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- Hide Preview | 172 Comments | submitted about a year ago by TheLegionnaire00 [Post Locked]

Everyone has heard about Napoleon and he could be a inspiration to a lot of guys trying to succeed in life.


I won't start a history lesson about him, instead I'll focus on some quotes Napoleon gave about women. Yeah, that's right, it looks like Napoleon was very red pilled when it came to dealing with women.


So let's start with this quote:

"Let the women whine, it is their business. " - Conversation, 1800

That's right, you must not give a shit if a woman whines, it's her job, this is how she makes her life interesting. Ignoring them is the healthy solution, and it will drive them insane quicker than arguing with them.


" Women . . . are capable of committing the worst atrocities. . If war broke out between men and women, it would be quite a different business from the struggles we have seen between nobles and the people, or whites and blacks. "- Conversation, 1800

This one is maybe the most relatable today. There is a war between men and women right now, one where men mostly watch how the masculine values are destroyed each day. Women attack what they call "toxic masculinity" while jumping on the first cock that shows those exact same features of "toxic masculinity". This may not be a really bad thing, we may end up with a society that is 99% emasculated men, while the 1% who kept their masculinity would slain pussy like sultans, lol, but again, this would be short term because something like this would probably lead to the collapse of western civilization (which might be the ultimate goal for those orchestrating this).


" I do not like masculine women any more than effeminate men. Everyone would play his own part in this world. " - Conversation, 1817

Gender roles existed for a reason. The traditional family was what kept society united. But today, a comeback to that seems almost impossible.


"Women . . . should not be regarded as the equals of men; they are, in fact, mere machines to make children." - Conversation, 1817

This one is good, but I'll let you debate it, lol.


" We treat women too well, and in this way have spoiled everything. We have done every wrong by raising them to our level. " - Memoirs

Do I need to add anything more?


And now my favorite:

" I have always thought that woman was made for man, and man for country, family, glory, and honor. " - Letter, January 27, 1807

A woman ultimate goal is the man. Their lives revolve around men. Their happiness depends on men. On the other hand a man can and should aspire to some higher goals and ideals. A man can have a mission in this life, while most women can't. We should understand that, and when some woman is giving us shit, we must understand that probably her life is pretty meaningless and this is how she makes it interesting. Again, don't give a shit about what women are doing, they should be just a small part of your life, like the morning coffee. For me a woman is the same as a coffee in the morning, it gives me satisfaction in the moment, it fulfills one of my needs, but my life does not revolve around her. You should do the same!

[-] HeisenburgFap 147 Points about a year ago

It's funny you have posted this because Napoleon had some trouble with his first wife Josephine. She cheated on him when he was away in Egypt but he made her regret it and come back to him. Afterward, he cheated on her with women all over Europe and later dumped her because she couldn't produce an heir.

[-] IAMB4TMAN 63 Points about a year ago

Josephine is a prime example of "behind every great man is a woman"

I think what Napolean's relationship with Josephine represents is that he was not a "Natural" & had to learn like many of the RPers today. Doesn't mean he wasn't Alpha/RP, but shows that you don't have to be a Natural to become an expert in sexual dynamics

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 55 Points about a year ago

I’ve read a few Napoleon bios and listened dozens of hours of biographical audio on his life. Glad OP brought him up for red pill insights. There’s plenty. Here’s a fuller picture based on what I’ve read.

Yeah Napoleon started out literally a blue pill cuck in first years of his marriage. He wifed up a 32 year old, single mother of two when he was 26. She had already been passed around as a mistress in high society Paris.

He had been smitten by her when he first met her. Basically pedestalized a wall approaching single mama who took him up as her beta bux (this was before his military career really took off— he was a young general but not a superstar yet).

The power women wield over men is the ability to enchant with their beauty. The goal of a female is to “sink her claws in” to a high status male via enchantment of his mind with her beauty, and then emotional manipulation to lock it all down. Basically Napoleon did the work for her. Allowed himself to be enchanted and committed to her right off the bat.

Anyhoo, she immediately starts cheating on him while he’s on his first campaign in Italy. Hes fucking writing constitutions for Italian city states like a boss at age 26-7, and pillaging the Italian treasure trove of art history and sending in back to Paris which started the Louvre museum. And yet! At the same time he is writing beyond cornball love letters to his wife back in Paris who is cucking him publicly in Paris high society, and talking shit about his letters.

His next campaign to Egypt, he founds modern Egyptology, excavates the Great Sphinx, and discovers the muhfuckin Rosetta Stone (or his teams of archaeologists he commissioned and directed). When he was age 28-9. His career was still in its early stages. He wasn’t even ruler of France yet. And he’s already put together two legendary campaigns. And yet! His wife is still cucking him openly in Paris.

Napoleon gets home from Egypt and finally throws her out of his home. She’s 36 at this point. He’s 30 and being recruited for yet another gov overthrow in the late stages of the French Revolution. She begs him to take her back. He makes her wait and bawl. She sleeps on the ground outside his bedroom. He finally relents and takes her back but the power dynamic has changed for good. She would be loyal to him from there on out and he would go on to have a string of famous lovers from around Europe.

He had finally wised up and become red pill. Shortly thereafter he basically achieved a coup within the coup for which he had been recruited for a mere support role. He became leader of France later that year as a superstar young general age 30. Five years later he would emperor of France and get most of Europe under his thumb.

It’s really interesting how 30 is a turning point for a lot of guys. They finally shed the final vestiges of blue pill bullshit and wise up to women where it becomes a natural part of their perspective of the world how women really are. They no longer give away their power due to mere sexual enchantment. Obviously plenty of post 30 guys are still ultra blue pill. But it is an interesting year.

Also note how in OPs quotes, there are some pretty gnar ones in his memoirs and after 1815 when he was exiled. This means that he was reflecting as an old man with a lifetime of wisdom, and still came to such conclusions.

Id highly recommend anyone studying great men to check out Napoleon. You can’t do better really. One historian called him the most competent man in history. A force of nature. And yet he even succumbed in his youth to blue pill illusions. Anyway really shows how even the most elite tier men can be subject to these illusions.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 20 Points about a year ago

Napoleon was brilliant.

