals week. Of course the entire team of investigators were female. With the stress of a 20 credit hour course load and risking suspension/expulsion, I began to fall into a great depression. The investigators were threatening me with suspension and expulsion if I did not meet with them immediately. They also refused to provide any details as to the accusations made against me. I did two things here: 1) I got my parents involved and present at the meetings, and 2) I audio recorded all conversations. This is where the investigators will lie and tell you it’s illegal to record them (likely not, depending on state laws). Do not give in, and do not go alone to these meetings. Do not expect the investigators to be on your side or believe you whatsoever. When I was at these meetings with my parents, I demanded to see a written statement of Jezebel’s accusations. The investigators did not provide this, stating that their process is to only do oral communication for complaints. These people will try their best to trick you; the investigators will not tell you her claims and will continue to interrogate you. This is called “leading questions”, where they try to elicit a specific response (i.e. self-incrimination). My lawyer also contacted the investigators to stop them from interrogating me; they of course ignored him and proceeded to threaten me again. During the meetings I maintained my frame and integrity, while providing clear evidence of our communication which contradicted Jezebel’s accusations. Again, these investigators are not on your side. Despite having presented so much evidence, the investigators were appalled that I suggested that Jezebel was making up her story. The only resource on campus that assisted me would be counseling services. During this time, I had been anxious and fearful of my education and bright future being robbed. I had worked so hard and gave back to my college community through service and volunteering. I felt absolutely betrayed. My therapy sessions with a psychologist had prevented me from successful suicide attempts.

After multiple meetings with the college investigators, a final report was made. I received the report while working at a volunteering event. My heart was racing as I feared the worst outcome. However, the conclusion made was that I was innocent. Apparently, during investigative meetings, Jezebel had described numerous sexual acts which she admitted as consensual. For example, Jezebel reported she willingly groped me, provided blowjobs, and vocalized her enjoyment during such acts. Jezebel made incredibly detailed lies, which ultimately led to her account falling apart. Despite her own statements contradicting her awful claims, the college investigators called me a liar and insulted me in the report. The investigators wrote several times that they believe Jezebel and that her claims were true. Unfortunately, the college policy allows for Jezebel to appeal the decision, which she did. A college hearing date was sent several weeks following. I could not believe Jezebel could continue to harass me; this was an example of “double jeopardy”, where I was being tried again despite overwhelming evidence supporting my innocence. During this time, the restraining order hearing came up. The weekend before the court hearing, I was at the last straw with my sanity. I had even jumped out of a window because my mind was falling apart. I thought that this whole situation would never end.

The night before the court hearing, I couldn’t sleep; I laid on my bed tossing and turning. I even got up and paced outside at 3am. I arrived to the court an hour before the hearing time. Jezebel showed up much later with a team of SJWs and a lawyer; note, she didn’t have to pay for a lawyer due to pro bono services for “abused victims”. Her team of SJWs formed a human wall as to prevent me from looking at her in the hallway. They stared at me with anger and contempt. Absolutely absurd. During the court hearing, my lawyer presented my evidence of messaging and communications showing 1) her invitations to hang out and visit her at work, 2) her sexual suggestions, and 3) her frequent requests to date. I wish I had recorded her reaction. Upon seeing the evidence, Jezebel’s lawyer dropped the case. The hearing lasted ten minutes and the judge commended me for showing up and having to deal with it. I turned and walked out the room without looking at Jezebel. I could not believe it. The whole day, I spent it worried that it was all a dream. I feared that it was all a hallucination, my mind playing more tricks on me. It was not, and I am a free man.

Now, I still had to deal with the college hearing; I was told that they had to change the procedures because it was the first time that the accused was found innocent and the accusing student wanted to appeal that decision. Several times throughout the hearing, my lawyer had made objections. The appointed judge at the college hearing had no idea what she was doing - the secretary had to explain to her what that meant. Clearly, they were not prepared... The school paid for her lawyer at this hearing, who tried to make the case that not all victims of sexual assault will fight back and will even remain silent. My lawyer pointed out that she admitted to voluntarily performing sexual acts and even at one point admitted that she provided verbal consent. Jezebel brought “witnesses”, who were her friends that claim she was so sad that her boyfriend left her and was no longer as friendly as she used to be. There was literally no relevance here. My lawyer simply asked if they were in the room during the time of the accused assault - to which they said no, of course not. During the cross-examination of Jezebel, she squirmed as my lawyer questioned her. Jezebel actually yelled out when my lawyer pointed out all the messages where she blatantly admitted she loved having sex with me and she wanted to blow me. After this whole ordeal, the jury, consisting of almost all women, unanimously decided I was innocent.

I could not believe that even after months of fighting and proving Jezebel was wrong, the school still pandered to her needs. For example, they provided her a “safe space” with several SJWs to wait with her during the hearing. Jezebel was allowed to step in and out as she pleased, while I had to remain throughout the whole time. When the decision came out in my favor, Jezebel immediately posted “her story” on social media and identified my name. Jezebel started a witch hunt. I went to the school, and they told me that they’ve never dealt with this sort of situation before, where the accused was found innocent and the accusing started this online harassment. The school told me that they will discuss whether they should do anything about it…. And they even pointed out to me that if I had done that I would immediately be expelled. But since Jezebel is the alleged “victim”, it’s difficult to figure out what to do. I couldn’t believe that Jezebel was allowed to push her false narrative. I then completely realized that all the resources at the school were there to support women accusing men, and they never even considered what to do when the man was proven innocent.

