TRP has been quarantined for a few months now, but it really doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the community’s ability to keep sharing great content.

In fact, having the quarantine up probably encourages a lot more interest from outsiders that may need the pill - like Mufasa telling Simba never to go where the light ends (except this isn’t an elephant graveyard).

The overseers of Reddit have opinions on what qualifies as “positive” masculinity, and here’s a laughable example of it, titled “Why I Married a Feminist.”

This is an article from the “Good Men” project, which seems like the left’s hamfisted attempt to shove more gynocentric propaganda down the throats of men.

I felt compelled to share this, because I feel like three years ago, such an article would not have even registered much response from me. My lens was way too foggy to clearly see what was going on.

Three years being part of TRP has been a positive transformation for me into becoming my own man, and it made me happy that my brain is calibrated to see this article and the millions like it for what it is — agitprop.

Anyone who reads material like this and thinks that it is truly written for the betterment of men NEEDS the Red Pill badly. It’s a twisted shame that the quarantine alert from Reddit themselves directs visitors over to such sources...but men will wake up eventually, one by one.

I did.