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- Hide Preview | 101 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by Rkingpin [Post Locked]

I was at a family gathering recently. The couple have a cutie daughter, I'd say she's 4 or 5 years old. She is very sociable for her age.

She remembers names well and goes around greeting people. She also loves to be the centre of attention.

You can imagine her disdain when another couple arrived with a baby son. Attention moved from her towards the son who was sitting quietly.

Of course, this didn't sit well with the daughter who proceeded to up her antics to receive more attention. Shed talk louder, go around trying to talk to people who were occupied, and even try interact with the baby son.

What's the difference between the daughter and modern women? In the 21st century it doesn't take much for a girl to become an "Instagram model". And this comes with massive attention.

All most girls need to do (including your girlfriend) is post a selfie with some cleavage to receive a host of likes and dms from online orbiters.

This creates problems in relationships and seducing women, attention and validation have become free in a sense.

However, the example of the baby daughter shows that girls (who really are big kids inside) respond to attention withdrawal from people they perceive as higher value than themselves.

Women respond to attention being given, and attention being withdrawn. Think of it as the gas pedal and the brake pedal in an interaction/relationship.

So the next time you feel tempted to "argue" with your girl. Remember the analogy of the pedals.

Have a good day fellas.

[-] jonesjsjones 180 Points 4 months ago

i tried to logic with my LTR, didnt work, there is something interesting that happens when you start to talk in a "serius" manner with a girl. They tend to pay attention to the WAY you talk, not what yours words are expresing, they start to looking for EMOTIONS in your words, and then they will replay to that emotion. Think it this way, as men we see words and arguments and then we see emotions, as a girl, they "feel" emotions and then they will "listen" (not much of this) your words. So yeah is terrible to try to argue a woman.


sorry if my english sucks, is not my first language.

[-] AceofRains 67 Points 4 months ago

I was having an argument with my mother and tested this. My usual thing after years of RP conditioning is to make light fun of her bitching even when she tries to get serious. She scolds me but gives up the nagging because she sees it doesn’t work. This time I caved, and was about to call her out on a lot of logical inconsistencies. Seeing that I was actually getting pissed, she started escalating too. Before it got out of control I went back to making fun of her (she said doing the dishes and can be relaxing and tried to keep a straight face, and I said, Ma on a scale of 1 to 10 how full of shit are you right now.). and we got into laughing and the argument was over. Control the flow of emotions, don’t try to win by trumping logic, it does not work.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] redhawkes 54 Points 4 months ago

as men we see words and arguments and then we see emotions, as a girl, they "feel" emotions and then they will "listen" (not much of this) your words

I think that this was explained in David Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence book.

In women, the sensory stimuli goes to amygdala first (emotions), then the frontal cortex (rational), thats how they hamster their decisions. They need to be aware of the environment and act accordingly cos of evolutionary reasons.

In men the process is the other way around.

That’s why “change her mood not her mind” works as a charm.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 4 months ago


[-] majaka1234 13 Points 4 months ago

Next you'll tell me they're not from venus either?

[-] SirKolbath 10 Points 4 months ago

What year did you graduate with your neurology degree, what are your published materials, and who completed your peer review process on your thesis?

[-] killabeesindafront 11 Points 4 months ago

I am not gonna dox myself but it's horshit in the sense that it is an oversimplistic paradigm where the differences between sexes are probably less than the differences between the populations

[-] PoppinChlorine 4 Points 4 months ago

Why is this getting downvoted?

[-] killabeesindafront 10 Points 4 months ago

Most people on here have an IQ of 100-115. Smart enough to make it on this forum but dumb enough to have critical thinking skills to think for themselves.

The dude things peer reviewed literature the majority which is written and reviewed by beta cuck nerds is equivalent to truth.

[-] DeCiB3l 4 Points 4 months ago

I like how we at this point even have members of academia on this forum who admit the faults of academic studies on a TRP forum.

[-] killabeesindafront 9 Points 4 months ago

"Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to love; close enough on the surface but, to the nonsucker, not exactly the same thing"

  • Nassim Taleb
[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points 3 months ago

Most people on here have an IQ of 100-115.