Words cannot describe how horrifying this entire experience was; anxiety ate away at me every day. I slowly succumbed to madness and I feared simply stepping outside my residence. During my therapy sessions with the counselor, I learned something of personal importance. My greatest strength was my incredibly sharp sense of logic and reasoning; this is what allowed me to rise to the top of my class and impress the faculty and staff. However, this was also my greatest weakness. Every day for months, I asked myself why Jezebel would do this, how on earth she could even think to invent lies and hurt me. Jezebel abused the system and society enabled it, and I tried so hard to understand why. It was the eventual realization that no one was as logical or reasonable as I, which had freed me from my mental prison. Every woman in this situation (e.g. Jezebel, collegiate investigators, etc.) is not rational, and I cannot expect them to be so. My fearful thoughts consumed every minute of each day, and I suffered until I was proven innocent. Actually, I still suffer so, even despite being proved innocent.

I still have trouble taking the normal route to work, since I am so accustomed to taking the long round-about path. Clearly, I still suffer from this traumatic experience. My hands still shake as I write this story. I will never trust women, and it will be years until I can go a day without thinking about this situation. Society is discriminating against men, where women can obtain restraining orders without evidence and continue to harass men by abusing the justice system. However, this experience has made me a much stronger man; I will never allow women to take advantage of me nor rob me of my future. Recovery will take time, but I will live my life to the fullest. I will achieve my dreams and build wealth to protect the people I care about.

Lessons Learned

  • When facing accusations, immediately get a lawyer and limit your interactions with collegiate or government officials. Say as little as possible; maintain frame and integrity.

  • Save all messages on every communication platform. DO NOT DELETE. Also, record conversations with collegiate officials regardless of their lies.

  • Society, especially collegiate kangaroo courts, openly discriminate against men. Women will not have to pay any legal fees whatsoever.

  • That said, money is a necessary asset in life. Legal fees are expensive, so start an emergency savings account.

  • AWALT: emotionally unstable and will lash out to avoid facing consequences. Identify red flags and be aware of crazy. Logic and rationality will not apply.

  • Find support in your parents, MALE best friend, or someone you completely trust.

  • A life without freedom or future is not worth living. Always protect yourself and make careful decisions.

Thank you TRP, for listening to my story about the collegiate kangaroo courts and the Jizz Guzzling Jezebel.

[-] SComm 112 Points 2 years ago

That's a horrific story that EVERYONE should read. The main problem in all of this is that until women are held legally accountable for false accusations with mandatory jail time this is never going to stop. As it is now they say their lies, remain anonymous, the mans name is made public, his life is destroyed and even if/when he is proven innocent it won't change a thing for him & she just goes off on her merry way.

[-] trpjack 58 Points 2 years ago

It is terrifying that there are numerous mechanisms in place to support women in the reporting process. Dozens of organizations which will hire lawyers for her, recruit SJWs to hold her hand, write her reports for her, etc. In the face of cold, hard evidence proving that her claims were lies, and even with her changing her story every week, the school constantly stated that "they believe her".

[-] Soarinc 10 Points 2 years ago

Don't forget, victims of domestic violence get free grade forgiveness for any class below their gpa (for example if 3.0 they cannot score less than B in any class)

[-] Lsegundo 21 Points 2 years ago

Because of grade forgiveness there will be several false claims per year so that princess doesn't flunk out of her major.

Title IX is a complete nightmare. Every time I read something like this it makes me wonder what % of college sexual assault cases are complete BS. 50%? 80%? SJW are fucking themselves over. This is going to snap back on them and hurt the real sexual assault victims when people get tired of their games.

Hopefully OP can sue the college and win a huge settlement. I want a public directory of BS cases like these. We need a way to protect our sons from witch hunts at the schools that try to railroad BS cases like this.

Parents need to start publicly shaming these schools. Let everyone know your son will not even be applying to X university based on a specific case where a male was subjected to a witch hunt.

It will be many years before my kids are college age. Anytime I read something like this I start to worry.

[-] Soarinc 3 Points 2 years ago

sluts win, schools win, the lawyers win (extra money), and the cis-white male loses

That is the goal of social justice right? Kangaroo courts are just the means to an end -- shut down kangaroo courts and some other nonsensical institutional discrimination will pop up somewhere else, just like whack-a-mole:

[-] rigbed 1 Point 2 years ago

I can't find sources for this, just feminists pushing for this. Where is this stated

[-] Soarinc 3 Points 2 years ago

I dated a girl 2 years ago at a major university (30,000 + students) whose close friend had this privilege. I texted the girl about it and she replied just now -- she presumably was actually raped -- she attended counseling and was given TONS of random pamphlets such as "how to discuss this with your family" or "what if my case doesn't go to trial and the perpetrator escapes justice with a plea deal" etc... So one of the pamphlets was about the university's commitment to the safety of students which basically gave ways to graduate with their degree with reduced requirements and also included services which a SJW "victim's advocate" would outreach to the student's professors and work as a intermediary to solicit options from the professor, including 3-4 different ways to manipulate a student's grade (such as "locking in" the current grade and skipping the rest of the semester's tests/exams).

I apologize if I made it seem simpler than it sounds or automatic if a girl just wants to abuse the system she can cry rape and ruin an innocent guy's life just so she can put off her studies to focus harder on riding the cock carousel.

