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- Hide Preview | 377 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by CountVP [Post Locked]

In every stereotype there is a grain of truth. As you may have heard brazilian girls are promiscuous. You may have also heard that this is bullshit and that it’s Xenophobic. Well trust me I live here:

They are the biggest sluts you’ll find in the whole world.

Promiscuosity is rife in brazilian culture. The most popular music form, the funk (not the American one) is much like gangsta rap, but it’s even worst. Typical lyrics include gems like “Sit Sit, Sit on my dick” and “Sit and Take it in the ass”. No kidding, those are actual lyrics. Back to the point. Girls here are easy as fuck. Thirteen year old girls will get on cars with strangers and have unprotected sex without second thought. They’ll also get on stage during funk performances and fuck the singers in front of the whole crowd. It’s not uncommon for sex to happen inside schools. The concept of self respect is foreign to the female youth. Sexting has become so popular that tv advertisements joke about it. And most men and women cheat like crazy, it’s gotten so bad that divorce rates are through the roof.

What is happening in Brazil is the total destruction/anihilation of traditional values. Our culture is being utterly destroyed. Our families are being torn apart. Our women are out of control. This is a society on the path to self destruction.

Today I made a post on the brazilian sub about this and I got called more names than I can count. Incel amongst them. Then perma ban.

So I raise you, redpilled men of reddit: What could possibly turn a nation of good Christian men into a vile and depraved culture in such a short time span? Is it socialism, multiculturalism, Satan himself? (Jk) Was it female empowerement, cuck fathers?

This is a Carte Blanche to speak your mind. Give me your best shot. I can’t make heads or tails of the situation

Edit: My English is not the best, but way above average in my country, be understanding of that

Another Edit: God I’m exhausted from so many replies. It’s been fun to be insulted and called an incel. It’s been fun reading those lone souls who sympathized with the cause, but ultimately I have concluded that this is not the place to post this, as most of you are probably only interested in fucking chicks. Anyways I’m glad I made this post so I could determine the caliber of the men here. Best of luck y’all