I've heard the reason people constantly derogated him is because they hated the fact that he started as a commoner - and that fact showed the people just how false the idea of "inbred superiority" put about as a justification for aristocracy was.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 13 Points about a year ago

Sorta. He actually came from minor nobility. But they were by no means rich. And it was minor nobility on the island of Corsica, which was a backwater territory. So no big property ownership or anything. By lifestyle they were essentially middle class. But he was definitely a self made man. His family connection did get him into the main French military prep boarding school in Paris, but it was as a prepubescent boy. After that it was a meritocratic rise to world historical heights.

Yeah I split geniuses up into geniuses of mind and geniuses of action. Elon musk is a good example of straddling both. He’s a self taught rocket scientist and more so he’s a genius of mind. But also runs these insane startups that work, and is a shrewd business man. So he’s a genius of action too. He’s not just sitting in a study for 20 years writing equations.

Napoleon is lile Elon musk in that way but on steroids. A genius of mind and a genius of action. One of the most elite men in history. Won more battles than Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great combined.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 6 Points about a year ago

An interesting comment, thanks for your thoughts.

As an Australian schoolboy I was raised to scorn "little Napoleon" who was often portrayed as some sort of buffoon in our history (And our history was almost completely English history in the sixties. We learnt NO Australian history; for example I didn't know about bushrangers or the Eureka stockade until I was in high school and found out myself by reading - and then wondered why the hell there was no mention of them by our history teachers....)

But after reading a brilliant documentary about Napoleon it was obvious he was a great man, and didn't deserve a lot of the scorn that was poured upon him. In fact sometimes I wonder if the world might actually be a bit better than it currently is if Napoleon had won at Waterloo and become eventual ruler of Europe....

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 4 Points about a year ago

Yeah he was not the buffoon of English history. And should not be compared to Hitler either. Interestingly, Churchill loved Napoleon.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 2 Points about a year ago

Yes that's exactly how I felt - and I'm not even French.

Churchill loved Napoleon? That's a mark in his favor as far as I'm concerned.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah Churchill being another man of action, a genius himself, admired Napoleon greatly

[-] shitposterkatakuri 2 Points about a year ago

Did not know he surpassed two conquerors by such large margins

[-] FrankVillain 2 Points about a year ago

People turn sick of him because he was a bully. He had a lot of aristocrates licking his boots and couldnt stop humiliating them, what he did to the pope was at the time revolting.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 1 Point about a year ago

I haven't heard any of this and it wasn't in the biography - doesn't mean it didn't happen of course.

What did he do to the pope?

[-] FrankVillain 1 Point about a year ago

Talleyrand autobiography is a must read about the diplomaty during napoleonic wars (and more...).

About his relation with Pius VI & VII and the whole church? Oh boy, it deserve several volumes.

[-] FrankVillain 3 Points about a year ago

Poor Napoleon would have been the greatest man ever remembered if at some point he had stopped bullying everybody all the time.

He literally shat on his own legacy by being a prick.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 1 Point about a year ago

Actually he was trying to establish a peace on the continent but all the other powers were still the old monarchies at the time and feared what Napoleon represented (French destruction of the old royal order) so they continually formed coalitions against him. They did not want French republicanism to spread to their countries.

Napoleon aggressed occasionally but his ultimate political goal was to establish a peace on the continent. And he wasn’t even trying to overthrow all the euro monarchies like they feared.

[-] FrankVillain 1 Point about a year ago

It’s giving to much credit to the man, he throw it all away by himself and his piece were based on too much on humiliating old powers. As an example, the way he bullied the pope was just unnecessary and stupid, same with the german aristocrats that were licking his assat some point.

Talleyrand autobiography is a must read to get the little details that napoleon’s biographies often miss.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah I mean he was an egotist for sure. I just don’t see him as a villain.

Talleyrand is super interesting too, good suggestion.

[-] FrankVillain 1 Point about a year ago

Talleyrand is THE super villain but he is always at the right place at the right time and to bad for napoleaon who couldnt see when it was the most important to listen to talleyrand.

Talleyrand did betray him and gave the victory to the coalition (by messaging the russians if remember well) and its interesting to read and get why he was right. Im still not sure about anything, lets be fair its propably one of the most complicated period of history to understans.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

From my understanding Talleyrand was very talented at reading the political trends and made the calculation that napoleons days were numbered and he wanted to align with the opposition.

[-] drakehfh 2 Points about a year ago

Is there any book you would suggest? I want to learn about Napoleon's life but I also heard good things about Stalin's.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

Check out my response to u/Eulerbrah who just asked same thing

[-] Eulerbrah 2 Points about a year ago

I didn't receive your response :\

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Eulerbrah 1 Point about a year ago

what audiobook/book would you recommend as a must at starting point?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] SalporinRP 1 Point about a year ago

Coming in late to this thread. Always have been interesting in Napoleon but have mostly read about him in history books that covered his life but not in much detail.

Any specific books you'd recommend? About not just Napoleon himself but that period of French history in general?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Avertus 1 Point about a year ago

What I took from your narration though is that Napoleon shot off onto greatness the moment he took the red pill

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

Mm nah. Dude he was already conquering previously stalemated territory, writing constitutions, founding museums, and making major historical discoveries in his 20s. He may have been red pill in regards military conquest and making your way in the world. But he was blue pill with his wife.

[-] Soldeo 23 Points about a year ago

Yet his last word was Josephine.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 43 Points about a year ago

Little known fact, his follow up words would have been " a ho"

[-] halfback910 40 Points about a year ago

To be fair there are about eight different accounts of his dying words.

My dying words would have been "Why did we have to... put... arsenic in... everything I touched... bluerghhh"

[-] cantFindValidNam 1 Point about a year ago

To be fair there are about eight different accounts of his dying words.

Wait, this is recent and we have conflicting accounts? how do we know history is accurate?

[-] halfback910 5 Points about a year ago

There were like... fifty people in the room when he died. And a lot of them were authors who hadn't "made it" yet.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] satlinrabbow -3 Point about a year ago

this is why you're still beta bucks getting cucked by everyone else.

only punk ass bitches are pedants.

punk ass bitch.