Again, this particular girl's case was all documented and she had actually been roofied (rohypnol) but then again, now that I think about it -- there's nothing stopping a girl who is willing to ruin a guy's life anyway to just drink roofies after the fact on her own accord to help settle the cognitive dissonance of ASD. This last realization really fucked with my mind just now.

[-] rigbed 10 Points 2 years ago

This is in my future too, thank god my college is uninvolved

[-] [deleted] 21 Points 2 years ago

mandatory jail time.

Fuck, at this point I'd be happy if they just got probation or community service..

No consequences at all is insane!!

[-] [deleted] 9 Points 2 years ago


[-] [deleted] 16 Points 2 years ago

she was a good woman and a good mother.. She was a heroin addict that needed help "

Heroin addicts do make the best single moms of all!!

[-] rigbed 2 Points 2 years ago

There are tumblrs about this fetish

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] OneInAZillion 19 Points 2 years ago

As it is now they say their lies, remain anonymous, the mans name is made public, his life is destroyed and even if/when he is proven innocent it won't change a thing for him & she just goes off on her merry way.

Exactly. The power is in the accusation, not necessarily the verdict.

Women really need to face punishment for false accusations so that making these false accusations doesn't continue being a no-risk-all-"reward" venture for her. (if you can call fucking up a man's life for bullshit reasons a reward, which I'm sure in many of these woman's minds, it is.)

[-] [deleted] 18 Points 2 years ago

The crazy thing is not only did she not get punished, she further tried dragging OP through the mud and punishing him more over and over.

When I was 18 a buddy of mine got accused of sexual assault by a friend of my then girlfriend. I wasn't involved in any of it but the only reason he got off (according to the police themselves) was my girlfriend went to the police station and vouched for him and basically said her friend was lying about it.

Two days later a couple of her cock sucker friends slit all the tires on his car.

If they're out to punish you they will figure out a way to make it happen and suffer zero consequences.

[-] Soarinc 4 Points 2 years ago

cost of 4 tires is cheaper than 1 criminal defense lawyer

*unless this guys tires are more expensive than this pair of shoes:

[-] Soarinc 7 Points 2 years ago

Hey, I can 100% confirm that there is a HUGE fuck-ton of punishment that these lying whores have to deal with at the police department because policemen and law enforcement officers realize that 90% of these cases are bullshit and rarely make arrests when these allegations surface.

The only problem is that when a false allegation is dismissed, the guy is never notified that "hey your cum-guzzler ex-girlfriend tried to have you arrested but she seemed like a lying whore so we didn't file a complaint against you"

Therefore, all the public sees are the examples where the guy is CHARGED after having a rape allegation made against him. You never see the cases where the rape allegation was laughed off and we thanked the girl with a donut and told her to get the fuck out and come up with a more convincing story next time.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

*Except this time, which is why bitches walk through metal detectors so there isn't a recording device. It's her word against mutliple reputed police officers.

But my point is, for every time a dude is charge with "regret rape" there are at least 5 other times where the guy isn't charged AND IS NEVER NOTIFIED so my point is rape charges are attempted at least 5x more often than most guys realize (because the ones who don't realize how close they were to spending a night in jail or $1500 in defense fees are none the wiser)

[-] TheRedThrowAwayPill 17 Points 2 years ago

Hmm ... I wonder what 4-8 years of Hillary will bring?

[-] BluepillProfessor 13 Points 2 years ago

It will turn all of america into college campii. Yes means yes. Affirmative consent. Female only star chambers. No evidence needed. Mandatory firings with an accusation. No assumption of innocence but presumption of guilt.

[-] rigbed 4 Points 2 years ago

While women will wonder why men don't want anything to do with them

[-] swift_phoenix 0 Points 2 years ago

Buuuuuuttttttttttttt, wommmmmeeeeeeennnnnn cannnot lie, they are soooo innocent, sweet, kind............

[-] Helmut_Newton 6 Points 2 years ago

That's the scariest thought of all.

[-] gtypoDD22 1 Point 2 years ago

This first world problem bullshit is the least of our worries - man up and learn how to protect yourself.

The real problem with Hillary is her neo-con warmongering.

[-] TheRedThrowAwayPill 1 Point 2 years ago


I can handle myslelf but I'm worried about the next gen.

Hillary has already begun trying to clear land for the Kingdom of David.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Recon_by_Fire 2 Points 2 years ago

I thought I read that some states are making you pay for the other person's legal fees if you sue over false accusations.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 56 Points 2 years ago

and they told me that they’ve never dealt with this sort of situation before, where the accused was found innocent

Again in caps in case anyone missed it when scrolling past:

and they told me that they’ve never dealt with this sort of situation before, where the accused was found innocent

How long has your school been around? In that time no-one accused of sexual assault has been found innocent.

The KGB would be impressed with that efficiency.

[-] mrust 18 Points 2 years ago

It actually goes to show their complete incompetence. The accused is always either found guilty or not guilty. There is no such thing as a finding of innocence.

[-] [deleted] 5 Points 2 years ago

There is whenn you're guilty until proven innocent

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 2 years ago


[-] segagaga 1 Point 2 years ago

That maybe true of the system, but is absolutely not true of society and all the machinations of humanity. An employer or institution will often suspend or fire an employee before a trial is even started.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

The legal system is the only system that counts under the eyes of the law. When I get downvoted 3 times for sharing the truth, I'll delete it so as not to offend the blue-pill legal betas. You can't upvote falsehood and downvote truth until falsity becomes the truth--how convenient that TRP is all about facing the truth even when it hurts to admit it, but I guess finding truth is only important on matters of getting your dick wet.

