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- Hide Preview | 92 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by KinkysMT [Post Locked]

Preface: this post is going to be unpopular because it contains extreme opinions that are going to challenge your inner views. I love women and sluts, and I think women should have as much casual sex as they want. I like casual sex myself. So grab your popcorns and beer, stay with me.

Since I become single again some months ago, I didn't know how much the dating scene has changed since I was active in the sexual market 5-6 years ago. Online dating is rising at an unprecedent spread. So I decided to jump on the Tinder/Bumble/OkCupid carousel and see for myself how it was.

I had no idea that getting laid in 2018 was so easy: now you don't have to actually go out and meet new people. You don't have to go through rejections in real life. Today you can just swipe from the comfort of your sofa, while eating a home delivery cold pizza with some trash tv show in the background.

I hear and read from many men and women in their 30s complaining that only a small fraction of people is looking for commitment and exclusivity. It's not you that can't find a partner, the dating system is changed radically in the last 10 years.

Society and companies like Tinder are pushing hard on women for casual sex and hookup culture.

To understand you have to look at it in terms of economics. Sex sells and it's the law of demand and supply. Women are the seller (pussy is scarce, they have the power to choose to whom spread their legs) and men are the buyer (dick is abundant, men would fuck anything that moves, within their standards). With an estimate of 50 millions user, and 1,6 billion swipes per day, the majority of male users are thirsty beta males with no options. It is also reported that 54% of Tinder user are single, but that's another topic.

Following the Pareto Principle, also called the 80/20 rule of intersexual dynamics, the ones who are benefitting the most from apps like Tinder is the top 20% of males, giving them the final ability to success in the male sexual strategy: unlimited access to unlimited pussy.

From the women perspective, online dating is also helping them due to unrestricted hypergamy and access to a huge wide pool of men at their disposal that allows them to be more pickyer. The one downside is that they don't realize that only the top 20% of women will actually get those top 20% of men, also due to the marriage loss. That's why you have so many women in their 30s, single, no kids, unhappy, with unrealistic expectations. "where all the good men have gone?".

If you thought that Tinder was a charity you're far damn wrong. With 4,1 million paying subscribers and $800 million estimated revenue in 2018, Tinder is a full-on growing business.

100% of paying users are male.

Men wants sex and they are willing to pay a montly subscription to have access to it. At the same time, women should stay single on the cock carousel having casual sex in order to supply the demand. This is why society and Tinder are pushing women to have casual sex. It's a business. Just look at womens targeted media, Tinder's blog SwipeLife, TV advertisment, etc.

They are all promoting the same underlying communication: "you go girl, it's cool to be a slut".

Women should stay on the platform and give sex to those men. If women stop spreading their legs, men are not getting pussy and they will cancel their paying subscription. Tinder have a business to run and it's a legal pimp at the expenses of society.

Who would have predicted 15 years ago that today we would have smartphone where you can swipe and touch?

Apps like Tinder are completely rewiring our society and there is nothing you can do about it.

Just so you know, if you're a woman, next time you're having sex with the x-new tinder casual date, you're just doing your duty to your Tinder pimp. For the men, you get what you paid for.

Keep on swiping!




Edited for grammar errors.


[-] Skrittext 71 Points 5 months ago

Unpopular opinion: I’d rather have a solid set of plates than running through tinder girls.

I find it overwhelming to deal with new girls all the time and It’s too much effort to put into each one for pump and dumps

[-] btrpb 27 Points 5 months ago

So would I. But tinder is a source of women, just like going to a bar or getting set up on a date by your mates girlfriend. I'm not going to stop using it.

[-] KinkysMT 11 Points 5 months ago

Me too and I agree with you, but it's good to have a constant steam of new leads from tinder/cold approach/social circle game, etc.

That's not the point I wanted to make with the article.

[-] Skrittext 5 Points 5 months ago

They’re never worth plating in my experience. You have a horde of tinder dudes attention to compete with and it’s way more effort to keep them engaged than it’s worth

[-] rygy3 1 Point 5 months ago

If you want new plates, or have none, isn’t Tinder a viable place to find new plates?

[-] KinkysMT 2 Points 5 months ago

If you want new plates, or have none, isn’t Tinder a viable place to find new plates?