[-] friendandadvisor 1 Point about a year ago

You forgot to capitalize "Punk".

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] HitMan8811 143 Points about a year ago

I agree with this for the most part. However, the baby making machine comment is just demeaning, not redpilled. Women have a place in this world and we need them to compliment out masculinity. Disregarding them is ignorant and unproductive.

[-] TheLegionnaire00 40 Points about a year ago

I know that one is the most controversial and I thought for a moment to not add it, but what the heck, this is TRP, we are grown men and we can debate it.


I also have mixed feeling about that quote, but in general, I agree that a woman role in society should be that of home maker/mother. That should be a woman's main focus.

[-] HitMan8811 33 Points about a year ago

Yeah agreed, my point is there’s no benefit in insulting them outright just to cause offense lol. TRP is about discovering the truth of intergender dynamics (among other things) in the real world and applying it accordingly. Now, if people find these dynamics insulting that’s their problem and a different story.

Great post!

[-] ALLTHEUSERNAMESRFUKI 4 Points about a year ago

"Women . . . should not be regarded as the equals of men; they are, in fact, mere machines to make children." - Conversation, 1817


I don't think this is an insult though. He said women are not equal, not lesser. Obviously, the "machines" part makes it obvious that this is what is implied, but in the modern context, I don't think telling a woman that she should be a homemaker etc. is an insult. Rather, it is more-so a compliment because it shows willingness on the man's part to put complete trust in her to raise his children, and that he is willing to slave away at a job for the next several decades just so she has the resources and stability to live out the vast majority of women's dreams, that is to be a successful mom.

[-] jalapenotrp 26 Points about a year ago

I think most married women especially the ones with children would be happy to take this role if the husband was able and willing to be the sole breadwinner.

Most married women with kids I talk to always complain about not being able to spend enough time with their kids at home.

I asked a guy the other day if he would be OK if his wife stayed at home with his daughter instead, he said, HELL no. I asked him why, he said because that wouldn't be fair. And he was complaining about how expensive childcare is.

Women are submissive and they will please you in all your sexual desires only and only if you take the role of a man, and that includes being the provider.

I wouldn't have it any other way. I like coming home and find my house clean, with a nice hot meal on the table, and a happy wife willing to please me in my wildest desires.

[-] tempolaca 3 Points about a year ago

And he was complaining about how expensive childcare is.

Funny how they say women don't stay at home anymore. They work, and hire childcare. Who they think do the childcare? other women. You do not hire a dude. Women still do 99% of the childcare.

[-] TheDevilsAdvokaat 4 Points about a year ago

I agree. We are not women; even though women bitch about men we don't contribute anything by bitching about them. If we are honest about their flaws we can perhaps help them to improve themselves; if we go overboard we'll just look as unreasonable as extreme feminists do on the subject of men - and probably be ignored.

Napoleon was a great man but not everything he said was great.

[-] Adeus_Ayrton 4 Points about a year ago

Tell me something men can't, and women can.

[-] Reformed65 1 Point about a year ago

They can make babies! Wait...oh...



I'm not funny.

[-] flipwater 3 Points about a year ago

Also "I do not like masculine women any more than effeminate men."

Just let people do what they want lol, a masculine woman can still be a great person to spend time with, same with an effeminate man

[-] metallicdrama 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah they can learn how to cook well too

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point about a year ago

many don't want marriage and/or kids... they're independent.

what's the opinion on them?

[-] tempolaca 5 Points about a year ago

They go crazy and/or get lots of pets, as a replacement for kids.

[-] omega_dawg93 3 Points about a year ago

or hang with their gfs and start eating pussy and taking vacations (to places like jamaica) to fuck the local rude boys.

[-] -Fidelio- 5 Points about a year ago

You haven't heard of lesbian bedroom death. Sexuality dries up between lesbians.

[-] edge_lord_super_17 3 Points about a year ago

Sounds like you have a bone to pick with us jamaicans eh?

[-] omega_dawg93 3 Points about a year ago

i never have and never will get upset at any man for taking and enjoying what is being freely given to him.

enjoy yourselves.

[-] edge_lord_super_17 3 Points about a year ago

Thanks blood! No hard feelings around here. I too know how freaky those white bitches get around the bad man dem.

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point about a year ago

ssshhh... be silent dude. most racist believe their women are racist too.

they have no idea how snow flakes get down when they're not around

[-] edge_lord_super_17 1 Point about a year ago

Imagine being so unsatisfied by white man overseer Chad's cock to the point where you go to get your guts rearranged from the dirty, nasty, slave nigger tyrone lol. Even if they get caught, She gonna say he "raped me". Lol

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point about a year ago

nah... they don't say that anymore. they just keep silent. say nothing.

iow, these women today get way way way more action than most guys realize and they all experiment.

"he raped me," has been replaced with, "don't judge me... no slut shaming allowed."

[-] TheStoicCrane 1 Point about a year ago

How many of them live up to the task? Cut OP a break.

[-] [deleted] 65 Points about a year ago

If you reduce a woman to a baby making machine you can reduce men to a baby protecting machine or a jizzing machine, or whatever. It's a very biological and extreme way of looking at the world.

However, in the end, it is a true way of looking at the world. Because how could we ever surpass the laws of physics and biology? But from a pragmatic point of view, I don't believe it is beneficial. For a short term, cynicism and nihilism may be useful for people, it simplifies the world, it has no real contradictions like other ideologies. But you are doomed to a life of uselessness and boredom. You will not have many friends and you will be unhappy.

If that was Napoleon's actual world view, instead of a frustrated, unimportant, and impulsive thought, he would have never achieved what he has achieved.

[-] Captain_Quick 21 Points about a year ago

If Napolean said it in a conversation, my guess is that it could have also easily been a simple joke. It would be nearly impossible to know for sure, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

[-] Dash_of_islam 7 Points about a year ago

YES!!!! Though psychopaths feel no empathy or remorse... They also can't connect with people and their lives are cold and miserable. They use power and materialistic goods to fill a hole in their souls!