Not me, no thanks, I'll smile politely and excuse myself from further commenting on matters which I actually know what I'm talking about.

[-] [deleted] 7 Points 2 years ago

This really is at Stalin lvl

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] NightGod 3 Points 2 years ago

You completely ignored the second half of that sentence...

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] MustNotFfff 41 Points 2 years ago

OP, you are a truly smart guy. Audio recording those meetings and bringing your parents along is brilliant. It probably scared the university, too. It showed that you're not only willing to fight them and call them out on any inconsistencies, but also that you have a family (i.e. you humanized yourself). Congrats on not becoming another victim.

[-] trpjack 30 Points 2 years ago

I think you're right, that's honestly what probably saved my future and education. They didn't expect me to bring my parents or audio record the meetings. Thinking back on it, the investigator definitely seemed unnerved when I told her that she was being audio recorded, and reacted by deliberately reading off the college policies from the rulebook.

[-] MustNotFfff 8 Points 2 years ago

I'm also thinking, any chance you could use your experience to advise /warn others? I'm not sure if you want that kind of attention, but you could try writing and maybe publishing to a site like Medium or HuffingtonPost (not sure if they'd go along with it).

[-] trpjack 19 Points 2 years ago

Well, I'm starting by posting here, where I think a lot of college guys might be able to relate with me. I've read a lot of stories similar to my case, and it's always been situations where falsely accused guys were declared guilty by the school and they end up having a public legal battle with the school. Even when the accused are finally proven innocent, they effectively carry a scarlet letter.

[-] MustNotFfff 5 Points 2 years ago

I'm a few years out of college, but I'm not sure if TRP has a very broad following. I think a more mainstream outlet could be more impactful. Hope posting here will help, too!

[-] redartist 7 Points 2 years ago

Dude, what are you smoking? Cuckington Post would not publish anything against the narrative.

They had male author fired just for covering Hillary's health.

Their editorial board is all female, 85% white. How do you think that would go?

[-] MustNotFfff 1 Point 2 years ago

Idk, I also thought that HuffPost is a site with a lot of random articles, some by one-off authors. Maybe not every article has to be approved by the staff? I don't know how it works, I don't go there super often, I suppose.

[-] munky82 5 Points 2 years ago

The dude who got fired for covering Hillary's health explained it. They have levels of trust: a newbie's work gets scrutinised heavily before publication , the intermediate has a once over by an editor before publish and the trusted has direct upload rights. The fired dude had direct upload rights, hence his article being pulled after a few hours and he got the worst backlash for "breaking the trust". They get direct upload rights to be faster than the competition to publish breaking news and scoops.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] ReddittFeist 3 Points 2 years ago

Here is a list of recording rules by state:

When I have recorded people (live in a 1-party consent state) I never tell them they are being recorded. When you don't tell them, they say all kinds of stupid shit that can help you out later, if things go to court.

[-] trpjack 35 Points 2 years ago

If you're in college, you need to understand that this can happen at any time. I didn't believe it would happen to me, and I almost had my life destroyed. Be prepared.

[-] rigbed 16 Points 2 years ago

You had tons of evidence. That shit is nearly impossible to collect without ruining the experience. The texts are easy, but you need to record the encounters via audio too and even that is going to be ignored because nowadays WE'RE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT not the other way around.

[-] ThePounder 6 Points 2 years ago

This whole thing must have turned you pretty stoic. You seem to have it under control now. Know that your story may help inform others of this 'justice' system and help them avoid and/or deal with similar situations. Thank you for telling your story, good luck.

[-] McLarenX 25 Points 2 years ago

This is why I refuse to associate with any female who believes blue pill garbage. If any girl I know or interact with mentions the "wage gap" or "rape culture" I cut off all contact immediately.

[-] [deleted] 5 Points 2 years ago

Well, that is feminism rather than bluepill, but I agree entirely, and have said so here on several occasions. First, no feminist deserves a relationship with a man anyway, having essentially declared herself an enemy of all men; second, you never know when they are going to pull some crazy-ass bullshit on you like this. And you just know people will believe her, no matter how crazy. Just not worth the hassle.

[-] McLarenX 2 Points 2 years ago

Feminism and bluepill are one in the same imo.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

Not at all; feminism is a blue pill ideology, but you don't have to be a feminist to be blue pill. In fact, most women are not feminists (even though inevitably influenced by it in the West), and even men who have no regard for it at all nevertheless don't know how interactions between the sexes actually work. Just because a man doesn't believe in 'microaggressions' and 'wage gap' and 'patriarchy theory' or any of that bullshit doesn't mean he understands what women actually look for in men, or the best way to handle them. People were blue pill long before feminism reared its ugly head again in the West (once it died out with the end of Rome).

[-] rigbed 1 Point 2 years ago

Feminists are the biggest fans of the most violent sex fetishes

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

and the biggest fans of 'I'm a victim, and it is all men's fault'. I stand by what I said, they don't deserve a relationship with a man, leave them to the lesbians, and they are a threat point to your liberty.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 22 Points 2 years ago

Smart man. Lucky you're a smart man.

[-] trpjack 36 Points 2 years ago

I'm lucky my best friend introduced me to TRP at the beginning of this ordeal. Honestly, without this community I wouldn't have understood why she did what she did.