It's a complementary tool to use along with cold approach and other types of game.

The more leads the better. But unless you're very good looking, you're gonna have to spend some time optimizing you pictures and texte game. Like they said, the competition is very high. It's worth the hustle in my opinion.

I have one plate that I met on tinder this summer, we still see each other every one/two weeks just to watch a movie and fuck. But I pity that beta boy that pays for her trips/dinners all the time, I see him on her instagram stories every weekend.

[-] [deleted] 5 months ago
[-] Thisismybot8 1 Point 5 months ago

Anyone that's actually gotten laid off of tinder knows this. Especially the guys that are making something of themselves.

[-] SUCK_MY_DICTIONARY 14 Points 5 months ago

Yeah, I didn’t even really go full TRP until after I already racked up like 10 on the collective dating apps. For most, I had it down to clockwork. Date at bar, good. Date at place by me, offer to hang after and watch movie. Turn on movie, make out, bang, send home. Then you spin them for about a month, and either stop because they’re insane, keep pressuring you for a relationship, or are gross. I’ve outlined it for friends and they say it’s never that easy. I have a hard time finding a girl that doesn’t follow it identically. And the one friend I have that does dating apps has relayed almost the exact same framework, except he always kisses on the first date, and I always go second.

In hindsight, out of 10, 1 was worth it but she actually was only there to take her mind off some alpha guy that she was obsessed with.

I have a hard time believing anybody lays real smokes on dating apps, but of almost every guy I know except the one, I am the only one who always had one or two in the lineup and they were always shit. It got so bad, I would spin them so I had a better mentality when I went to bars for pickup. Like I know she wants a relationship, and I am knowingly wasting her time for the minor adjustment I get in my approach for the cold calls that might be less unattractive. It’s fucked lol.

I don’t feel bad, I feel like those girls are hilariously bad at figuring out whether a person has any sense of value. Sadly they will net some idiot beta who doesn’t know any better and they might have a high value but it will be unrealized in exchange for these girls. In general I would say dating apps are useless, and paying for them is stupid. Unless you have a thing for overly attached, less attractive and less interesting girls.

[-] venatorZ 1 Point 5 months ago

Nothing stops you from having tinder women as plates, some girls are exclusivle looking for ONS but there's several that want to engage in LTR. Im not that experience within the tinder field, but the bad thing i believe is that, like OC implied, women are automatically put in a "picker" position. Thats why person to person is better but tinder is still a viable option.

[-] Shadowthrice 53 Points 5 months ago

Getting laid off Tinder is easy.

Congratulations on being good-looking, I guess?

[-] AdamP00l 26 Points 5 months ago

Exactly. You have to be on the top 20 to even consider a chance.

[-] itiswr1tten 28 Points 5 months ago

Counter point: the top 20% is not a high bar

[-] AdamP00l 23 Points 5 months ago

Counter counter point : tinder women's criteria being based almost solely on physics, you have 1 chance over 5 on the genetic lottery to even consider a chance of hooking up with decent ladies.

[-] itiswr1tten 22 Points 5 months ago

I think you mean physical attributes. Unless you are deformed, if you gave me a day to pick you 3 good outfits, fix your supercuts tier hair, and shoot high quality DSLR photos I could get you matches. Top 20% is just doing the basics well plus the gym

[-] AdamP00l 13 Points 5 months ago

Good luck convincing anyone you're in the top 20, being short and balding.

[-] poopidydoopscoop 17 Points 5 months ago

Shave your head and lift. Get big and slightly intimidating or shredded and funny. As long as you're not morbidly obese you'll be pulling short hotties within a year tops.

Any other questions chief?

[-] Kushbushh 6 Points 5 months ago

If you are on the big 3 plus all the other tricks for retaining and regrowing hair and you are STILL balding, well damn you've got some shitty genetics but you can still shave you're head and grow a beard as it's a known attractive look.

[-] IAMTHESmoothOperator 3 Points 5 months ago

I am already ripped, have good photos and I get nothing at all. I'm not trying to pollute the forum or ruin your view but some guys i.e. me no matter what I do I will probably never be attractive to women.

On Tinder I have pretty decent photos and am quite muscular yet it doesn't get me anything at all.

