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[-] squarehouse 3 Points 7 years ago

Yep. Pretty quotable and true: "Only women 'lose' their virginity." Men need to understand this. You don't have

But the bigger issue that Rollo calls Adams out on is how he is talking like a woman: Losing his virginity, desiring a relationship, thinking that she's "afraid of commitment." You see how strong the female imperative is when they have men talking and thinking like women.

As a man, you don't actually want any of this stuff. Commitment should be what your girlfriend is begging for. Commitment isn't a way of putting your girlfriend in a box so that she doesn't run away. Because deep down, that's the only reason you would want commitment. You want to have sex with multiple women, and there's no contradiction for a man to love one woman and have sex with another. This is just natural for men.

You'll often hear painful stories of men confessing to their girlfriends that he had sex with another woman. This is because he still loves her, having sex with other women doesn't mean he doesn't still love her. With women...she cheats because emotionally she's already gone.