[-] AussiePhil82 19 Points 2 years ago

Can you not sue her for making the false accusations to recover some of your legal costs?

[-] privilegechecked85 15 Points 2 years ago

Probably, that would be "re-victimizing" poor Jezebel.

Remember his not guilty conclusion by a bias panel is up for review by another all female victim panel. He is still the bad guy here! /s

[-] AussiePhil82 12 Points 2 years ago

I see on this sub a lot of stuff about women facing no consequences for making false accusations.

However making false accusations against someone and making false reports to the police is definatly a criminal offence in pretty much every jurisdiction. I am wondering how they manage yo get away with it so consistently or whether it's just exaggerated in here?

Also there are legal avenues in place in terms of civil cases against false accusations.

“Can I file a lawsuit against my ex-wife for taking out an order of protection on me and wrecking my reputation?” If she lied, absolutely. The standard of proof of libel/defamation requires that you demonstrate she publicly made false statements of fact about you that harmed your name and respectability. The statute of limitation for libel/defamation is usually one year.

Given he had to defend himself in front of the university (twice) and that restraining orders are public documents, this would definatly qualify and perhaps a few successful lawsuits in cases like this would force women to think twice before making a false accusations.

Also there is this:

“Can I sue someone for mental anguish from attempting to get a restraining order?” Yes. To make a compelling case, though, you’d have to see a counselor and doctor so the court had some third-party substantiation of your suffering. If it was merely an attempt and the duration of your suffering was brief, the sympathy you could expect would probably be scant. If you could show a pattern of conduct, you’d stand a better chance of prevailing in a lawsuit. If this pattern rose to a sufficient level of egregiousness, you could sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

[-] trpjack 20 Points 2 years ago

Thanks for the links, I'll definitely check them out. During the investigation process, I explicitly asked the investigator whether the accusing woman would face any consequences if the investigation showed that her claims were not true. The investigator laughed at me and told me that there's no way because doing so would prevent other female students from "feeling safe" if they want to submit a complaint.

[-] GayLubeOil 16 Points 2 years ago

Liberals need to understand that the only thing standing between them and The State of Nature is collective faith in the judicial process.

[-] Overkillengine 5 Points 2 years ago

That's the sad thing...they fail to understand those oppressive mores and laws they object to were put in place for their protection, not ours.

But like a spoiled child objecting to a curfew, they keep taking away incentive for men to invest in society instead of pillage it, right up until the puppy candy van makes sure they never get to go home.

[-] [deleted] 14 Points 2 years ago

Have you considered filing a Title IX complaint against your school, because you were clearly treated in a discriminatory manner because you're a man?

[-] ReddittFeist 6 Points 2 years ago

Guys have tried that & gotten nowhere.

The unspokn agenda of Title IX is that it's for women only in sexual matters.

[-] gtypoDD22 1 Point 2 years ago

Doesn't work for males. You have to do based on policy violation.

[-] [deleted] 14 Points 2 years ago


[-] trpjack 24 Points 2 years ago

A lot happened. I forgot to add this, but when I was going through the investigation files the school handed over, I found evidence of the investigators calling the police and trying to convince them to open a case against me and make an arrest. I'm not sure why they didn't follow through, but it coincided with the investigators emailing me and recommending that I contact the police to "understand my rights".... which I obviously didn't.

[-] ReddittFeist 18 Points 2 years ago

I found evidence of the investigators calling the police and trying to convince them to open a case against me and make an arrest.

You definitely have grounds for a lawsuit against the university here. You can demonstrate financial damages, emotional distress, you have evidence of attempts to frame you, and of incompetence costing you your future.

Think you'll go ahead? When universities get sued over this shit, more and more they are settling out of court to avoid bad publicity and even bigger losses at trial, as judges are starting to rule in favor of the plaintiffs in cases that have gone to trial.

A settlement would help get your parents back on their feet, financially.

Also, depending on what state you're in, what the girl did on social media may be illegal. You could talk to your lawyer about that.

[-] swift_phoenix 6 Points 2 years ago

OP, if you have the mental will to do so, go for it. Universities need some fire underneath their feet to being to feel the destruction they are doing to young men, their families, and their future. Like, what ReddittFiest said, it would help your parents get back on their feet. I am not a lawyer, it seems like you have enough solid evidence that a trials attorney would take this on.

[-] crabpipe 2 Points 2 years ago

agreed, OP, with all your paperwork, you NEED to sue the school. Lawsuits are the ONLY way schools will change policy. You owe it to the multitudes of men who will be accused in the future - they are relying on you to change the policy via lawsuit before it fucks them like it fucked you.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] sehns 2 Points 2 years ago

OP, If you start an indiegogo campaign to sue your university, I will donate $200 towards your legal fees.

[-] [deleted] 16 Points 2 years ago


[-] rigbed 8 Points 2 years ago

There can not be any legal siding with an accused person nowadays. Accusations aren't daily so when they do happen people freak out. High profile cases make news and leave out details or they're for drunken incidents, and this puts small cases like mine and OP's at risk of siding with the victim. I don't know how I'm going to argue my case. I'm considering a public defender and I wonder why OP didn't go with one, but they obviously are pretty terrible for rape cases.

God oh God it's too easy

[-] McLarenX 15 Points 2 years ago

It's fucking crazy. The cops deal with these rape claims so often that they know 90% are bullshit. I talked to a guy who was a small-town DA and he said if a girl was promiscuous it was pretty much impossible to prosecute because they would find dna from other dudes on her when gathering evidence.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

How's that possible unless the guy was bare-backing?