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point 5 months ago

Send me pics if you're that ripped. Inb4 165.5 pounds of pure strength.

[-] IAMTHESmoothOperator 1 Point 5 months ago

Sure but I'm not huge. Ripped doesn't mean huge and I am pretty short.

[-] Thisismybot8 2 Points 5 months ago

Get in soles. Some add up to 2 inches of height. Also lie about your height and have good texting game. If you're texting game is top tier you can meet up at her place and fuck immediately.

[-] kooreh 2 Points 5 months ago

It isn't out of question, Jason Statham proves that it's even possible to hit the very top when you're balding and of average height. You just gotta work harder than others, but such is life.

Also, short guys can look like they lift much easier so they should use it to their advantage, and a solid body could get you very far on tinder even if you had a very unattractive face.

[-] Thefireman83 8 Points 5 months ago

He's rich from being a movie star. If he was a plumber, he'd be average at best.

[-] [deleted] 5 months ago
[-] IAMTHESmoothOperator 4 Points 5 months ago

I already lift, I'm actually quitr muscular & have decent professional photos I hardly get matches? Coincidence? No, you can't beat being facially unattractive to women.

[-] Viralimpulse 2 Points 5 months ago

I doubt this very much and i'm already someone with good hair, good clothes, good body.

[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point 5 months ago

Sure but how ever you are slicing it, 80% do not manage it, whatever the reason. So if you take a guy randomly, he has well 20% chance to be in the top 20% right now.

Let's never forget that to be willing to improve and to do it efficiantly already put you in a small minority of people.

For the bottom 20% (rating say 1-3) to get their place in the top 20%, I guess it is not that easy.

[-] Greek-God-Brody 4 Points 5 months ago

RedPill: Holding frame, having unshakable confidence, perfect posture and a muscular body will not propulse you into the top 20% if you aren't in the top 20% already (face-wise).

[-] Vikingcel 6 Points 5 months ago

Good point.

Let's say your face is top 40% (still above average) and your physique is top 5%. Add and divide, oops, averaged out, you're top 22.5%. So if your face is above average you'd need a literally perfect body to be just top 20%.

[-] Jfc_Manners 3 Points 4 months ago

IMO, top 20% is also not really high enough to get serious results in online dating due to how efficient they are. I've been in markets where I was the 80th percentile and in markets where I was the 95th percentile. The 95th percentile was incomparably better on Tinder. IRL, the difference was much less extreme.

[-] yomo86 3 Points 4 months ago

The paretto principle on Tinder is skewed. It is a buyers market. And women only see 20 percent of the sellers already. In those 20 percent looks only category you have to the upper 20 percent; rendering a male 8 into a female-visible male 6. Use the real world instead. It builds men not swipers.

[-] Gooraba 3 Points 5 months ago

What "top 20%" are we talking about? I feel like TRP often gets confused on whether it's talking about the top 20% of ALL males in America or top 20% of males aged 20-30 in urban areas

[-] itiswr1tten 5 Points 5 months ago

Top 20% of whomever your competition is. Past college not being a fatass who dresses like he's in college plus intermediate social skills gets you pretty close.

I personally think the toughest time is 22-26 for most of they were "behind" developmentally. No college abundance, not yet established in career, and women your age date from 22-40yo men so competition is high.

[-] Monarchy_2020 1 Point 5 months ago

Well I guess I'm top 20%, despite being overweight.

[-] majani 5 Points 5 months ago

More likely he has no filter for women he's willing to fuck. Fucking many random chics is easy once you have a gathering of single women. It's the quality control that lowers hit rate.

[-] sh0t 4 Points 5 months ago

Happy to see TRP getting blacker pilled by the day


WE tried to tell you

[-] Thisismybot8 3 Points 5 months ago

You just have to be a 7 overall within a 40 mile radius of several college campuses.

[-] [deleted] 5 months ago
[-] nomsgplz 38 Points 5 months ago


Tinder is not for the top 20% males. It is for the top 5% good looking males.

