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- Hide Preview | 25 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by Britainwon1812 [Post Locked]

People enjoyed my previous post, albeit got some criticism due to my "looks" and arguments that although it was a solid and well written field report, some people disregarded it as I didn't "need" to game. This is really not true, while it may be true online and on apps like tinder (where looks are literally everything) in real life it matters whether you are confident, know how to carry yourself, be charismatic, because no matter how good looking you are, if you can't talk to women... you still aren't getting laid.

Now, on to today's field report.

First basic principle and premises; as you get good at game, the main limiting factor is going to be the girls friends. As you become an attractive man more often than not the girl will be attracted to you, however she will be out with her friends, maybe they arranged to meet up after so long, maybe they've having coffee, either way they have a claim on her.. she put time aside to go meet up with them and if the friends aren't having fun, or are feeling neglected or ignored as you're trying to pick her up they're going to put up a fight and cause a conflict, ergo, they're not going to let you pick her up. The girl has a long history with her friends and hardly any with you, so it's important to manage her friends, as when it comes down to the two the vast majority of the time she will go with her friends.

The different type of groups also call for different approaches, if it's a girl and one friend it's very hard to talk to her 1-1 without the friend feeling left out and feeling upset and neglected, if it's a girl in a large group then it's a lot easier to get that isolation as her friends can much more easily entertain themselves and have their own conversations without feeling left out. The step up from this is an even bigger group and it's quite possible that the members of the group might not even be relevant and might not even notice you talking to the girl and you won't have to worry about them at all, if she's with maybe 15 friends or people then she guaranteed will only be really friends with 2-3 and won't know the rest if at all.

How to approach the 3-4 groups

This is the most common size of group and the most common you will come across, and conveniently the easiest, and if you can master this then this is the real bread and butter of group pickup.

The idea is to engage everybody as much so they like you, and they don't mind you being there while you focus mainly on the one friend you really are attracted to. So ways to open can include "hey guys hows it going, you guys look like fun, oh what you drinking?" or "hey guys can I get your opinion on something" - now this technique is the common one, and good because you've approached and engaged the whole group, you're talking to them all and no one is feeling excluded and you're more likely to get a better reaction during the interaction as you're a positive social guy who's having fun.

The downside of this approach when you engage everybody it becomes difficult to engage in that 1-1 with the one you are interested in, lets say you engage the whole group and the fat girl, the one you wouldn't have sex with with even someone else's penis happens to engage strongly and seems to like you, now it's hard to switch on to one of the hotter girls in the group because they might feel sorry for their dietarily challenged friend or she might have such a strong claim to you that she will get angry and drag her friends away.

Now the way to combat this is when you're in that group, and you're engaging and you're having fun, you select the girl of your choice as early as possible, and you direct everything that you say that is sexual in nature, or that could be taken as sexual, or intimate, at the girl that you like.

You can be positive with everyone, even a little fun and flirty, you could even hug other girls, however; things such as "you and I are not gonna get along" or "I am intrigued by you" or "are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" must all be directed at the girl that you like. The idea being that anything that is an emotional spike whether positive or negative is directed at the girl of your choice, you can even look at the other girls as friends, or even guy friends, and treat them like your mates down the pub.

If the girl of your choice is a solid 9/10 then you might want to frame more in the negative, that way she isn't used to that and might actually start chasing you more, and her friends who are so used to the hot girl getting all the attention will react better to you giving them more attention as a group and are more likely to accept you and like you enough to give you time to get that 1-1 isolation to escalation.

Another alternative of this approach is to go in direct on the one girl while occasionally breaking off and engaging the group, you can start with the girl and move to the group, or start with the group and move to the girl. You can talk to the girl for a short while before moving back to the group and asking "so are these your friends?" or "oh hey so what do you guys think?" or "what do you guys do?" - so you can give pretty much all your attention, emotional spikes, and sexual advances on your one girl but you still have to acknowledge the rest of the group.

The bigger group

Now as mentioned previously, this can be a group where the girl doesn't really know everyone and more than likely only knows one or two, so it's important to find out how everyone knows each other and you can do this by "so how do you all know each other?" or "oh so you guys are really good friends?" or the like. This is important because you're not only acknowledging everyone but you're also finding out a lot of details on the relationship status of the girl you're into and what obstacles you're going to be dealing with, whether she's single or not, and who her main friends are. This means you now know what objections to expect, and what friends you can actually engage and which friends you can pretty much ignore.

So "how does everybody know each other" is a really important question to ask. What's also different about the larger groups is that you can often approach the girl directly as if she was on her own, reason being is that when you try and get to know the whole group it not only wastes time but by the time you've said "nice to meet you" for the 15th time, the girl has already gone or is engaged with another conversation.

This makes it far easier to approach in larger groups, and more likely that the friends won't are if you aren't engaging them that much if at all. I have gone up to many college girls in bars and visibly seen she came in with more than 10 different people but simply singled her out and treated her as a solo pull.

So the direct going in, then making adjustments, can be the best approach.

Bigger groups can be intimidating for most guys, they see it as such a large group and it scares them a lot, but the way to see it is to see it as a group of 1+. That's it. It's 1 girl plus.