The scientist who chastises us for our oversimplifications pulls an average IQ for a board of 300,000 people out of his ass.

[-] redhawkes 1 Point 4 months ago

It means shit if you don’t back up your argument with facts.

[-] killabeesindafront 2 Points 4 months ago

I'm not making an argument I'm refuting a shitty one.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] redhawkes 2 Points 4 months ago

Read this study and connect the dots.

[-] thisisnotme__-- 6 Points 4 months ago

Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


I feel my skeptic sense tingling.


[-] funk_flexington 2 Points 4 months ago

For real. Even if we take into consideration this random journal from Saudi Arabia with likely piss poor impact factor, there is information in this study that contradicts his assertion.

"The ratio between the orbitofrontal cortex, a region involved in regulating emotions, and the size of the amygdala, involved in producing emotional reactions, was significantly larger in women than men. One can speculate from these findings that women might on average prove more capable of controlling their emotional reactions."

[-] thisisnotme__-- 1 Point 4 months ago

Honestly, my first thought was that a Saudi might have some priors that would skew his research significantly or may just have an axe to grind against any kind of liberalization for women in society.

I see some value in RP ideas, but this community has a real problem with backing up its claims with empirical evidence. Most of the time it's not even attempted; here, it's just done poorly. In that respect, it does resemble—as some have noted elsewhere—a sort of feminism for men.

[-] funk_flexington 2 Points 4 months ago

I don't mind the direction RP provides. Having confidence and having a focus for your life is something men need right now because of the increasing loneliness epidemic. But RP rationalizes this with generalizations that are pretty toxic for one's outlook on life. It's ok to celebrate being assertive and confident when dealing with women but then when it comes down to your "biological need to guide women because they have inferior emotional processing tools" [citation needed] because, hey, look at these key words i found in a random academic journal, then it just becomes stupid.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] redhawkes 1 Point 4 months ago

It tingles because you’re used to read mainstream filtered researching.

Point which one of the findings you don’t agree with, then state your argument. You’re still plugged in if you fall for the horseshit propaganda US good everyone else bad.

[-] Jasperbeardly11 1 Point 4 months ago

Hey I have heard some conflicting reviews about the book I was wondering if you could give me a brief rundown as to you if you thought it was worth reading. I like the anecdote you shared from it which made me think maybe it was a little bit more worth reading then I had previously realized.

[-] -saltymangos- 52 Points 4 months ago

Your last bit reminds me something my dad said to my mom yesterday. “You are listening to what you want to hear, not the reality of it.” That kinda stuck with me.

[-] thecatwithfourheads 9 Points 4 months ago

i tried to logic with my LTR, didnt work, there is something interesting that happens when you start to talk in a "serius" manner with a girl. They tend to pay attention to the WAY you talk, not what yours words are expresing, they start to looking for EMOTIONS in your words, and then they will replay to that emotion.

This is much more simply if you look at her reactions form a manipulator's point of view, who most women are due to the way society teaches them to communicate.

You need to make person do what you want by putting him in a position where the alternative to the desirable result looks immoral, for example "Help me with my bag please, it's too heavy, my arm hurts". The second part here, after coma, turns this into manipulation because refusing to help someone who is in pain is a bad move. Notice, how more freedom you have to refuse if it just "Help me with my bag please". This is basically the definition of a manipulation.

Here is how the average argument or conversation looks like if you have manipulator's mindset:

  1. You want to win an argument or/and maintain control over someone.
  2. The man moves conversation to the field where he has more power (logical and rational conversation) or makes an attempt to gain this power (talking down to someone). Potential threat is him breaking out of your control.
  3. The easiest way to regain control and put the man where he was or you want him to belong is to make him feel guilty. So...
  4. You try to switch focus to something different, so that the man would loose equilibrium and will be easier to push him over to what you want. Thus, we receive a replies like "Why are you talking to me like that?" and so on. What's important here is to make your reply extreme, so that the natural protection mechanism aka aggression kicks in and...
  5. You can legitimately make the man feel guilty by pointing out that his aggression is unreasonable and inadequate -> he is guilty.