[-] xxxtraicion 24 Points 5 months ago

100% this. Top 20% on tinder isn’t enough in 2018 and beyond

[-] jbpostv 5 Points 5 months ago

It’s probably 20% in less populated areas aka the vast majority of the country but way lower in cities. I’m a 6’1” conventionally attractive stubble bearded 23 year old in New York and get steady matches but can’t get a HB5+ tinder lay. I fall into the “hot enough to be worthy of paying her attention” bracket but not “so hot I better act now.” Why? 20% of men in these apps is tens of thousands of guys in New York. With some girls on tinder/bumble ONLY for attention, it’s about 3% of guys doing well on these apps here. For the record I did much better on T/B at a suburban college and back in 2016.

[-] Frich3 6 Points 5 months ago

thats crazy i literally said this to the guy above before reading your comment when I scrolled down. I was an athlete at a big university back in 2012. the tinder game has DRASTICALLY changed. I was getting ass back then but now it seems like they are either bots, women with unreal expectations of looks for men, or attention seekers. And I actually look 2 points better now than college. I think when I did the online photos rating it had me at an 8/10.

youre better off meeting in real life

[-] EL_Miore 3 Points 5 months ago

I'm in Miami and I feel you 100%. I tried Tinder sometime in late 2017 for a week. Got 15 matches and met up with 0. I deleted and never looked back. Waste of time for me, but maybe a male model from the Vermont backcountry will have more success.

[-] Thisismybot8 4 Points 5 months ago

This is a myth. I'm probably a 7 but I'd get over 100 matches the first couple of weeks of making an account. I don't even lift. I just lied about my height (6'0 instead of 5'10), lived close to several college campuses and had solid texting game.

[-] nomsgplz 3 Points 5 months ago

You might be a solid 7 in general but might be a top 5% tinder profile in your area. By profile i mean, good and interesting pictures with you looking good in it.

Unless you have experimented with many fake profiles, you cant call it a myth

[-] Thisismybot8 1 Point 5 months ago

That's a fair point, I don't know what the competition in my area looks like. I do know though that I'm in the northeast with a lot of college campuses and older guys that make bank. Just for reference, I almost always had one or two pics with a brief bio and swiped like hell. I was still pulling mostly 7s and under with the occasional 8.

I'm not bragging either, I'm just letting guys out there know what's possible if you live next to college campuses (40 miles) and play the numbers game.

[-] nomsgplz 3 Points 5 months ago

Im a solid 4 in real life (5'5"). But an 8 in tinder profile. Held a guitar with good haircut in a mellow kind of lightning. Because i am proportionally small, every girl assumed just seeing my pictures that i am 6'1 above.

Used to get match with almost every active account. The girls themselves used to start conversation and made efforts to keep the conversation going and interesting and few themselves arranged meetups.

At that time tinder and smartphones weren't popular in my country. All that happened because there wasn't much competition.

Now that there is like abundance overloaded for girls, i get few matches and it takes lots of effort and game to meet a girl that its literally useless. I better ask a girl out directly who smile back to me. At least it don't hurt my self esteem, and artificially raise the value of a girl.

I experimented many fake profiles on tinder and even the profiles of not so known models and actors dont do well. I thought that maybe most of the girls account were non active, until i made a profile of a hypermasculine looking and overly large stature man. I got the same kind of matches and treatment like i used to get in the back of day.

The lesson i learnt from all of this is that for a woman a man is attractive as long as there is no another more attractive man is available for her.

[-] Thisismybot8 2 Points 5 months ago

I agree that it probably takes more game nowadays. That's why I think having an LTR or a couple secure plates goes a long way. As far as height goes, have you tried using insoles? I'm average in the US at 5'9.5. But I used 1 inch in soles and said I was 6'0 on my profile and no one ever questioned it. Sometimes guys get lucky and get a hook up the first day of texting, which has happened with me but in reality it's closer to at least 1-2 weeks of solid game. I think if you got 2 inch insoles and height increasing shoes you could say you're 5'10 when asked. I've gamed several girls where we just hook up immediately and by then my height is irrelevant.

[-] nomsgplz 3 Points 5 months ago

I wear two inches elevator shoes. Its not much hard to get laid once the girl have agreed to meet. Height is a problem but i choose to not see it as a problem and pass the shit tests. Once I fucked a 6ft girl on the same day of getting matched. But in the end got to know she's suicidal with lots of issues. My overall experience of tinder is far worse than what I gained from it.

