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6 | 5 Comments | submitted 7 years ago by squarehouse [Post Locked]
[-] iggybdawg 2 Points 7 years ago

Thank you so much. I've been reading through it and kicking myself for not having this info when I was 14.

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  • ONEitis

been there, done that.

I'm married with kids now, and suffering the cooling off. After several years of fighting it head on, I've found the community saving me. My wife's sex drive is not rational, it's emotional. I see that now, and after only 1 month of starting my transformation she's starting to not be a dead fish in the bedroom anymore.

[-] squarehouse 2 Points 7 years ago

Awesome. Glad you're here. Check out Rosso's article on The Desire Dynamic: . Make sure you aren't trying to negotiate desire instead of creating it.

[-] squarehouse 1 Point 7 years ago

Check out the links at the end of the article. Rational Male is basically and encyclopedia of Red Pill knowledge that men really need to know as early as possible. For instance, how to respond to a "Let's just be friends" rejection to Oneitis. He even tries to define the enigmatic Alpha quality which, it is supposed, women are inherently attracted to.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 7 years ago


[-] squarehouse 1 Point 7 years ago

No, I agree with you. I visit Heartiste's blog a lot, but I was very much turned off when he started promoting pseudo-science, namely, somatypes. And I generally look down on anyone who rants about politics. And he's just not as articulate or intellectual as Rollo. Heartiste has a tendency to call everything he likes alpha, and everything he doesn't like beta, and there are just too much asinine racism on the blog. I don't mind if it could be articulated better, but the racists rants in the comment section totally distract from the point.

I have seen some of the other blogs (alpha game plan, university of man, etc) but they just aren't up to the same quality as Rollo's blog. I really don't like trying create this whole greek alphabet of "types of males": alpha, beta, gamma, delta, sigma,'s just pure speculation. Roosh's blog is okay at times.