To conclude, woman choose to play the victim card as often as possible and the easiest way to do so is to make you guilty one way or another.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] ConservativelyRight 49 Points 4 months ago

Solid post. This is an equal reminder, by the way, for those in relationships where things are good. Do not provide excessive attention to the woman. Initially, she will love it, and praise you for it. But over time, it will become an expectation, and as a consequence you will be shamed and berated for not applying that excessive attention at a minimum.

Stay careful out there, everyone.

[-] _lifesgood_ 6 Points 4 months ago

guys with no experience have no idea how true this. Tbh I feel the only way to truly understand this idea is to actually see it happen to you firsthand, shit wakes you up.

[-] ConservativelyRight 5 Points 4 months ago

YES. I'm not talking out of my ass. I've suffered for years over this exact principle.

[-] Embracing_Chaos 4 Points 4 months ago

I don't know about this. I'll spend my time how I prefer, regardless. If my woman is fun to be around, adding value, I'll shower her with attention. If something else is more appealing and she starts shaming/ berating because she doesn't have my undivided attention, well, she just lost more of it.

[-] ConservativelyRight 16 Points 4 months ago

Fair enough. But you realize you've planted a seed for a future problem at that point. I'll give you that it's good you have a solution for the problem when it comes up, but I'd rather take preventative action to begin with. Generally women will follow the man's lead. If you communicate that you're always going to shower her with attention -- the moment you don't, or can't -- it becomes a problem. She will respond badly to being deprived of her dopamine fix (through your attention), either directly or indirectly. And if you're the only person around, she's likely to take it out on you.

Mind you, I don't mean don't show physical affection when you're with her. Obviously, if you didn't, that's...not even a relationship, imo. I'm more talking in terms of time management, especially for those of us with demanding careers.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 4 months ago


[-] ConservativelyRight 3 Points 4 months ago

Well, everyone does whatever the fuck they want. That's just part of living in a free society. It's not particularly special to do whatever the fuck you want. Basically the only way you could be restricted is either via the law, your job, or via your relationship(s). So, I agree with you to a certain extent. But I wouldn't then make the logical leap that certain things you do, while doing whatever the fuck you want, won't have (potentially severe) consequences. That's really what I'm talking about, here. Avoiding the consequences.

The reason I'm on the fence about your strategy is that it doesn't take into account your own biology. If you think you can continuously provide affection to the woman over a prolonged period and not develop any sort of attachment due to your own dopamine (and don't forget serotonin and oxytocin) pathways, you're as silly as a heroin addict saying "Ok, just this one last time..." Now, maybe you've somehow been able to avoid this for yourself, but most men are not particularly trained to avoid the trap of accidental intimacy with a woman who was initially just supposed to be there for sexual purposes.

I would also say my comment applies more to LTRs and the like. If you intend to be with the woman a long time, and would prefer not to discard her immediately, avoiding behaviors that produce a high-maintenance woman will be in the best interest of the man, long term.

Of course, the solution to all red pill problems is MGTOW. So let's not pretend like we don't know exactly how to avoid every conceivable problem with women. We are all addicted, to a certain extent. It's just a matter of how often each of us taps the vein.

[-] ianellwood21 38 Points 4 months ago

So OP, you’re implying that instead of arguing with a plate/LTR, just hit the brakes for much better results?

[-] Rkingpin 104 Points 4 months ago

I'm saying never try to logically reason with them, become more distant instead.

This is conditioning them to behave better as they won't want to risk losing you

[-] ianellwood21 73 Points 4 months ago

I once heard someone say: “Never argue with women. If you argue you with women, it only means you don’t understand women” and I think understanding how they communicate and how they will respond is EXACTLY what this means.

[-] redhawkes 83 Points 4 months ago

"Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

It's a losing battle. Women don't see the logic behind your argument, they only react to how that makes them feel.

[-] RedPlanetMan 13 Points 4 months ago

“Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

That’s good, and easy to remember. Nice!