You don't want to live this way.

It may seem edgy to not care about others, but damn, there will come a time when you need others if nothing more but for emotional support.

You don't have to treat people like Gods but not giving them any value will repel others.

[-] RedVelocitiy 1 Point about a year ago

Is it the psychopath's fault for being like that? what do you want them to do, go against their nature?

[-] Dash_of_islam 3 Points about a year ago

We all have free will so let's not put the responsibility of what happens on anyone's shoulders but our own.

I am issuing a caution to anyone who thinks emulating a psychopath will lead them to happiness. I speak from experience that it provides SOME happiness at first, but then the guilt starts eating you out like a parasite before you have an existential crisis and realize material goods were not worth what you sacrificed to get it.

It is good to have a backbone, but do not think you are immune to guilt when you start hurting innocent people who have even tried to help you when they tried to see the best in you.

When you are about to hurt someone who loved you for you, and you look into their innocent naive eyes, I promise you, in that moment or just afterwards, you will be overtaken by a tsunami of guilt. You will be drowning in it, and the sins of your past will remain heavy on your conscience in the future and you will find yourself volunteering to try and pay retribution for what you have done (You will try to absolve yourself of the guilt). That will help, but more than anything you will try to save others from the kind of person you once were.

Psychopaths are stuck being Psychos, but they can emulate some healthy behaviours if for nothing else than to be someone who may help them when they need it.

Everyone should educate themselves on Psychopathic behaviours to prevent themselves from being a victim, but do not for 1 second think it will guide you to happiness.

I know no depression like the weight of guilt and not being able to ask the people you hurt for forgiveness because you have lost contact or they have passed

[-] RedVelocitiy 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah I'm currently in that stage right now. This guilt is eating me up from the inside. I've tried making amends to myself, to others. I absolutely regret hurting those people who've I manipulated to love me. Absolutely regret.

But what will you have me do, when this method has been the most successful for me? Abandon it and move back to my old ways where I was ridden with being ridicule, women don't even know my existence? Yes its evil and all but this has been the only thing that worked out for me so far.

[-] Dash_of_islam 2 Points about a year ago

I am not going to tell you what to do, I am only giving suggestions, so you will have to decide if it is for you or not

You need to make yourself an alpha (Maximize Looks, money status) but then you need to have a solid frame.

You do not need to accept abuse or anything like that. If someone throws a verbal punch, you throw one back 1.5X as hard to send a clear message that you are not a doormat.

On top of this, it is helpful to be SLIGHTLY kind to others and give them the benefit of doubt ONCE. You want to come off as someone who is sort of nice, but not a pussy.

This will more easily attract other decent people to you.

Around girls, it is better to be a bit of a dick, but you are always gauging their reactions. Like you treat others the way they treat you. And just avoid toxic people.

It also matters where you are looking for women. Where do you think you will find more decent girls (Volunteering at a soup kitchen, or At a club).

You are not responsible for holding people's hands, but you also do not need to lie to them. For example if a girl asks where this is going, you tell them I like this where it is. You have not lied to them, you told them the truth that you want to stay FWB, now the ball is in her court where she can decide if she wants to stay with you or leave and find someone else or raise her game to try to get you to commit.

If you need to lie to sell a product, the product is not that great.

Imagine if you are a pro MMA fighter, you do not go around looking for fights, but if some Cunt throws a punch, you check his ass.

Do you think an MMA fighter is incapable of handling baby birds without crushing them? Of course not.

You do not have to choose between being a dick or a door mat. Real life is grey, you can move around between the 2 extremes depending on your mood and what is going on in your life at that time.

It is better to find decent people, and if a girl shows signs of being a manipulative cunt, you gotta make a mental note and look for someone else.

Like you do not have to lie and string a girl along, there are a lot more girls in the world dude.

Read the book "Models by Mark Manson", it is the best I have read that corrects your mindset so you are a decent person but can still get girls

Of course you do not need to become a Mother Teresa, if I know someone is a cunt, I have no remorse fucking them over. Like I do not throw the first punch but you bet your ass I will if you try anything. This way I live guilt free and if someone is nice, then we are cool together, and if they are a dick then they will get straightened out.

It is hard to explain, but I do this instead and I feel more proud of the life I am living. Like my success is earned from hard work.

You gotta be like a CEO, you always lead with a warm personality, but you will stab anyone trying to harm you.

Good luck, let me know if you have any specific questions since this is sort of hard to describe in words

[-] RedVelocitiy 2 Points about a year ago

Thanks man. I have read several books including 48 laws of power, book of pook, Redpill handbook, etc. But I haven't read Models by Mark Manson yet, definitely will read it. Yeah for the first time in my life I have felt guilt, I was always this psychopathic manipulative persona but lately I have been on the path of redemption.

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

One last thing. I am not decent ALL of the time.

If I want a promotion and I am going up against 1 person and this promotion could change my life, I will sabotage the other person.

But these things don't happen very often, it is ok to be a dick some of the times and as long as you are not a dick all of the time, the guilt is small and manageable.

Besides, if you could screw someone over because you are smarter, you are probably getting screwed somewhere else by someone slightly smarter than you!

So be a dick when the benefit outweighs the potential guilt

Cheers mate

[-] mineralranch 3 Points about a year ago

Yep. Much like money, status, and power, nihilism is a trap to freedom and happiness.

[-] jwarner95 1 Point about a year ago

The difference is if you called me a jizz making machine I would just get hyped up, I’m sure any woman would get offended at the claim of them being just baby makers

[-] max_peenor 1 Point about a year ago

We are upgraded monkeys. Everything else is rationalization that our upgrades allow us to do. You know what the universe thinks about us? We are very biological and you are a jizzing machine, sharing a jizzing function with males of many other species. The jizzing will keep happening until we are eradicated or supplanted by an evolved species.

[-] TheBadGoy 27 Points about a year ago

Speaking of historical figures, I find it ironic that Hitler wasn't a misogynist at all, his quotes on women are quite interesting.

