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7 | 4 Comments | submitted 7 years ago by squarehouse [Post Locked]
[-] squarehouse 3 Points 7 years ago

This is basically a dating site, and the owners of the site go through and crunch the numbers on who is messaging who, etc.

Basic red pill wisdom:

  • Looks matter
  • How much money you make matters for men
  • Race matters
  • Height matters

Basically, all of the insecurities that men have are basically true. You have to get over them without deluding yourself about them. Another issue I have with seddit I guess: Inner game should definitely help a guy get over his insecurities, at the same time you shouldn't lie to him about them. And there's a lot of putting lipstick on a pig regarding how superficial women actually are.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 years ago

I'm on that site and by and large, the women on that site are there because they are looking for the guy they can parade around to their friends. So it's a bit of a biased sample. It's much easier to approach women in real life

[-] squarehouse 2 Points 7 years ago

I'm talking about the OkTrends blog which gives empirical data from the site.

I deactivated my OkCupid profile quite some time ago. In general, I agree, and I think some of the red pill bloggers concur, that online dating pretty much gives women the advantage, to the extent that women tolerate dating sites at all. If guys are going to use it, consider it only as a supplement to going out into the field.

Why online dating gives women the advantage:

  • Men are more visual than women. The men there are getting aroused by the pictures that women are putting on there. Women are largely aroused by emotions and touch, and so your dating profile isn't actually doing much for them.

  • The fundamental problem of dating sites is trying to get women to join and participate. OkCupid has a girly look in general, and all dating sites generally have profile fields for income, occupation (status), height, etc. The only way to get women to join is if they can optimize for female hypergamy.

  • Generally, I think online dating is a poor experience for men and women. For men without game, when they do get the date, they screw up in the real life interaction. This, of course, is because they are using online dating to get around their AA.

Men, just stay off of dating sites until your reality game is decent. In truth, online dating is just another hurdle, another stage on the path of seduction. With pick-up at least you've already met her, and this gives you the advantage, believe it or not. Hopefully you've already engaged in kino, she's comfortable touching you, she's seen your demeanor (a huge factor in attraction), and actually wants to see you again. You'll get none of this in online dating. You'll just meet women who are desperate enough to chance it with a stranger.

Here, compare:

  • Pickup: opener -> move -> bounce -> time-bridge -> sex
  • Online dating: message -> live chat -> text message -> phone conversation -> opener -> move -> bounce -> time-bridge -> sex

Not really accurate, but hopefully you get the idea. When I've online dated, it pretty much feels like just another step. I could make arrangements to meet a woman at a bar, or I could just go to the bar and meet the women who are already there. It's kind of pointless. You don't actually have any advantage in the former than the latter case.

[-] pickup_sticks 1 Point 7 years ago

I generally agree. I use online because it's efficient, but women definitely have the upper hand there.

I meet hotter women in real life, but I've met some great ladies online too. One of them became my wife. We're divorced now but still quite close.