[-] McLarenX 1 Point 2 years ago

Pubic hairs and skin residue I think.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] xx69bootyhunter69xx 2 Points 2 years ago

damn bro I'm so sorry this shit happened to you. I can't fathom how you've retained your sanity and not went berserk. If I were in your place I would have simply picked up an AR-15 and shot down Jezebel and her team of SJW's. I would have gone to jail of course, but if I'm going to jail anyway might as well go in there for a valid reason.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

dude seriously if you're gonna do that, please just use multiple handguns with low clip size so that you don't become the post child for banning semis or large caliber clips.... lol

[-] xx69bootyhunter69xx 0 Points 2 years ago

alrighty bro. Man it's such a drag that I live in India where guns are illegal. This winter vacation I'm planning to go to a nearby shooting range. I can only hope they have a 50 cal Barrette. It's one of my biggest dreams to shoot with that monster.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

Wtf? So if you contacted the police, you would have inadvertently triggered them opening a case against you?

[-] redpillbanana 11 Points 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your cautionary tale. I hope you are able to recover from all this and move on with your life.

Honestly, as infuriating as your story is, the only part that really surprised me is that you were found innocent. Thank goodness you kept hard evidence of all your interactions.

It also sounds like most of the school administrators were as surprised as I was that you were found innocent - as evidenced by their confusion as to how to proceed when the man turned out to be the victim.

[-] trpjack 9 Points 2 years ago

It honestly surprised me as well. I truly thought that my life and career outlook was over. As earlier mentioned, I believe that my preparation for the school interrogations had saved my ass. However, thinking back on it I was also very fortunate that Jezebel was really, really dumb to admit that there was consent and described numerous acts of consensual sex. She tried to change her story during the appeal but my lawyer had none of that.

[-] Soarinc 2 Points 2 years ago

How are these "college courts" even have lawyers and judges? I thought they are like court tv shows such as these 2:

[-] rigbed 1 Point 2 years ago

My ex did that in her statement too like goddamn these bitches don't think

[-] NoGoingBack720 11 Points 2 years ago

words cant describe how sorry I am man...this is so wrong it makes me weep

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Scuzzin 10 Points 2 years ago

First of all, you deserve a fucking purple heart for going through that battle. However, all we do on here is bitch and moan and say "enjoy the collapse" or "AWALT watch out." What if, and stay with me here, what if we started focusing our efforts on combating these real injustices instead of just on self improvement; or at least make a separate sister reddit for it. Seriously, if we all got organized and put our strength and knowledge together then why couldn't we take on the feminazis? They say not to make a call for action when you don't have a plan, which I don't have, but if we don't focus on CHANGING these problems, then it will continue to spread. Right now we are all on the ass end of the school system and none of us will suffer brutal indoctrination at the hands of the state, but what about your children and their children? Don't want kids, then what about the next generation and the next one? "All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good MEN to do nothing."

[-] -uftw- 5 Points 2 years ago

Dude, that's called MRAs. Feel free to enroll but it's not the point of this sub.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

"All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good MEN to do nothing."

There's plenty of us on TRP who agree with Scuzzin even if it's not the point of this sub, we are capable of having more than a single track mind.

[-] LosingMoneyAllDay 9 Points 2 years ago


I had a girl go on Facebook and claim I raped her. Very luckily for me it never got to uni staff or the cops, but I lost a lot of friends and was looked at as a scumbag throughout the rest of my academics.

Hang in there brother.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

Was she a one-night-stand or a fuck buddy or a bitter ex-gf?

[-] [deleted] 7 Points 2 years ago

sue her ass for defamation and "intentional infliction of emotional distress." you have a court order and a college hearing result in your favor, plus mountains of texts demonstrating she consented, and yet she still goes psychotic. bury the bitch with an offensive.

[-] [deleted] 7 Points 2 years ago

Jesus fucking christ, my heart goes out to you man. I'm in first year uni right now, and people my age say they're afraid of WW3 or Trump, or zombies or other dumb shit like that...THIS is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night.

I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns, and not taking your own life. I've had some experience with depression and I'm just now beginning to pick up the pieces. Best wishes for the future.

[-] ek1995 6 Points 2 years ago

This was honestly difficult for me to read, and I really hope you can move on from this bro, but it's important you did everything you could to keep your head up despite your slips along the way. Best of luck going forward.

[-] 8n0n 6 Points 2 years ago

You should tell your story here as well.

[-] ReddittFeist 5 Points 2 years ago
[-] GreyShoeNoClue 5 Points 2 years ago

Why didn't you make a counter lawsuit for this bullshit that you went through, I'd also pressure the school to pay for legal fees and if not transfer schools and release the recordings of the investigation. My grandpa's favorite saying is that the highway is a two way street. Ruin my future, I'll ruin yours 10 times over.

[-] gtypoDD22 2 Points 2 years ago

I hope this doesn't happen to me because I am the sort who will not rest until all of them are 6 feet under.

[-] GreyShoeNoClue 3 Points 2 years ago

I see problems on almost all levels of the investigation prior to the restraining order trial and the girls actions in the aftermath of OP's vindication. I'd sue till my pockets are full and I fuck the schools reputation like a porn scene

[-] gtypoDD22 0 Points 2 years ago

Most of the time men don't win these cases though

[-] BluepillProfessor 5 Points 2 years ago

Sidebar material with a link to mgtow. Thank you for sharing. You have saved many men today.