But I know men who benifits from it a lot. The thing is that the few men benifits from it hell a lot. And for many men tinder do nothing. There is no in between

[-] Thisismybot8 2 Points 5 months ago

That's an interesting observation about no in between. I'd consider myself to be someone that benefited from it but I have to say, it's really a waste of time. It takes so many hours of your time to get with one girl. I'm sure the guys that are 9s and 10s don't have to put nearly as much effort.

[-] nomsgplz 2 Points 5 months ago

In the case of top 2% of tinder. The girls act desperate beta around that man. Demand him to meet and fuck them. There are no get to know meetups or first build trust on messages thing. They just meet the man and fuck him.

[-] Frich3 0 Points 5 months ago

depends on which girls you are referring to. of course the top 5% are on easy mode but for the bottom 80% of women. Anything after that its basically the same as any other normal guy having to chat up a woman to meet up and get her interested, you arent wrong but im just saying the women you are referring to are usually the 6's and 7's. anything above that youre gonna have to put some type of work in unless you are a 9/10 in looks

[-] KyfhoMyoba 1 Point 4 months ago

Your "swiping like hell" is what is hurting you. Tinder uses what is called an Elo score. Only swipe on the hotter ones you actually would be seen in public with, and that's all you'll be shown. Swipe on the 2s and 3s, and you'll never be shown the hotties.

[-] KeffirLime 26 Points 5 months ago

You used to go to the clothing store for clothes, now you just have to log online, swipe through a catalog and make your pick, all from the comfort of your home.

You used to go to the bar/mall/street to find a man/woman, now you just have to log online, swipe through a catalog and make your pick, all from the comfort of your home.

Tinder is the next logical step of commodification. The more you can commodify anything the more revenue you can generate from it. It's not necessarily people that are being commodified, but sex/dating. Sex being the single largest driver of human behavior, capitalism will simply weaponizes it as much as possible.

Nothing drives reckless spending more than men pursuing women. Apes would pound their chest, we whip open our wallets and spend.

Why? Because money is the single quickest measure of fitness in a modern society. It buys food, resources, shelter, time, experiences etc. The more you have of it the better adapted you appear to be to society, the more power you yield. The more you seem to have the more desirable you are. Keep men working to get to this point which drives production.

The price of pussy rising is an economic weapon. Over inflate women's sense of self worth and you'll have every moron spending his lights out to get a whiff of ass and every decent women demanding payment before she offers up the goods. Better yet she'll spend his money for him, and we all know what great customers woman make, while also having to spend to maintain their superficial value. Tinder, instagram, snapchat facilitates this.

Tradcon days had one man spending on one woman. Today you'll have 10 guys funding one hoe. Normalize this as much as possible and you'll keep feeding a spending culture that feeds an economy.

[-] warlordchad 12 Points 5 months ago

Agree. We’re honestly killing ourselves by using these apps. Male attention is so fucking cheap for any decent looking woman that unless you’re rich AND extremely good looking, you’re just a chump shouting into the void or wasting your time swiping.

I’ve had much, much better results running cold approach because you immediately stand out from the online chumpery.

[-] Andgelyo 2 Points 4 months ago

Best place to cold approach? I could cold approach in bars and clubs but day game is something I need to work on. I’m guilty of using tinder, tired of the land whales and how it’s a wasteland for average man.

[-] warlordchad 1 Point 4 months ago

Coffee shops can be good, or malls, or if there’s a street or area in a city where there are lots of shops and restaurants. Honestly what I try to do is approach randomly anytime I have the chance. Grocery store, park, skiing, whatever...

[-] Andgelyo 1 Point 4 months ago

Any tips on how to get over the fear of what people are thinking when I cold approach? I realize that when it's an isolated situation (me and only the woman with no else watching) i tend to be calmer, but if there's plenty of people around I start being a little bitch

[-] warlordchad 1 Point 4 months ago

People generally don’t care about things that don’t concern them—the other thing is that if you dress well, are fit, and don’t act like an idiot, women won’t make a scene even if they politely reject you. Just remember: it’s not illegal to talk to a random stranger—and if you have something interesting to say, they’ll usually thank you for it.