[-] DownyGall 27 Points about a year ago

He also didn't smoke, drink alcohol, or eat meat

[-] friendandadvisor 20 Points about a year ago

Well, I'm willing to overlook these flaws in him.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Avicythe 23 Points about a year ago

M'lady might we hate on jews? with your consent.........obviously.

[-] tempolaca 12 Points about a year ago

his quotes on women are quite interesting.

Hitler was a politician and women voted in Germany. He got elected because of the women vote.

[-] SeizeTheGreens 7 Points about a year ago

He was appointed, not elected.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] halfback910 5 Points about a year ago

Evil people can sometimes have redeeming qualities and never consider themselves evil. I'm pretty sure I said this elsewhere in this subreddit, but to the day he died, Hitler considered himself a humanitarian.

[-] Dash_of_islam 10 Points about a year ago


Our egos prevent us from looking at ourselves as shit heads. Even if we admit we are dicks, we say the others deserved it

[-] halfback910 6 Points about a year ago

Yeah, agreed. Except when I do it, ofc. They DID deserve it.

[-] Dash_of_islam 11 Points about a year ago

A Narcissist's Prayer

  • That didn't happen.

  • And if it did, it wasn't that bad.

  • And if it was, that's not a big deal.

  • And if it is, that's not my fault.

  • And if it was, I didn't mean it.

  • And if I did...

  • You deserved it.
[-] friendandadvisor 2 Points about a year ago

Do you have a link? I'd like to read them. Thanks.

[-] TheBadGoy 3 Points about a year ago

Sorry guys I've been trying to find it. Here ya go

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] max_peenor 1 Point about a year ago

Many of his early, close friends in the party were raging homosexuals.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] FrankVillain 0 Points about a year ago

Full cuck, he got with Eva because she threaten to kill herself all the time.

[-] 1-800-Dick-Rockhard 16 Points about a year ago

“I am for the whites because I am white; I have no other reason, and that one is good.”

[-] mineralranch 3 Points about a year ago

What's your intention by quoting this?

[-] Tgibb 5 Points about a year ago

He's showing that he is for his own kind, not out of hatred of another but because he is proud to be himself.

[-] mineralranch -4 Point about a year ago

Do you guys share the same brain? You can speak for one another?

[-] Tgibb 6 Points about a year ago

You asked for an answer and you got one, if you don't like it ignore it and move on.

[-] mineralranch 2 Points about a year ago

You're right. Have a great day.

[-] 1-800-Dick-Rockhard 5 Points about a year ago

Because I am for the whites. This is Napoleon quote, it's fitting.

[-] Flying_Wingback 3 Points about a year ago

"I don't hate y'all, I just only love us" -Nipsey Hussle

[-] friendandadvisor 1 Point about a year ago

Who originated this? I like it.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Dash_of_islam -1 Point about a year ago

So if you can screw someone else over, you should because it is good for you???

  • When they came for others, I did not speak because I was not an other.

  • When they came for them, I did not speak because I was not a them.

  • When they came for the other country, I did not speak because I was not part of the other country.

  • And when they came for ME, No one was left to speak for ME.

This is a very shortsighted way of looking at the world. We cooperate for the very fact that it is better for us because one day we will need help; civilization was built of this fact. No man is an island. And lone wolves dont live very long.

[-] Tgibb 5 Points about a year ago

You're stretching this to its limit. He said he is FOR a certain race because he is of that race. Not that it can be the only race. Not to avoid offering help, but in a vs match he is for his own. Nothing more or less.

Considering your user name is Dash of Islam.. I'd be willing to guess you have prejudices against Jewish people.

[-] Dash_of_islam 0 Points about a year ago

No I am not Muslim, and even when I was, we did not hold hatred for anyone, not Jews or Christians. It is Arabs who hate the Jews because they feel their land was stolen (And it is not Jews as a monolith, but the ones in Israel). I am not an Arab, I have no horse in the race.

I grew up that way, but left the religion, now I only hold onto the parts that are useful for me (I throw a dash of Islamic morals into my life to live the life I want for what I think is best for me).

Like forgiving those who have wronged me in the past since grudges are not useful. And not gossiping, and not hurting people if it will benefit me, or stealing or screwing someone over etc...

I see what you are saying, Makes sense, I thought he meant like he is OK subjugating people if it is better for him ala slavery.

[-] 1-800-Dick-Rockhard 5 Points about a year ago

Here's the only important part. I stated I am for the well being of my race, and you took this as an attack. That is the exact reason why I must stand with my race. Years ago, I had no racial identity, but now that people like you exist who jumped at every attempt to claim that white unification is bad, it made me realize we must stick together as we are under attack.

You don't need an excuse to support whoever your people, neither do I.

[-] Dash_of_islam 3 Points about a year ago

Mate, in my city, hate crimes (physical Violence involving hospitalization/murder) have increased 300% in the past 10 years against MY RACE. Hate crimes against all other races has gone DOWN. And it was Caucasians who committed the majority of those against those of my race.

That is some real bull shit, I grew up here and always thought of it as safe, now I have to look over my shoulder.

Yeah stick to your race and all, but mate I do not think you fear for your physical safety. And get this, in the vast majority of incidences against my people it was UNPROVOKED, and the people were often with their families just going about their day when they got jumped by young men.

If anything, WE have been facing the brunt since 9/11 and yet we don't piss and moan like a bunch of little girls.

So sure, stand with your race and all, but dont into a victim, we have a hell of a lot worse and yet most of us just keep our heads down and keep working to make our lives better for our friends and family.

I don't think you have ever hid your identity/name/nationality/culture in fear of violence when you go to a new place do you? Because I have had to start doing this.

You have not had people show up with guns trying to provoke your people who are trying to have a religious holiday are you?

You do not have people making racist remarks behind your back, and when you hear telling you to stop being sensitive do you?

Didn't think so, we all have our cross to bear, but take a look around and realise you are making a mountain out of a mole hill and others have it way worse but dont bitch like a bunch of pussies.

