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QUOTE: "Some people die at 25... and aren't buried until they're 75." -Benjamin Franklin


Mastery- Robert Greene (book) Hagakure (book) Elliot Hulse (youtube) ItsaGundam (youtube)

This subject has been written on before- but every godfuckdamn day when I'm browsing Asktrp, someone asks this question. I usually write a short blurb, but it's obviously a hot question so I'm going to fill this gap of knowledge as best I can.

I'm open to people who want to add on to my post- this is very much a subjective, experience-based topic, there is no "one size fits all", but this should help our young men who are looking for something greater to grab onto.

First- why is the "mission", or "higher purpose" necessary? Why expend all this energy, why not just chill and play vidya? Well-

Take a gander at the modern population. Go people watching at your city's most popular mall. Take a tally- how many look satisfied with their lives, vs. how many look like permanently miserable cunts? How many take care of themselves physically, vs. how many of them look like the only exercise they get is running their goddamn mouths?

I promise you, there is a correlation between people who have a vision for their life, and the people who are genuinely enjoying themselves. The ones who drift and do what they're told? They're fucking miserable.

In addition, look at the state of the world. Mass hysteria, rampant mental illness in the form of "intersectional vegan poly feminism", recession, governments in goddamn shambles (two-party system for the win amirite), media coverups, corruption. If society is ever going to be fixed, it needs strong minded and able-bodied men to do the labor. (Again. What a thankless job.)

But it's not just for the benefit of society as a whole- people who never find a greater purpose, who just slave away at a meaningless desk job, are dead-inside, "do as you're told" NPCs. Finding your mission frees you just as strongly as it benefits society, and I firmly believe that the lunacy we see in modern society is because men have lost touch with this "higher calling" aspect of themselves.

Why did we lose touch? Because the answer became less obvious. There is no land left to explore and colonize- we reading this today will probably be dead before we land people on Mars. There are no dragons to slay. There is no war. There is no initiation rite that brings you from a boy to a man- unless you're Jewish, RIP to your foreskin.

On top of that, our ability to claim Ownership is diminished. We get promoted when our boss says so. We get a pay raise when our boss says so. If BP, we get kids when our wife says so. We get to SEE our kids (post divorce-rape) when our ex-wife says so. We can buy a house when the bank says so. (Not to mention that most Millenials are completely priced out of the housing market)

As such, we are conditioned completely to follow on someone else's commands. Well, this is what TRP exists for- breaking free from this and many other lies we've been spoon-fed right along with our mushed up peas and carrots.

This quote should look familiar: "We're the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives, we've been all raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won't and we're slowly learning that fact. and we're very very pissed off.”


Step 1-

GO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING REAL. If you're a young man, finishing high school or starting University, you know nothing except for Blue Pill indoctrination. Everything is goddamn artificial right now- you play football as a substitute for hunting, or fighting for what you believe in. You've got video games in place of adventure and accomplishment. Time to do away with that shit and pick up the Real.

If you feel like you've got the balls for it, add this to your yearly to-do list

1)Get in a fist fight

2) Kill an animal yourself, and eat it. (find a group of older guys who go hunting, join up, pay for their beers or something if you have to)

3)Quit sugar entirely- switch to a whole-foods diet (I don't give a fuck if it's keto, vegan, whatever, just stop indulging in easy hits of dopamine through shit food and start EARNING it instead)



Read about the great minds who've made an impact on the world. Read the TRP sidebar. Twice. Read some history, read some psychology, learn how to discern what the TRUTH is (recommended: Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan)

Now, finally, we have arrived at the meat of the issue. Now that you've shat out the BP conditioning, learn who you really are, and learn what you like to do.


Make a list of things that sound fun. Join a bunch of facebook groups or bookmark a bunch of webpages about things happening in your area. (seminars, short classes, events, etc) and go do those things. Experiment in different fields, such as martial arts. (I'm assuming you've already started lifting) Gain experience in a wide field until you find something that you can't stop thinking about. When it hits you, you'll know. It'll light a goddamn fire in your belly. It's possible you'll feel this way about more than one thing, I address that later.

Having found your passion, learn all you fucking can about it. Open every webpage related to it on google, find who is BIG in that field, and find a way to integrate with them, make them your mentor. Suck their dick if you gotta idc. Save formal education for later, if you can. I cannot stress the importance of the mentor enough.

The next step can be a bit tough, so I'll check around in the comments- if you've found your passion, I'll help you find a way to turn it into a job. Or ask your mentor. At this point, I'll bet you've seen a few things in the field that you'd like to change- make your game plan for achieving this change. OR-

Find an unfulfilled niche by combining 2 things you like into a "new" profession.

Robert Greene talks about this extensively in his book (mentioned above), and if I tried to reiterate it I wouldn't be doing it justice- but to summarize briefly, he thinks (and I agree) that one of the most beneficial things a man could do for mankind is to master two different disciplines, and combine the accumulated knowledge into a new field-- and hey, just like that you're now at the top of the totem pole in a new field. Soon, people will be asking YOU for advice, people will be looking to schedule YOU as a speaker, and the money will be goddamn flowing.

I hope this is concise, I'm running on very little sleep and a lot of caffeine. If anyone has anything else to add to the discussion, please do. One of my favourite quotes is “If I have an apple and you have an apple, and we trade apples, then we both still have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we trade ideas, then we both have two ideas.”


Edit: Y'all are awfully fucking fixated on four out of the 1,200 words I wrote. I did preface "get in a fist fight" with "if you've got the balls for it", so since apparently TRP is filled with a bunch of pussies, you idiots can skip past that part.