[-] LukesLikeIt 3 Points 4 months ago

Yea you could “win” an argument using logic and that will make her feel bad. And then that’s all it’s about now... you made her feel bad. Treating it like a father daughter relationship seems to work best

[-] SupremeBBC 1 Point 4 months ago

It's no wonder 80% of these bitches like calling alpha men daddy in bed.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Noblefiz 1 Point 3 months ago

This cracked me up. Good analogy.

[-] IRunYourRiver 12 Points 4 months ago

The one I like is "Women always win arguments because only fools argue with them".

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 months ago

That'd golden advice, sir. Thank you for taking the time to remind everyone of it.

I've seen this dynamic being put in motion with my bear eyes and I just couldn't believe how much truth there is to it.

[-] womans_algorithm -2 Point 4 months ago

There are still times or topics u have to talk about with your girl. In these days I and my ltr are talking about where to go for New year. She makes her wishes known, i make mine, then we talk which one is better. I cringe if i think about getting emotionally distant when she doesnt agree with my wish. How would the conversation go?

Me: i think we should go to africa.

Her: what about somewhere more cold, like Scandinavia?

Me: become distant, do something else, dont discuss it anymore

Like, what?

[-] xtbfx 4 Points 4 months ago

Her attraction is slow fading for you and you don't even know it yet.

[-] womans_algorithm -1 Point 4 months ago

You can suck my blue pill cock with this askTRP type of comments.

[-] Rkingpin 3 Points 4 months ago

Note that what I said only applies to when your girl wants to start unnecessary drama

[-] womans_algorithm -1 Point 4 months ago

My example is perfectly fine to argue what "logical reasoning" can mean, since I'm replying to your comment, where you said

I'm saying never try to logically reason with them, become more distant instead.

If you meant to say drama, say drama.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] MasterShake777 36 Points 4 months ago

When I look at a woman I make sure that I also see the little girl behind that women. Theyre all little girls deep down.

[-] omega_dawg93 34 Points 4 months ago

the best way to get a woman to submit is also the best way to argue with her.


let her stew in her own emotional mess.


[-] Eldudearino89 11 Points 4 months ago

Love it. She made that bed fucking lay in it bitch

[-] RPSilverfox 34 Points 4 months ago

Its true. There have been several times I’ve withdrawn attention from my LTR when she did something wrong. Rather than being Billy Bluepill who will sit down and try to explain what she did and how it bothered you simply refrain from texting for a day or two and watch her hamster. When I do this I start getting texts like “is everything okay” and offers to take me out to lunch or some other reason to spend time with me. Trying to reason will often cause her to withdraw probably because you’ve transferred the power back to her.

[-] _lifesgood_ 6 Points 4 months ago

careful with this though, you dont want to purposely manipulate her just to get at her, that's not a good for someone you want to be in a relationship with. Dont ignore them and then say you're fine when in reality you secretly resent them.

That resentment is going to build up and ultimately ruin your relationship with them. I'm all for fairness in a relationship but I'm a firm believer that if you really want to move on and build a stronger relationship voice your concerns at some points instead of playing stupid games.

[-] Starfuckingman 1 Point 4 months ago

I agree. But what is the best way to do it without coming off as billy beta, or you know, dramatic or whatever.

[-] _lifesgood_ 2 Points 4 months ago

Legit just tell her straight up like hey can we talk or whatever then just literally tell her "I dont like the way you do x" or whatever. But the key is the tone of your voice, make it so that what she is doing is not acceptable, a strong firm voice that shows that you respect yourself and you dont want to be disrespected.

You can explain why its bad but a more serious tone will convey "if you fuck up again then this relationship is over" sort of deal. It's all about maintaining respect for yourself and she has to see that.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 3 months ago

No, that guy is wrong. Withdrawing attention is the best way to do it. Don't sit her down and explain shit.

[-] Starfuckingman 1 Point 3 months ago

I've found the best solution is to be a brute. Honest about it but also uncaring. I basically just a show a little burst of dramatic serious anger that can lead to few butt slaps or an implied physical confrontation that shows I might slap her on her face. Then I proceed with whtatever I am busy with, completely forget about it and her. Her obedience skyrocketted. Learn from the old black and white movies. Shows men at their best and teaches you enough about confidence in what you want and how to do it too.