I am able to ignore verbal abuse and threats to my physical well being and towards my family, I have been accused of stealing even when there is no indication for it, and I ALWAYS seem to get pulled for a random check from the TSA because my name sounds too suspicious. I doubt you deal with people trying to avoid you because of the color of your skin, even when you try to make them a new friend because I get this shit a lot and it seems to come from 1 race over and over again. But again, I don't piss and moan. It is what it is, I can't control others, I can only try to ignore it and move on with my day. You should do the same

And I wasn't telling you this to discredit you, I was giving another perspective, that others have it worse, but just because you do not hear about it does not mean they are living the easy life

The only attack I see is that you guys are not having enough kids and your race is dying out as a result of the action you guys took. You have only yourselves to blame. You will need all the race solidarity you can get, because the Asians and Indians are out-competing you guys in family income since they stay together and as a result, almost never end up homeless.

Aright dude Peace. I do not want to turn this into an oppression olympics, so you stick to your own, and I will stick to mine, and hopefully there isn't too much friction

[-] TheLegionnaire00 3 Points about a year ago

You know, there was a quote: "White people are really nice, until they aren't; then maps get redrawn, populations go missing and technology advances 10 fold". Remember that.

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

Sure but as I said, because of what Happened in 9/11 a fuck ton of innocent people have to deal with people acting like cunts. And most of the time you are trying to be nice to those around you, but they act like cunts to you and tell you to toughen up.

All I have to say to those pussies is to fuck off. I had the Taliban put a gun to my head so I actually had to deal with real shit, the only thing these first world fat fucks dealt with was watching some shit on the TV and then hiding like a bunch of pussies

I got older friends who tell me it was WAAAAY better before 9/11 happened. So shit changes and somes innocent people have to take the punishment of other dickheads, even if their crime is just looking like them. Doesn't matter I don't believe what others believe.

In their mind if I look like them so I must be them... as if I chose where I was born

[-] TheLegionnaire00 3 Points about a year ago

Would you feel the same if a german said the same thing about the holocaust?

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

What do you mean. I don't understand the question

[-] 1-800-Dick-Rockhard 3 Points about a year ago

Yawn. 300% increase? Sources, and not that FBI bullshit about reported hate crimes. They don't verify if it was a hate crime, you and I personally go to their website and pump those numbers up if we wanted to.


In regards to whites being the ones attacking you, sources. Just because you feel afraid doesn't mean you are. This is self imposed victim status as far as I'm concerned. Same shit with feminists.


UNPROVOKED , sources, and I'm seriously can't believe a fiction such as abunch of white men are running around beating up muslim/arab looking people. Were far too nice for that. I'm assuming you're british because you use the term "mate" , if so, don't even think about complaining in regards to (white)people of a specific race making you're day harder.


People show up with guns to intimidate you? I'll hear your story if you got one.


and the best one You do not have people making racist remarks behind your back, and when you hear telling you to stop being sensitive do you? No, they don't say it behind my back, they say it my face with complete contempt. They say it on the evening news, in hollywood, in classrooms, on capitol hill. They don't tell whites to stop being sensitive, they tell us to sit down and that we deserve this and the only reason we don't agree is because we don't understand that were being racist. Absolutely rich "mate".


Im making a mountain out of a molehill? I said I'm with the whites because I am white, and here you are bitching up a storm. Others have it way worse? We suffer in different ways, American whites have much more at risk than other races. By a millennia.


Accused of stealing and terrorist checks because of your race? The theft accusations are serious to you so I don't discredit them, but they're only anecdotal to me. I wasn't there I wouldn't know. As for TSA screenings or w/e , it's because a certain race is very fond of fucking around on U.S. airliners trying to cause havoc. It's a shame you get swept it, but only and idiot would write off the idea of not screening muslim/arab looking people. Theres 2 types of discrimination (A type,B type) heres a video going in to why it's okay and necessary. also, "I don't piss and moan" **inserts wall of text bitching***


last paragraph about white problems, yes, internal and external pressures have cucked us hard at the moment, but at the very least, you can hold this critical and unforgiving stance against your own race and possible religion as well. We don't need to go into it, but if you were consistent you would have a very "get tough or die" stance towards the inbred psychopaths that have ravaged the middle east for generations. Hopefully you put your feet up and look at them and say they deserved it, the same way you do at whites.

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

Can't give a source since it is in my locale and don't want to risk doxxing. They considered hate crimes, any violence or threats of violence or intimation that the police said had a strong possibility of escalating into violence. This is what the police reported.

You still don't get it. I am not saying the average white person is running around calling people n**gers and shit.

I am saying it is a TINY percentage that try to intimidate and sometimes get physical.

And yes, I really mean unprovoked, I was on vacation in a rural state last year and literally had these guys a few tables down asking if we're gathering Intel for IS IS and shit. We we're trying to eat some damn supper at the time. But they thought it was hilarious. You might say we should toughen up, and I would agree, except this shit happens more than once and confronting them usually makes it worse. I don't support anyone being racist to anyone either doesn't matter if you're white, black, brown, Asian. But let's be real, when shit goes down because of racists and someone gets jumped or shot, they are always black or brown and the perpetrators are often white

And no I am not British or anything; I'm from America

But I am done arguing. I never wanted anyone's sympathy, I was making the point that you have probably never had anyone make a threat to you on the basis of yur skin. That is what I was cheesed about. I didn't say being white was perfect.

And I am not a Muslim, grew out of that years ago, I got no reason to defend them.


[-] Bruchibre 16 Points about a year ago

A pity we don’t study this in History. I don’t think women would agree though. The problem is now they can vote.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] RatioRegnum 11 Points about a year ago

Napoleon married Josephine, a widow six years his senior, who cheated with most of Paris while he was away at war, repeatedly, and over many years. His letters to her are well worth reading - by turns jealous, pleading, besotted, and by no means show he understood his value with respect to hers. In his military campaigns he was certainly an audacious, if not always judicious, commander. He certainly understood the dictates of political power, but this just goes to show that there is no substitute for understanding intersexual dynamics.



[-] DownyGall 8 Points about a year ago

Lol he was one of the greatest military commanders in history and conquered most of Europe, but he would have been better off if he understood intersexual dynamics?