If you remember these key points and stay on your game, then you won't have trouble getting that interaction that you want, you won't struggle to get the 1-1 isolation and use your escalation game to capitalise.

[-] Vikingcel 11 Points 4 months ago

if you can't talk to women... you still aren't getting laid.

Only a margin of the male population is that socially inept and the more attractive you are the more socially retarded you can be.

I spent all my school years depressed, sulking and lonely with almost no social life and literally no vagina-human in my vicnity besides my mother. I got my first kiss ever at 19yo after mocking a drunk 3-4/10 woman for being short all night. If your smv is high enough, you could just approach a random tipsy chick, spit in her palm and order her to rub your dick.

[-] FormerBlueFool 2 Points 4 months ago

Man I gotta hit the gym harder! New goal: raise my SMV to the point J can approach a woman, spit in her palm and order her to rub my cock.

[-] Vikingcel 3 Points 4 months ago

And likely some plastic surgery

[-] FormerBlueFool 2 Points 4 months ago

Fuck, you aren't wrong though

[-] DarkMountain666 1 Point 4 months ago

Yeah, but how about non-drunk women? What's your experience with that, if I may ask?

[-] Unboundaries 1 Point 4 months ago

Only a margin of the male population is that socially inept and the more attractive you are the more socially retarded you can be.

This is a point that people need to understand. Some people think that good game is the sole factor in getting laid. Truth is, most Chads and Tyrones are straight aspies and STILL get laid. Be white, be tall, somewhat attractive, and somewhat in shape and you can literally have Asperger's for game and you'll still get laid because the hoes will deal passes to certain people.

Likewise, you can have 10/10 game and still not get laid if you're short, unattractive, and not white at all. Take an Indian male for example. No game in the world is changing that he's a 5'5'' Indian and most women will next based solely on that.

[-] Robster25 10 Points 4 months ago

Your post would be better without the intro. Would a truly confident guy tell people how he is a 10 and has a big dick? It sounds like you are trying to persuade yourself. While I think you make some good points in your posts, I don't understand why you feel the need to talk about yourself so much.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] frameTrumpsShitTests 6 Points 4 months ago

Thanks! Your recent posts are very helpful. I also find that the "so how do you know each other" works in all kinds of situations.


What I don't like is that your posts center on your looks. Just write a short disclaimer à la "Disclaimer: I'm a really attractive guy" so people know how to treat your content and it's out of the way.

There are several reasons why people give you shit. The main point being jealousy. There are not a lot of attractive people on TRP. And I also think it's valid, because what works for attractive people doesn't work for ugly people.


I was fit once™. My only game was to remove my shirt. Women would gather in the vicinity and would give me her numbers through elaborate schemes. I remember one time where I made jokes about batman having no parents, orphans, etc. and I had totally forgotten that the most attractive girl nearby had lost her father 4 days ago. He died in a ditch and tried to call here. She denied the call. Everybody was looking at me like "WTF?", she had a nervous breakdown with nose-bleeds and all. And she STILL called me the next morning after sending the wall-of-text to hang out.

Without a good body, game is totally different. You can't fuck up.

[-] Menchstick 1 Point 4 months ago

This kind of stuff really breaks my spirit to be honest. This guy was dying in a ditch, his last thought was to call his daughter, the very last thing he could do before fading into nothing and got the call denied. Trying to imagine how he felt in that moment makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

[-] IIlolII 2 Points 4 months ago

Wow this is another really good post. I hope you become a more frequent poster, one thing I will say though is that the people commenting on your looks sometimes might have a point.

You are literally a ten, I don't say that often but as everyone has voiced their opinions, you have model tier looks.

But good post.

[-] Pestilence1911 1 Point 4 months ago

Thats model tier?,

Jesus i need to start believing im beautiful too. (Just ugly inside)

[-] JackCoppit 1 Point 4 months ago

Apparently yes, according to the vast majority of users on this sub that is indeed model tier

[-] Pestilence1911 0 Points 4 months ago

I might not be bright but atleast im pretty on the outside; i might not be sharp but atleast im well aware.

[-] Andgelyo 1 Point 4 months ago

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here “pretty boy”. You’re average to slightly above average looking at least. 6 to 6.5, OP is a strong 8 based on his pic

[-] Pestilence1911 1 Point 4 months ago

Nothing a haircut and more lifting cant change.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] alphamystic 1 Point 4 months ago

Blow dry that hair and make sure the sides are not spikey. Put some GEL in it and fight good lighting. Win

[-] Pestilence1911 1 Point 4 months ago

Haha, i need a haircut.

It spends all its time under a hardhat

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 months ago


[-] OptiLaSeR 1 Point 4 months ago

"Thanks for asking, but I don't want to be your boyfriend"


Convos dont have to be logical with girls, its the emotions behind it.

[-] DigitalDragonSlayer 1 Point 4 months ago

A+ post. I love dynamic breakdowns and strategies to try/implement into my game.


[-] saltyafrican 1 Point 4 months ago

You better be fired up talking to 3-4 girls at the same time. All eyes on you as the newcomer, but you have the advantage of confidence to turn the tide.

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[-] FormerBlueFool 1 Point 4 months ago

Nice post OP. Thanks for breaking down the approach, this will make my next group approach easier.