[-] itiswr1tten 3 Points 5 months ago

I swear I've made this exact post re: commoditizing. Think we independently reached the same conclusion. Capitalism is efficient

[-] Thisismybot8 3 Points 5 months ago

It makes no difference what the trends are. Just worry about yourself. It's the same thing as liberals complaining about who the president is. Act on what you have control of and don't waste time thinking about the rest.

[-] KeffirLime 11 Points 5 months ago

There's a system in place and if you don't understand how the system works or how it exploits you for the gain of those enforcing the it, you'll never be able to make it work to your benefit.

You see, It's not about complaining about who is president, it's about understanding who's president, who holds power, how does their system operate and how can you game it to work for you.

[-] Thisismybot8 2 Points 5 months ago

I understand what you're saying. That makes sense in a corporate environment but tinder is simple as fuck my dude, there's not a lot to understand. I liked your post but at the end of the day there's just a couple of basic things you need to know to play tinder. Anything extra is just entertainment/philosophical and not necessarily improving your game.

[-] JayRock379 2 Points 5 months ago

Exactly. Should have read this before replying.

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point 5 months ago

Chads don't even care how the system works and it works to their benefit greatly.

[-] JayRock379 2 Points 5 months ago

It's good to know the trends though so that you can avoid pitfalls and understand behavior in certain conditions.

[-] Thisismybot8 0 Points 5 months ago

Okay which trends are so important that you need to understand them before using tinder? Tinder is simple. Be decent looking with a decent profile and swipe on a lot of women.

[-] frameTrumpsShitTests 20 Points 5 months ago

this post is going to be unpopular because it contains extreme opinions that are going to challenge your inner views.

You can reach more people if you remove this sentence. Regardless of whether it's true (it's not) you alienate the reader (me) as you are just another internet stranger with no value.

Thanks for your perspective, that really helped me.

I'm over 30 years old and it's kind of sad to see my prior female classmates trying to pull the same shit as in their 20s and fail hard.


[-] Mangasbzo7 3 Points 5 months ago

lol his post didnt have any extreme opinions at all actually.

[-] KinkysMT 1 Point 5 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed you make a good point. I'll keep it in mind for my next writings.

[-] xxxtraicion 2 Points 5 months ago

If it’s any consolation none of the posted views are unpopular or off putting to me

[-] Effective_Rate 13 Points 5 months ago

Apps like Tinder are completely rewiring our society and there is nothing you can do about it.

Its part of a much bigger abundance mentality shift in general. While people claim that anyone can get a GF/BF these days and looks and physical appearance don't matter this is just proof that the biological process of finding mates will win every time regardless of the latest tech . All tinder and them did was turn up the survival of the fittest to 11.

[-] Michael_Brown_30 6 Points 5 months ago

That's why I advocate meeting women outside of Tinder - events, parties, on a street. Even with women who have lots of options (a fuck bunny of mine is one), presence can make a big enough impression on them that you tower over their other options.

[-] helterskelter1988 4 Points 5 months ago

This. As someone who once was a hard core social media/Tinder player, the effort to result ratio is simply not worth it. Had I put that much effort into my real life social skills and looks I'd be in a much better place now.

[-] Michael_Brown_30 3 Points 5 months ago

Exactly. Not playing the Tinder game yields more options around you. Tinder takes advantage of creating a scarcity environment for men, so men have to pay to get less scarcity. I'm not saying one cannot succeed, but if a person goes to Tinder/Bumble etc the man must compete with many other men for her attention. In real life, she has your one on one attention. Is it scary to approach in real life? Yes. Is it rewarding? Heck yes. Because she is actually looking at you and only you when you talk to her, and that is very vulnerable. But while in Tinder it's usually the best looks that attract most women, in real life it's your presence.

[-] odin1111 8 Points 5 months ago

Ok post and all but kind of a waste of time? We all know how markets work, and can figure out how tinder skews the market. We also know that it's not going away anytime soon. It seems like you're writing this out of frustration, as if you're wanting the world to change for you.

Sorry, but this is beta. YOU are the one that needs to change, period. You don't like the results you're getting? change things about you untill yo match with the results you want. Want to live in a Tinderless society? well better go live with the inuits or madagascarians. Tinder, and facebook and instagram, have screwed up the dating market, but then, so has no-fault divorce, family courts, and alimoney.