[-] halfback910 6 Points about a year ago

Indeed. Austerlitz was the most astonishing victory since Hannibal at Cannae. The enemy had 50% more troops than Napoleon and he not only won, he absolutely fucking crushed them. That's insane!

[-] Dash_of_islam 4 Points about a year ago

Better to be poor and happy than rich and depressed.

Just saying

[-] friendandadvisor 2 Points about a year ago

Iirc, depression is substantially more prevalent in the poor than the rich.

[-] Dash_of_islam 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah and most people who are rich worked their way up.

I am saying if you had the choice to be Elon Musk (depressed about his lack of a love life) or a programmer with a wife and family who loves you.

Which would pick?

[-] DownyGall 3 Points about a year ago

Elon Musk should be depressed he needed government subsidies

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

Yep, and he is the biggest beta ever with the women he got.

All the money in the world can't fix crazy ideas about the nature of women. He needs to stop worshiping pussy.

Guaranteed if he starts saying shit like "Women ain't shit but hoes and tricks" he would start getting more woman.

Man needs to stop being a crying bitch

[-] friendandadvisor 2 Points about a year ago

I am saying if you had the choice to be Elon Musk (depressed about his lack of a love life) or a programmer with a wife and family who loves you.

Sorry, being depressed about lack of love life and a billionaire wins every time!

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

Weird. I was born in extreme poverty and over the years with a lot of hard work we have built a good life now as regular middle class people.

I would prefer to be kinda poor of you people who love you. Poverty wasn't so bad for us because a loving family makes everything else more bearable and you know people have your back.

We have become more fragmented as we made more money and I am not so sure it is all that great anymore.

I mean the high you get when you go buy things or do stuff is wearing off. I am starting to prefer just hanging with the guys or a girlfriend and going to the beach than sitting down at an expensive restaurant to eat.

Know what I mean, you can have fun on a budget, don't have to spend $$$ to have a good time.

[-] friendandadvisor 2 Points about a year ago

I am starting to prefer just hanging with the guys or a girlfriend and going to the beach than sitting down at an expensive restaurant to eat.

I'm not saying you can't have fun while poor. I'm saying that having fun while rich is better. OK, hang with the guys and or gf and go to the beach...and THEN, sitting down at an expensive restaurant to eat. Nothing wrong with that.

But, have a sickness, and not the proper insurance? Been to the dentist lately? One tooth abscess can set you back 700 bucks after insurance pays for it. How about your vehicle breaking down to the tune of $900 dollars-not enough to force you to buy a new one, but, too much to afford comfortably? Oh, and the HVAC in your house goes down in the middle of winter/summer at the same time your vehicle breaks down?

Juxtapose that to having 100K in the bank. Your HVAC breaks down? Get a new one, with even better equipment, with twice the cooling power. Your vehicle goes down at the same time? OK, either get it fixed, or, have a field trip to the car dealer, and get, basically any vehicle you want. (within reason, of course, we aren't Rothschilds.) Your biggest concern is 'do I want a new Silverado, a Toyota, or Honda.' Not...can I afford the 1-200 a month additonal insurance on top of the 600 a month payments, and the tag?

The pleasures of the poor are exaggerated. When I was younger and poorer, there were terrors aplenty, and, I had friends and loved ones. The poverty touched them negatively, because, they couldn't help me out, because they weren't rich. Love was a palliative, not a cure, for poverty.

Don't even get me started on the really rich people.

[-] Dash_of_islam 2 Points about a year ago

Fair enough.

We always stuck to used Japanese vehicles and my dad had friends who were mechanics so we didn't get things too expensive and our cars never broke down.

And the worst thing that has happened to our HVAC was the AC running out of Freon gas.

I never been to the dentist for anything real nor have I needed braces or any messed up wisdom teeth either.

Never been to the hospital for anything since my mom told us not to do dumb things since the hospital would be an issue.

I guess we haven't had any financial emergencies, we were just poor so I never saw how the lack of funds could cripple you.

Guess yur right, probably better to be depressed but alive than dying because you can't afford medical bills, who cares about pussy at that point

[-] Judom7491 1 Point about a year ago

Better to have a long dick and be rich than... have a short dick and still be rich?

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

That is not what is being said.

A better comparison would be a big dick and the ability to get women but being poor


A microdick and being able to get women, but you get humiliated.

Since Napoleon stuck with a cheating cunt when he was a Fucking Military Boss.

I am sure Napoleon would have chosen less military success if he could get a woman who wanted him and only him, even when he was gone on military campaigns

[-] DownyGall 2 Points about a year ago

You are probably right about that.

[-] Judom7491 1 Point about a year ago

I’m just trying to add another way to phrase it. Great explanation though.

[-] max_peenor 0 Points about a year ago

He wasn't home much. Why bother?

[-] [deleted] 7 Points about a year ago


[-] DownyGall 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah but how is entities being down to a person working out? I'd say it's pretty lonely. Sure you can put it on your CREDIT CARD and those consumer products are oh so cheap, but I'd rather a decent house and a family than a $200 tv.

[-] _Ulan_ 1 Point about a year ago

It doesn't really have to work out 100%, it's about having the choice. If you're a stupid emasculated man in today's world, you'll wank in front of that 200$ TV instead of building your dream family.

If you were a stupid man back in the 18th century you'd be whipped, sermoned, judged, disowned or naturally end up in the street for not leading a family like everyone else.

To each one his own, I personally prefer to be with peers who enjoy filling their masculine role than people who are forced into it.

[-] WinjetRed 6 Points about a year ago

Men, disregarding shit tests since forever no matter how powerful they become lol. That's a red pill gem. I also believe the vast majority of all people agree with the well defined gender roles between girly men and manly women. The gender war he nailed.

I'm unsure of how to take the rest. I've enjoyed reading quite a few classics starting from some of the first books ever written in human history and I've paid attention to the interactions in them between men and women. It's always struck me as there gas been a mutual respect and admiration between the sexes for all time. Some of these quotes dont sit right with me as being red pilled. More of what we would call incel today. Men are not above women and women are more than just a baby making machine. We are two sides to the same coin.