[-] [deleted] 5 Points 2 years ago

The dating world is like a mma event you must protect yourself at all times or get the shit kicked out of you

[-] GroundhogLiberator 6 Points 2 years ago

it's like an MMA event where your opponent realizes he's losing, so he calls the ref over and he proceeds to call a time-out then kick you in the balls 30 times.

[-] awalt_cupcake 4 Points 2 years ago

Be sure that your MALE best friend is a MASCULINE MAN. I had a male best friend who was, in retrospect, very liberal-minded and pittied women's current plight. He was also a man who couldn't get laid.

In betrayed me and sided with the women I pissed off even so far as to try and fuck an ex immediately after I dumped her. When I faced my own legal trials, he spread rumors about me and told me I deserved it.

Bros acting like hoes everyday.

[-] MattyAnon 4 Points 2 years ago

Sorry you've had such experiences.

If you haven't already, talk to a lawyer familiar with Title IX (I assume you're in the states) - these colleges are in violation of Title IX by harassing YOU. There are a few that are very actively contesting these horrendous "laws".

Good work on getting all appropriate protections and stuff in place. You shouldn't have had to do all this, but such is the nature of this world.

[-] tb87670 4 Points 2 years ago

I banged a college chick and fingered her ass. The way she flipped around and acted a week later when I acted a little nice and wanted to actually date her, I swear if I was a college student she would've pulled this title IX shit and hijack my education. Luckily I'm not a college student, and without proof police would've done nothing so she just sent me a long 'fuck you' text and left it at that.

This was the first chick I had a sexual encounter with. Since I was not a college student she wouldn't go to police with her report since they would actually question her shitty story. Because of this I am determined not to go to college because just one night of fun could cause thousands of dollars in tuition to disappear with no refund. The anxiety would've killed me from something like the OP had gone through, that or I would've committed murder after all that harassment. Best thing is prevention but OP held his ground, bravo trpjack!

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 2 years ago

Can you file a class action lawsuit against the school? Maybe band with others and get something major going? Lawyers would jump all over that, especially if the payout is huge.

[-] grrrallnamestakengrr 3 Points 2 years ago

Damn dude that is horrific. Really glad the truth came out. Last house I was flatting at, a girl that ended up moving in, called the cops on me for supposedly assaulting her (the crime in my country is called Male Assaults Female) which is a higher level of assault. Luckily the cops saw past her lies. The head tenant wouldnt even try to listen to my side of things. Just gave me notice leave and to tell my story to the cops. Fuck it felt bad. That shit can easily ruin a mans life.

[-] Unripe_rp 3 Points 2 years ago

If you look at rape as one individual abusing a power imbalance to try and impose their will on an unwilling counterpart, then the amount of power society has given to the act of accusation makes unfounded accusations akin to non-violent rape.

She tried to rape you.

SJW's are so concerned with the "victims", well how about we first identify who the victim actually is in a situation.

[-] OmegaMan2 3 Points 2 years ago

If ever there was a story which advocates for a MGTOW lifestyle this is it.

Keep Well brother and move on from this ordeal.

[-] ChampOfTheFuture 3 Points 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing your story man and all the hard-earned wisdom.

[-] SickeningPiss 3 Points 2 years ago

Firslty you did an amazing job through this, stay strong maybe go away with your family and enjoy life to forget about this situation. This bitch probably knew of your grades and rep at uni and wanted to tarnish your reputation which she successfully did. If i was you i would not return to that university. There is already a negative perception of you there and this may affect your marks and overall wellbeing at that college. In addition they have neglected your well being even though the evidence was clearly there. I'm unsure where you are but you may be able to sue in a civil claim for defemation of character from the slander posted online from this bitch. Depends on the circumstance and what was said and if you suffered any loss/damage as a result, screenshot everything. For the mental harm due to the false accusation if you have recognized mental illness from the doctor it is possible you could sue for damages. Not sure if this is possible. I cannot see why cant dismiss any further case against you with prejudice if you can bring in her deceitfulness and lies in her false statements but as this is sexual assault it may be harder than it seems. I'm not sure if you can put legal fees on her tab if you win the case in court but as it is also through college tribunals i'm no too sure. This is not legal advice as i am not a lawyer yet but just research through my studies. I cannot advise if you have a criminal claim for the false allegations, the police may not puruse based on the victims previous case of sexual assault. You would need a witness to be on your side who can testify or give a sworn affidavit that she consented to the acts. if you have suffered some damage whether financial, mentally or future enhancement in life you may seek damages through civil courts i dont know if you would suceed though. You could just count your blessing you didnt end up in prison and hit the gym get swole. Hope i helped any other legal bros add in some advice for this fella he deserves it!!! Btw this is not legal advice i may be wrong as i live in aus.

[-] rigbed 3 Points 2 years ago

The losers in college who get laid don't get accusations, they have nothing to lose

[-] SickeningPiss 1 Point 2 years ago

I agree or they are on exchange and end up back home when the ganga decides its rape lol

[-] Soarinc 3 Points 2 years ago

Jezebel immediately posted “her story” on social media

Hey can you post it (maybe black out identifying details like school name, etc..)

[-] mctoasterson 3 Points 2 years ago

Can you get a restraining order against this woman? If so I would as she is clearly unbalanced.