[-] bakamoney 4 Points 4 months ago

So do you explaine when they ask? "What happened?"

[-] RPSilverfox 17 Points 4 months ago

Just say your fine and move on. If it’s something serious then that may warrant a talk but for smaller issues it’s just not worth the time.

[-] markinsinz7 15 Points 4 months ago

Keep in mind here guys the 'move on' part has to be genuine. If deep down you're still bothered by it and you are pretending to move on and show you ain't butthurt that shit won't work not because she'll see through it or not but cause guys themselves will feel shit inside. And that will breed insecurity ->you won't enjoy your ltr anymore

[-] KewlThanks 19 Points 4 months ago

Don't wife these hoes. Don't do it.

Got great advice in here not to, and I'm grateful.

[-] markinsinz7 21 Points 4 months ago

But they are all whores man. All of them. I've seen too much. All kinds of girls losing their shit when they go to bars or when they travel or when they do pretty much anything.

Most girls never go through times of loneliness. They'll never learnt to value relationships just cause theyve always been in one. Just think how little you care about water. Same shit...

[-] KewlThanks 6 Points 4 months ago

Yeah these hoes ain't loyal, so fuck it I'm pre-emptively cheatin'

[-] markinsinz7 8 Points 4 months ago

Honestly I find it hard to get exclusive with a girl that's been fuckin some other dude while we were fuckin or when we just met.

Like think about it.

Almost every girl I know has always had some fuck buddy or ltr. Max a girl goes without sex is 3 months basing it on the average good looking girl.

[-] KewlThanks 18 Points 4 months ago

These bitches think I'm schoopid, I ain't schoopid, dummy boy fell in love with it, he stoopid! --6ix 9ine.

But honestly his take on women is about right, lol.

[-] Jabbermouth 6 Points 4 months ago

6ix9ine might be a fucking idiot, but dude is red pilled af.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
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[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] max_peenor 1 Point 4 months ago

healthy relationships

You are going to have to define that for me.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] mrthrowaway413 13 Points 4 months ago

With my ex I never really tried to resolve arguments. I just would ghost for a little bit.

This made her really fall in love with me and by the end of the relationship I felt like a manipulative asshole and left. I still feel bad for the things I did.

Its a hard and tricky situation

[-] Starfuckingman 1 Point 4 months ago

Goddamnit. Then what the fuck are we supposed to do it. Right its fucked, left its fucked. I am afraid in the end you'll have to compromise, you'll have to do a balance between billy beta and alpha, just little bit more lenient on the alpha side.

[-] NormalAndy 6 Points 4 months ago

‘Most responsible teenager’ is perhaps one of the most useful insights I ever read here.

[-] zeeshans14 5 Points 4 months ago

This is the first time in a while seeing a redpill post being on my front page. Is reddit easing the pressure and going to get rid of the quarantine?

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] 1v1crown 5 Points 4 months ago

If shes only a 4 or 5 why'd you call her a cutie? 4s and 5s are uggos bro

[-] tchower 5 Points 4 months ago

Went out with my bro last night and I’m amazed at how any girl that’s at least a 7 has at least 1 or sometimes 3 different guys talking to them, every single time. I see a girl by herself, and then as I’m walking out of the bar to check out the next place, she already has a dude/dudes talking to her in a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds. Can’t imagine Instagram where there is so much anonymity and there are little consequences for a rejection that would otherwise happen around friends or family. lol

[-] _lifesgood_ 2 Points 4 months ago

there definitely needs to be a balance for sure. I remember with my ex I had severe oneitis and gave her attention a shit ton then when I slowed it down and started living my life a little more she'd be jealous of me being more social and would actually put more effort in the relationship.


[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
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[-] UpperRedSide 1 Point 4 months ago

Yay another tasty TRP post to save and read after a long day at work. Thanks.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] CrazyHorseInvincible 1 Point 4 months ago

Behave yourself.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] [deleted] -4 Point 4 months ago


[-] mountainbiker178 15 Points 4 months ago

More often than not, if you "win" an argument with a woman, she won't acknowledge that you've vested her, instead she'll just start insulting you. No amount of logic or tactics will ever overcome feelings.