I think the commenters before got it right, these were probably flippant sound bites for entertainment value, not a real ed pill philosophy.

[-] NeuroMnemonic7 6 Points about a year ago

Keep in mind WHEN this was written. Napoleon is a personal hero of mine, but I also believe that we are meant to evolve as a species, not only physically but also mentally. This is a very harsh way to look at the world, it worked at the time but it has become outdated. Don't confuse being red pilled with being a knuckle dragger.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] nofaprecommender 3 Points about a year ago

The notion of “higher” is something I disagree with. Men’s goals are not “higher,” they are just different. In fact, making children is far more important or “higher”—if you need that bullshit—than some abstract concept like a country or a mathematical theorem. We are not “higher” than women, just different.

[-] LIKELYST0NED 3 Points about a year ago

Now I know why none of my teachers ever spoke positively about Napoleon lol. Might have to learn more about him.

[-] CanuckinFL 2 Points about a year ago

none of your teachers ever spoke positively about Nappy because he was primarily interested in removing the Sea control the UK had over literally every traded good that landed on the continent. Since UK ultimately won, all the literature and propaganda that remained was inordinately biased. Imagine in a 100 years reading about the US foreign policy of our time. Everyone disagreeing with US foreign policy becomes a pariah, because the US controls the world media. Thats how England was during the time of Napoleon

[-] Ramp_Up_Then_Dump 3 Points about a year ago

"All women are whores! except my mother. But then again, she is a woman!"

You missed the funniest one

Jokes aside, since when we took advices of cuckolds?

[-] -TheseHandsDontHaze- 2 Points about a year ago

What book are the quotes from? I’m interested in reading it after I finish Rational Male.

[-] moustachiooo 2 Points about a year ago

Makes sense, the guy did have a Napoleon complex

[-] ML_18 2 Points about a year ago

You forgot the most important one “ All women are whores expect my mom , but then again she is a woman too. AWALT!

[-] xgozax 2 Points about a year ago

It’s funny I know men that can’t start their day without coffee, but you said it right just let it be a small part of your day not make your life revolve around it

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] moltenw 1 Point about a year ago

I have always thought that woman was made for man... - and man for country, family, glory, and honor.

The last part has too much ego involved.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Zeke1902 1 Point about a year ago

Everything either than the baby making machine is true. It's also an interesting perspective.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

How did those women cheat without getting pregnant.

And how did they have the gall to cheat knowing their husband would throw them out and they would become destitute

[-] max_peenor 3 Points about a year ago

There are a lot of reasons, but let me point out that until less than a hundred years ago the Catholics had no problem with abortion.

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

I thought Christians thought premarital sex was a major sin and having an affair was a crime against God too since Marriage was a union SANCTIONED by God.

I do not know too much about Christianity.

I also thought the culture would ostracize a cheating person (Woman especially) and if Josephine was cheating, that would have ruined her life??

[-] max_peenor 2 Points about a year ago

Catholic. Christian is a belief. There are a multitude of actual religions around it.

[-] Dash_of_islam 1 Point about a year ago

Did not know that. I was under the impression that the various denominations varied in the smaller aspects of their belief.

I thought the big stuff like major sins was agreed upon among them all. 10 Commandments, you shall not commit adultery and all?

But they believe in different things eh.. learn something new every day

[-] max_peenor 3 Points about a year ago

aspects of their belief

Some are fringe lunatics and barely accept Jesus as an aspect of god, which is the core of christian faith. So really, the latter is the only real requirement. Everything else is malleable. The Reformation fundamentally shattered the faiths and the following wars cemented the fissure forever.

you shall not commit adultery

While very popular, it isn't universal. Or you get around it by calling them all wives. The Mormons tried this trick and still didn't remove it from their religion, they just agreed not to do it for political reasons.

[-] friendandadvisor 1 Point about a year ago

Can you give cites for this? I'd like to read up on this. It sounds fascinating. Thanks.

[-] max_peenor 3 Points about a year ago

Fifteen years of private catholic school is hard to cite. The main thing about it was the concept of the "quickening," the moment in which the child received their soul. So I'll backpedal a little and say that yes, abortion was a sin, but it wasn't an abortion if it happened before this milestone. What has changed is when this milestone occurred. It used to leave plenty of room for early trimester abortions. It wasn't until the 1980s that it was moved all the way to conception--I'm guessing because technology allowed us to hear a heartbeat very early then. (Note that a pope in the 1800s kinda said this too, but in such a vague way that it had to be done again a hundred years later.). What that has to do with the soul, I don't know, other than the church had become rather political by this point.

It's also important to point out that the church itself has been own conflict over this for a very, very long time. There have been very few edicts of canon law about it; most of what you hear has been political pit fighting and regional differences.

[-] friendandadvisor 1 Point about a year ago

I didn't really need a cite for your schooling! Actually, your term 'quickening' ought to put me onto the right track to check it out. Thanks.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Jeffspark -1 Point about a year ago

Ignoring them is the healthy solution, and it will drive them insane quicker than arguing with them.

Why would you want to drive them insane?

[-] friendandadvisor 5 Points about a year ago

You're new to TRP, ain't ya?

[-] Jeffspark 1 Point about a year ago


Not engaging in an argument and remaining calm and stoic will show your strength. Truly speaking, you will remain calm and stoic not because it is going to achieve a certain result (getting respect or showing strength). You will remain so because that is what you are: a man that doesn't engage in meaning-less arguments.


Now again, why would you want to drive them insane?


May be it is the choice of the word "insane", but wanting to driving them insane hints at a certain mindset that is perceiving the female as the enemy. THAT is the mindset that someone new to TRP takes. You must conquer that "enemy" mindset and then accept things for what they are.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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[-] consios88 -2 Point about a year ago

Man Napoleon was a Simp with the capital S.

[-] Xornor -3 Point about a year ago

We should always remember that women at that time were not educated. We should not evaluate women based on opinions of men who saw almost always completely uneducated women only.

[-] Imperator_Red 6 Points about a year ago

Upper class French women in 1800 weren't educated? Lol ok. Regardless, women tend to get dumber the more education they get, if the modern world is any example.