[-] rigbed 1 Point 2 years ago

She automatically gets one against him. My whole family is restrained against my ex, Or I should say she got one against my whole family

[-] RedAsBlood 2 Points 2 years ago

Damn, sorry you went through that man. Sounds like you handled the situation well legally even though everything was set up for you to fail.

That is a huge mind fuck though, I hope you feel better about it.

I can't help but think there were some huge red flags that you missed about this girl. She seems mentally unstable and psychopathic in her determinations to get you in trouble no matter what evidence to the contrary showed. I would say she definately has some sort of empathy disorder.

I would highly recommend reading up on IM's post on dark triad, so you can recognize women like this in the future and avoid them like the plague.

Try not to let this experience turn you totally off to women. This cunt was worse than most women. There are some women out there who are better than most women, but in the end they still are women.

Good luck.

[-] ntvirtue 2 Points 2 years ago

You are a fucking STUD dude.....through all that and you not only kept it together but prospered!

[-] Soarinc 2 Points 2 years ago

Dude, do you know how many gallons of ice cream he had to eat to keep his sanity? Oh wait, that was me...

[-] drypumpkin20 2 Points 2 years ago

I would add; do not stick with a public defender. All they care about is the easy win.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Soarinc 2 Points 2 years ago

Also could you maybe organize some sort of gofundme type of deal to buy a full page advertisement in the student newspaper or local newspaper? I'd throw in $50 to help spread your story to the other thousands of male students who this could also happen to.

[-] stawek 1 Point 2 years ago

No paper will accept anything like that.

[-] Soarinc 1 Point 2 years ago

You'd never say that if you knew how extremely connected I directly am into what you're claiming to hold expert knowledge :-/

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 2 years ago

This story should be published in every newspaper in the country and given prominence on ALL social media platforms!

[-] kevin32 1 Point 2 years ago

And as further evidence that women aren't being raped as often as feminism would like us to believe, here's a list of reasons why women lie about being raped.

[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] [deleted] 2 years ago
[-] Betterthanuatlife 1 Point 2 years ago

Welp, another reason to go MGTOW.

But still, muh wymyns have it so bad in the patriarchy :(((((

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 2 years ago

This is the most Kafka-esque thing Ive ever read.

[-] AttackOnKvothe 1 Point 2 years ago

Going to go to college next year, and I'm sincerely horrified of those situations.

I dont know how would I react, or even if my family would support me. (They are crazy blue-pilled people with whom I can't even have a normal discussion, and have totally neglected me when I was bullied in school)

Have you sued the school for the damage done to you? Or isn't it even possible in your situation?

[-] rigbed 1 Point 2 years ago

Although rare, a family could very well cut ties with you upon a charge. I know my extended family would if they heard of mine.

[-] AttackOnKvothe 1 Point 2 years ago

I certainly know my mother and dad would. They always left me behind and incriminated me even when I was bullied at school, so I suffered from blue-pill torture since childhood.

Luckily I've found this sub, and it allowed me to grow as a person and as a man.

[-] -uftw- 1 Point 2 years ago

Man, I'm appalled at what I'm reading, but please for the love of everything you hold dear, you can't let this slide. On TRP we're not in the business of turning the other cheek. Personally, if I was in your place, as soon as she filed reports I would have attacked her with everything I legally could. Best way I could find to level the playing field even a little.

But this chick has to pay because this kind of bullshit has to stop. We're so far down the rabbit hole, something has to be done.

And also, please post this in a more "reputable" place. I love TRP but I just can't repost this story as it is because people will dismiss it just on the basis of where it came from. And I really want to share it with all the stupid cucks who keep saying women are opressed and rub their weak ass nose in it.

[-] rp_newdawn 1 Point 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this story

[-] prodigy2throw 1 Point 2 years ago

Word to the wise: there are sometimes ways to recover deleted text messages, if it's iMessage or WhatsApp. I knew a crazy ex who actually took my phone and recovered individual messages that I deleted. Still don't know how she did it but it can be done.

[-] Soarinc 3 Points 2 years ago

This would show up on google if it were true. You most likely fell for social engineering trick such as this one:

[-] panchoop 1 Point 2 years ago

It was possible in the past I think. The trick was something along the lines of reinstalling whatsapp.

[-] maniclurker 1 Point 2 years ago

You seriously have this story ironed out.

[-] prodigy2throw 1 Point 2 years ago

Every once in a while I catch myself in a spiral where I'm trying to figure out the logic or rationale behind the actions of women.

Then I remember that women aren't runny logic and freeing yourself of the notion that they are is extremely liberating. I'm glad you were able to figure this out.

[-] waldo888 0 Points 2 years ago

what a whiner. is this a girl or bullshit?

[-] BlueFreedom420 -1 Point 2 years ago

Don't worry brother, this insanity cannot last much longer. There will be a revolt. Governments will fall. Wisdom of the past will once again light the way.

[-] Limekill 1 Point 2 years ago

Why do you think people say enjoy the decline?

There will be no revolt.

[-] BlueFreedom420 1 Point 2 years ago

Only ignorant western college boys think the decline will be enjoyable.

[-] Limekill 1 Point 2 years ago

Well the decline will be enjoyable for the chads.

But the idea we are suddenly going to revolt is not how society operates anymore. Even with black lives matter the revolt was not national, it was place specific and that was based on killings.

[-] BlueFreedom420 1 Point 2 years ago

I'm talking about a real revolt not these internet fueled ones. The chads will suffer more than anyone because they rely on easy western living for their fortunes.