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5 | 4 Comments | submitted 7 years ago by squarehouse [Post Locked]
[-] squarehouse 3 Points 7 years ago

I had to post this one, because I get tired of how the doctrine on seddit is basically the opposite. I can myself testify to the following:

The first thing most men who were previously out of shape will tell you is the marked increase in attention they receive from women after they got in shape. This is perhaps the simplest experiment that puts the lie to this assertion.

I went from 290 to 205 lbs here (6'1"). I'm still about 20 lbs overweight, just remember 2 lbs/week. I feel like I'll be much more attractive to women in general at 185 lbs. I was down to 195 lbs at one time and had a HB7 become infatuated with me at work just by working with her. I dated an HB6 with ease, and had general signs of interest from others. But I screwed it all up due to total lack of game, and even anti-game.

Now at 205 lbs I hardly get any interest anymore.

Another really important point:

Learning Game demands practiced effort, but it requires FAR less physical effort than improving one’s body, and it’s especially daunting for guys unaccustomed to working out. It takes time, energy and dedication all commensurate with how out shape that guy is to begin with.

Seriously. Think in terms of 2 lbs/week if you're on the fat side. Game is harder than weight loss, or weight gain if you're scrawny.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 years ago


[-] squarehouse 2 Points 7 years ago

So you're at 180 lbs? BMI = 25.1, which is within the normal range of 18.5 to 25. My BMI is 27.0 which puts me in the overweight category. I know it sounds like these numbers are arbitrary, and there are exceptions whom it doesn't apply to, but in my personal experience I think it corresponds very strongly to attractiveness.

Congrats. I'm not sure about keto...I try to diet simply in terms of eating less and exercising more. Haven't had much luck lately though. I've been hovering around 202/203 for a while now, but I also indulge too often. If I still have troubles in a couple of weeks I'll look for something different.

[-] Ortizjoel21 1 Point 7 years ago

Thank you for the eye opener.

300 pounds and 5"11