In fact those last three even more so. If divorce laws were changed along with the family court system to favor men over women, Tinder would go out of business TOMORROW.

but at this point, that may require, armed revolution at worse or massive strikes at best.

[-] [deleted] 5 months ago
[-] Thomaszzz55 5 Points 5 months ago

100% of paying users are male.

Or taken women looking for some strange.

[-] panconquesofrito 1 Point 5 months ago

Is that number true? How does he know it's 100%?

[-] atticusfinch1973 3 Points 5 months ago

The same thing applies here that applies anywhere, you still need to have a decent sexual strategy and be attractive to get laid.

Thankfully the guys who pay for Tinder and have zero clue about how to actually date and fuck women keep the app going while those of us who actually know how to game women are the ones who still get laid constantly.

[-] Palikan27 3 Points 5 months ago

Delete all social media unless you have +1k followers

[-] NaturalShifts 3 Points 5 months ago

Online dating is weeding out the genetically inferior so that only the genetically superior are the ones that are considered sexually desirable for casual and reproductive purposes while at the same time it's also being used to find the best desirable providers (more and more of these will appear on services over the next two decades). Eventually we will only see the best available for either AF or BB, everyone else becomes either an incel or a MGTOW.


It's like looking in an online catalogue to find a product for a certain purpose.


Do I want some attention because I'm bored and don't get enough?

Do I want some free food, gifts and possibly some unique trips that I don't pay for?

Do I want a sugar daddy to see what they're like?

Do I want sex because I'm in the mood for it?

Do I want a short term relationship or a long term relationship?

Do I want a life-time commitment?

Do I want a baby because it's about time I had one?

Do I want a provider who will take care of me and my kids because I don't have one?


I'm sure there's more purposes that people can think of, I just reeled off the one's that came straight to mind.


The main reason for the existence of online dating gives women plausible deniability for why they each use the services. It could be for any purpose under the guise of 'looking for someone'. Not all of them are looking for the same thing but most men using them are and these women know it and exploit it.

When using online dating always remember, you are a product in an online catalogue. Advertise yourself well by understanding what your purpose for being in it is.


Am I there to give someone attention? ---- Orbiter

Am I there to take someone where they want to go? ---- BB

Am I there to invite someone into my life and see what they have to offer? ---- AF

Am I there to spend money on someone? ---- BB

Am I there because I want sex? ---- AF

Am I there for short term or long term relationships? ---- AF/BB

Am I there for a life-time commitment? ---- AF/BB

Am I there to be a sperm donor? ---- AF

Am I there to provide for someone and her kids in place of someone else? ---- BB


The online dating catalogue only offers three types of products (AF,BB, and Orbiter) and each one is designed for different purposes.

What purpose(s) does each man reading this intend to serve? When he knows that, he'll then know how he needs to advertise himself to get what he wants from online dating.

[-] mori_forthestreamer 3 Points 5 months ago

Do you really need to ask A/B questions in a comment like that?

[-] aasdtr 3 Points 5 months ago

Yes keep on swiping! Make faster decline of western society no good family anymore but more loser boys who can’t take responsibility and more girls who have BPD Keep going spend your time and energy unwisely

[-] sergioisawesome_ 2 Points 5 months ago

The only reason you have a problem with tinder is because you are not fully red pill yet. Looking through your profile I see that you are 31, So basically at male peak, so I recommend reading through the theory again to make sure you internalize everything and make use of your peak.

Another thing I saw looking at your profile is that one of the only things you talk about is tinder and how bad it is to get LTR with it. That's the thing! you shouldn't be looking for LTR now, it's your pussy buffet years and tinder is the perfect wingman. Instead of trying to defeat tinder in an impossible to win battle, why not join its side and make use of it ;)

[-] Andgelyo 2 Points 4 months ago

Lmao damn this is a fresh take on how I view Tinder. Mind= blown. I honestly can’t thank Tinder enough though, it’s literally made getting laid 1000x easier.

[-] [deleted] 5 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] xdrunkagainx 1 Point 5 months ago

It won't be able to last forever

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[-] tempolaca -4 Point 5 months ago

the majority of male users are thirsty beta males with no options.

Really? if you have options you are not in Tinder.