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- Hide Preview | 101 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by Rkingpin [Post Locked]

I was at a family gathering recently. The couple have a cutie daughter, I'd say she's 4 or 5 years old. She is very sociable for her age.

She remembers names well and goes around greeting people. She also loves to be the centre of attention.

You can imagine her disdain when another couple arrived with a baby son. Attention moved from her towards the son who was sitting quietly.

Of course, this didn't sit well with the daughter who proceeded to up her antics to receive more attention. Shed talk louder, go around trying to talk to people who were occupied, and even try interact with the baby son.

What's the difference between the daughter and modern women? In the 21st century it doesn't take much for a girl to become an "Instagram model". And this comes with massive attention.

All most girls need to do (including your girlfriend) is post a selfie with some cleavage to receive a host of likes and dms from online orbiters.

This creates problems in relationships and seducing women, attention and validation have become free in a sense.

However, the example of the baby daughter shows that girls (who really are big kids inside) respond to attention withdrawal from people they perceive as higher value than themselves.

Women respond to attention being given, and attention being withdrawn. Think of it as the gas pedal and the brake pedal in an interaction/relationship.

So the next time you feel tempted to "argue" with your girl. Remember the analogy of the pedals.

Have a good day fellas.