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- Hide Preview | 172 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by TheLegionnaire00 [Post Locked]

Everyone has heard about Napoleon and he could be a inspiration to a lot of guys trying to succeed in life.


I won't start a history lesson about him, instead I'll focus on some quotes Napoleon gave about women. Yeah, that's right, it looks like Napoleon was very red pilled when it came to dealing with women.


So let's start with this quote:

"Let the women whine, it is their business. " - Conversation, 1800

That's right, you must not give a shit if a woman whines, it's her job, this is how she makes her life interesting. Ignoring them is the healthy solution, and it will drive them insane quicker than arguing with them.


" Women . . . are capable of committing the worst atrocities. . If war broke out between men and women, it would be quite a different business from the struggles we have seen between nobles and the people, or whites and blacks. "- Conversation, 1800

This one is maybe the most relatable today. There is a war between men and women right now, one where men mostly watch how the masculine values are destroyed each day. Women attack what they call "toxic masculinity" while jumping on the first cock that shows those exact same features of "toxic masculinity". This may not be a really bad thing, we may end up with a society that is 99% emasculated men, while the 1% who kept their masculinity would slain pussy like sultans, lol, but again, this would be short term because something like this would probably lead to the collapse of western civilization (which might be the ultimate goal for those orchestrating this).


" I do not like masculine women any more than effeminate men. Everyone would play his own part in this world. " - Conversation, 1817

Gender roles existed for a reason. The traditional family was what kept society united. But today, a comeback to that seems almost impossible.


"Women . . . should not be regarded as the equals of men; they are, in fact, mere machines to make children." - Conversation, 1817

This one is good, but I'll let you debate it, lol.


" We treat women too well, and in this way have spoiled everything. We have done every wrong by raising them to our level. " - Memoirs

Do I need to add anything more?


And now my favorite:

" I have always thought that woman was made for man, and man for country, family, glory, and honor. " - Letter, January 27, 1807

A woman ultimate goal is the man. Their lives revolve around men. Their happiness depends on men. On the other hand a man can and should aspire to some higher goals and ideals. A man can have a mission in this life, while most women can't. We should understand that, and when some woman is giving us shit, we must understand that probably her life is pretty meaningless and this is how she makes it interesting. Again, don't give a shit about what women are doing, they should be just a small part of your life, like the morning coffee. For me a woman is the same as a coffee in the morning, it gives me satisfaction in the moment, it fulfills one of my needs, but my life does not revolve around her. You should do the same!